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By the numbers Mobile apps in 2011

It wasn't just here in the U.S. and it wasn't just iPhone users; the mobile app obsession has gone global and is now bigger than ever.

Here's a look at some of the most interesting statistics involving the abundance of mobile apps we devoured this year.


After Meltdown Former NControl PR Rep Attempting to Extort Company

After Meltdown Former NControl PR Rep Attempting to Extort Company

The saga of PR failure from Paul Christoforo, the now former PR man for N-Control, is not over. After his verbal abuse of a customer led to some good old fashioned Internet justice, N-Control's new PR guy has let slip some details of how Christoforo is conducting himself and attempting to extort money from N-Control.

According to new PR rep Mois�s Chiullan, Christoforo has been claiming via email that his tantrum was the best thing that ever happened to the delayed Avenger Controller. He says the attention will make the company a success, and he wants compensation. Chiullan claims that Christoforo has been holding various email and social media accounts for N-Control hostage in an effort to get a favorable contract drawn up.


Google Amazon Facebook may shut down to stop SOPA

The Internet giants are considering a nuclear option.


Repair Windows XP Installation

Step by step Microsoft Windows XP Repair Install instructions.


2011 Was a Terrible Year for Tech

If you read tech criticism often, theres a good chance that youve come upon a staple of the form that I like to call the mommy dearest� review.

Your middle-aged tech journalist�the sort of fellow who could spend hours telling you about the newest developments in wireless routers�is assessing a...


The Top 50 Tech Stories of 2011

If we built a time machine, we wouldn't have to travel back a great distance to find a far different tech world than the one we live in today. Why would we even want to? To retire richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined, of course! Think about it. If you could go back to 2010, imagine the money you could make by placing seemingly absurd bets on the near future. There's not a single person in 2010 who thinks Duke Nukem Forever will ever see the light of day, let alone actually

Alas, our get rich quick scheme is wishful thinking, because plutonium is both expensive and hard to come by. And even if we did get our hands on some, we'd still need a DeLorean. Bummer. The bigger point here is that 2011 has been a crazy year with plenty of wild headlines and plot twists . As we all get ready to kick off a new year, we've gone and assembled a gallery of the top 50 news stories of 2011. Flip through them and be sure to...

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Fox News Compares New York Times Email Mishap to the Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

In a mishap that sent tremors through the media consciousness, the New York Times earlier today sent out an email that was first attributed to spam, possibly a hack, and then acknowledged to be from the Times.


Top 10 most bizarre tech stories of 2011

2011 brought the release of game-changing gadgets, and it delivered news to the tech world that brought some of the good, bad and bizarre.


Are You Being Tracked 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off

A series of ongoing battles delineate the boundary of what, in the digital age, is personal, private life and information.


Growth of US Wireless Industry Infographic

The U.S. wireless industry is expected to generate billions of dollars and more than three quarters of a million jobs in coming years.


The Occupy Movement Is Taking On Facebook

Occupy activists are building their own more flexible and trustworthy Facebook, using of old formats, authentication protocols and open source software.


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Google predicts that it will have 400 million users by end of 2012

They just passed 62 million users by adding 625,000 new users per day.

Now, Google+ is predicting that they will have over 400 million users by the end of 2012. Are the numbers reliable?

Some say no. Not really. Those who sign up through Andro ...


Intel Thunderbolt to Strike Windows PCs in April 2012

Conspiracy theorists will have you believe the reason why Intel is taking so long to natively support the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer spec is because the Santa Clara chip maker is much more interested in promoting its Thunderbolt technology.

The only problem with that theory (well, one of several, actually) is that Thunderbolt is still exclusive...


iPad Saves Christmas For 2 Families After it Reveals Location of Burglary Suspect Stolen Presents

Tracking software on a stolen iPad saved Christmas for two Southern California families this weekend, L.A.

County Sheriff's officials said.


After SOPA Flip Flop Did GoDaddy Thwart Efforts to Drop Domains

The drama surrounding GoDaddy and its stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) continued this weekend, with reports of customers having difficulty dropping their domains from the company...Yesterday, registrar NameCheap said in a blog post that GoDaddy was "thwarting efforts to transfer domains away from them."... "Specifically, GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer process.

This pract


UC Berkeley picks Google over Microsoft talks why

UC Berkeley picks Google over Microsoft talks why

The University of California in Berkeley has posted a full breakdown of a recent decision to pick Google's Gmail and Google Apps over Microsoft's Office 365 in what represented a changing of the guard. Although not an unambiguous win, Google pulled ahead by being free, taking a fast six to ten weeks to implement, and popular. Using its system would require much less of an overhaul than Microsoft's, Berkeley said, and majority of the students and staff alike already knew the apps.......


Facebook Chat Hack How To Add Images To Your Convos PICTURE

Facebook Chat jFacebook Chat just got a little bit cooler.

As pointed out by some crafty Redditors, a new, or at least newly discovered, hack allows Facebook users to insert pictures into chats.

But you can't insert any picture you want into your Facebook chats using this trick; the hack displays only the main image associated with any Facebook page or profile. (Hat tip to Geekosystem for spotting this.)

Although the pictures show up at about t


Selling Android Apps Reviewrespectedadminscom

Start Your Own Home Based Business Developing and Selling Android Applications We don't trust this product at all - it's definitely one to avoid. .........
Start Your Own Home Based Business Developing and Selling Android Applications
Read more below:http://selling-android-apps-review.respectedadmins.com

Analyst Apple could drop lawsuits collect 10 per Android

Making the case that Apple should abandon its proxy fight against Google and lawsuits against Android smartphone and tablet makers, a managing partner from a leading intellectual-property firm has told Bloomberg that the company could collect up to $10 per device royalties by negotiating licensing fees rather than use up resources in lawyers' fees and court costs to force opponents to work around Apple's patents....


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Big 2011 Tech Stories About People Not Products

There were plenty of gadgets shipped in 2011, but the big stories of the year were about the people who made them and used them to change the world.


Open Source Apps that Make Facebook Better

Open source is a term often associated with developers, tech-geeks, and even hackers.

It invokes an oddly negative response among those who don't understand what it really means. To help introduce open source to the non-tech-savvy world, is there a better way than to show how it integrates with the site that nearly everyone is using?


Why Berlin is poised to be Europes new tech hub

Berlin is the most un-German of German cities.

It is relatively new in its latest & post-unification incarnation. It is cheap and it has no major industry - for now. But that could soon change. My impression from a visit to what could become Europe's biggest tech-hub.


Motorolas MOTOACTV rooted running Android tablet UI

Motorolas MOTOACTV rooted running Android tablet UI

Motorola's MOTOACTV sports watch became the most unusual subject of an Android hack Saturday after DingleBerry developer Chris Wade posted guidelines and proof of a root. The trick involves flashing the firmware with a modified boot image and then using Google's ADB to get root access. Afterwards, it's possible to load any launcher and app, including Google's own Android Market.......


Apple billing email scam making the rounds

A rather convincingly official-looking e-mail now in circulation attempts to steal personal information.

Here are the telltale signs. Read this blog post by Topher Kessler on MacFixIt.


Wonka Vision Is About To Become A Reality Sorta

Portals is a research project that blurs the boundary between real and virtual worlds.


Testing casts doubt on FAAs restrictions on iPads Kindles

Testing casts doubt on FAAs restrictions on iPads Kindles



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GoDaddy shoots back claims Namecheap didnt ask

GoDaddy has responded to accusations that it was stalling on domain transfers from those leaving over SOPA. It argued to TechCrunch that accuser Namecheap had never contacted GoDaddy itself to ask about lifting any limits. GoDaddy and "many other registrars" limit the transfers to prevent abuse of WHOIS, or domain information requests such as the owner's contact information.......

GoDaddy shoots back claims Namecheap didnt ask


iPhone Users Concerned About Security But Not Enough to Do Anything About It

As our phones have evolved from being communication devices to miniature computers, we havent completely stopped treating them like glorified walkie-talkies.


December 29th Dubbed Dump GoDaddy Day

Reddit user SelfProdigy has declared Dec. 29 Dump GoDaddy Day, following the domain registrar����s short-lived public support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).


Anonymous goes on hacking spree

The online hacker group claims to have stolen credit card numbers from a global security firm and used the information to take money from bank accounts and give it to charity.


Safer Liion Batteries Are On The Way Thanks To Science

Over the years, exploding batteries have becoming quite the issue in consumer electronics (as seen here in this melted iPhone).

And not just exploding, but overheating, melting and combusting ones, too. But now, we're making progress on potentially stopping that ruckus. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory...


Five Best BluRay Playback Suites

Playing Blu-ray movies on the go on a laptop or in the living room on an HTPC with a Blu-ray drive doesn't have to be difficult, but if you want true HD video quality and the experience of navigating disc extras and menus, you'll need a Blu-ray media player that's up to the task.

http://lifehacker.com/5870977/five-best-blu ray-playback-suites

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LA Is the Future of the Tech Revolution Says NYC Media Guru

The Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard is running a nice 2011-ending series on what the next year will look like for journalism, by an esteemed fleet of think-piecers who've braved this rocky field for the last few.

You've got plenty of your usual fare: Social media is everything! Commenter is king! Down with the paywalls! Apps! Apps! Apps!

But one prediction in particular is crazy uncharacteristic of that crowd. University of Washington-bred medi


Apple has plans to use hydrogen in batteries allowing iPhones and iPods to hold a charge for WEEKS

Apple submitted patent applications that would use hydrogen fuel cell technology and allow their products to weigh less and last for weeks without needing to recharge.


10 Facts about the Radeon HD 7970

Officially announced today by AMD, the Radeon HD 7970 is their first card to be based on their "Graphic Core Next" architecture and the first video card to be produced on a 28nm manufacturing process.Here's a nice recap of 10 facts that you can learn about the Radeon HD 7970 in a few minutes.

10 Facts about the Radeon HD 7970


Disruptions Norelco on Takeoff Fine Kindle No

The FAA doesn't allow Kindles and iPads to be on during takeoffs and landings.

A visit to a testing lab shows that a Kindle is a glorified calculator.


Best Holiday Tech Gift We Have a Winner [CONTEST]

we asked our readers to share the story behind their favorite tech-related holiday gift.


Quirky ideas rule at EcoProducts 2011 photos

Aside from Sony's battery powered by shredded paper, there were plenty of quirky products and ideas on display at the recent Eco-Products 2011 in Tokyo.

Fumitate Matsuoka from Tokyo-based Kurumaya, one of the few rickshaw makers left in Japan, poses with the latest model. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and a design featuring the new Tokyo Sky Tree, a tower that opens in 2012. It seats three and carries a price tag of 2,100,000 yen ($26,900).


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Reckless Google in the dock over Android patents

Google's Android mobile operating system stands accused of ripping off rivals' ideas.

Christopher Williams examines the case for the prosecution.


The Witcher 2 Devs Defend Pirate WitchHunt With Bogus Accuracy Claims

The makers of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings are cracking down on BitTorrent pirates in Germany, requesting hundreds of euros from each alleged offender.

As is always the case with these schemes, settlement demands are sometimes addressed to people who didnt download the game at all. In a recent interview with PC Gamer The Witcher devs interestingly enough say that their evidence is foolproof, but this claim is 100% bogus.


The Best HighEnd Laptops For Your Money

Updated on December 21st 2011.

On the downside, these laptops are slightly less portable than smaller 10.1, 12 or 13.3″ models, by being larger and heavier. Not a problem if you're a student and are only moving from one room to another, but it can annoying if you're carrying your laptop around all day long.
The Best HighEnd Laptops For Your Money


The weatherpredicting sculpture

For any British person, trying to predict the weather is an impossible art.


House of the Rising Sun ancient computers version

The term "ancient" is relative and unfortunately I can remember using many of the machines in this video, but compared to what we have today, the various equipment used here are "older than the internet," so to speak.

It makes the end result, an ...


Republic Wireless commits to unrestricted unlimited 3G data

Just one month after Republic Wireless officially launched a beta program for its voice and data plans, the company has changed its policy regarding "unlimited" use. Subscribers initially were allowed to use unlimited voice and text over Wi-Fi connections, however the company placed restrictions on the levels of data that could be used over Sprint's 3G network....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

Googles holiday doodle serenades with Jingle Bells

The latest holiday-themed doodle ditches last year's abstraction in favor of simple iconography including snowflakes and Santa, putting together a familiar jingle with glowing lights.

Read this blog post by Josh Lowensohn on Webware.


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Louis CK tops 1m sales gives money to charities and staff

Louis CK tops 1m sales gives money to charities and staff

Louis CK provided an update late Wednesday showing that he had made $1 million from his direct-to-the-Internet comedy special. The tally was double what he'd seen a week earlier and was enough that he was giving money away. About $250,000 was going to staff as a "big fat bonus," while $280,000 was going to charities such as charity:water, Green Chimneys, Kiva, The Fistula Foundation, and The Pablove Foundation.......


No winner in Android v iPhone 2011 marathon

In the ongoing war between Apple's iOS and Google's Android, both camps have plenty to cheer about - and to moan about.


The great ebook price swindle

Publishers are facing an uncertain time in the digital world � but increasing the prices of their ebooks is a retrograde step


Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Being Victimized Using Social Media During the Holidays

Lots of people go out of town for the holidays to visit relatives or to get as far away...


6 Crazy Tech Predictions for 2012

Let's go beyond the plausible and dive into some tech possibilities for 2012 that are just plain nuts.

Or are they?


The Geek Traveler Gadgets and Tips for Your Vacation

The Geek Traveler Gadgets and Tips for Your Vacation

It's oxymoronic to say that a vacation is stressful. But it is. And I'm not even talking about the sand that's waiting to creep into your shorts on the beach, the hotel room that's going to spring a leak, or the vast number of other disasters about to transpire throughout your travels.

If you're looking to charge a variety of devices without carrying around a mess of cables, consider the Roll Up Travel Charger: A leather-wrapped combination of an iPhone, mini USB, micro USB, and Samsung-friendly charger in a debonair holder. It's perfect for the multi-device user as long as you aren't rocking, say, two mini-USB-only Android smartphones at once. And if you've bit the bullet and decided to carry your various portable devices' cords with you, perhaps you can make a new airport friend via the FlipIt USB Stealth Charger. You get to leech just enough power from an outlet that's...


Words With Friends Arrives to Nook Twitter Coming Soon

Popular scrabble game Words With Friends is now available for Nook Tablet and Nook Color, with Barnes & Noble promising several more high-profile apps in the near future.


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GoDaddy Facing Possible Boycott Over SOPA Support

As the U.S. House pledges to continue pushing for the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act next year, companies supporting the legislation are increasingly coming under fire. Old media like the movie and TV industries are obviously in favor of it, but most tech firms are opposed. One internet heavyweight that is in favor of SOPA is domain registrar GoDaddy. Now that everyone has caught wind of that, many are proposing a "Move Your Domain Away From GoDaddy Day."

The Reddit thread where the idea of a boycott first started has over 4000 upvotes and 2000 comments, most of them supportive of the boycott. Other registrars are using the opportunity to promote their services, and are offering former GoDaddy users discounts to switch. Would you move domains from GoDaddy if this picks up steam?...
GoDaddy Facing Possible Boycott Over SOPA Support


Rhapsody passes million US subscriber milestone

Digital music service Rhapsody says it has passed a million paying subscribers in the U.S.


Google Gets New Features

Google Gets New Features

Google has let loose with a torrent of updates to its Google+ social network in advance of the new year. Among the improvements are changes to notifications, Pages, and the stream. Some of these are minor, and some are things people have been begging for.�

A change to the stream aims to make it easier to find the content that is most important to the user. When viewing posts from a single Circle, users can use a slider to set the relative importance of that Circle. This changes the prominence of posts from the Circle in the main timeline. If you want to see everything that Circle posts, go for it. Just a little? Also possible.�...


2012 Brings 100 Mbps Superfast Broadband To Bourne

Bourne will be the recipient of a 100 Mbps superfast broadband starting next year.

They are currently receiving at 40 Mbps. It is all part of a 2.5 billion fibre project by BT.


27 Percent Watch Netflix Online Versus 15 Percent For Hulu

Both Netflix's brand and shares have been battered this year after price hikes last summer and the botched attempt to spin off the DVD rental business.

Netflix was roundly criticized for its miscommunication with customers, but what's been the actual effect? Citi analysts Mark Mahaney surveyed almost 10,000 former and current Netflix customers to find out.

While overall satisfaction levels did decline, 57 percent of consumers surveyed are still


Free LogMeIn Now For iOS

If you need remote access to your desktop from your iOS phone or tablet, now you can get there for free.

Starting today, LogMeIn has a new app in the Apple App Store and it is free. This replaces their low-end Ignition app that they previously charged $30 for. It doesn't give you everything that the current paid app provides, such as file management and cloud storage and HD video/audio streaming. But if you just need remote access, then the free


Is Kindle Fire the right choice over Android tablets

Is Kindle Fire the right choice over Android tablets?


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Untethered Jailbreak iOS 501 on iPhone 4 Demo

pod2g the famous personality in iPhone jailbreak community has just tweeted about an update of Untethered Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4 and upload a demo


Fusion Garage goes silent hints another tablet rival down

Fusion Garage goes silent hints another tablet rival down

Fusion Garage may have quietly burned out of existence. Along with letting its FusionGarage.com and TheJooJoo.com web domains expire, users are reporting both in forums and on Facebook that the company has stopped shipping orders and at least sometimes hasn't provided refunds. Its social team stopped using Facebook in October and last posted on Twitter December 9.......


Unopened Pegatron plant explosion injures 61 may curb iPad

Unopened Pegatron plant explosion injures 61 may curb iPad

Apple's iPad production may have seen an at least temporary setback after reports late Sunday of an explosion at a yet-to-open plant from Pegatron subsidiary Riteng in Shanghai. The blast on the fourth floor on Saturday injured between 57 and 61, depending on conflicting claims. There hadn't been a fire, but some equipment had been damaged.......


DLink Amplifi HD Media Router 2000 DIR827

The hardware makes the DIR-827 a fast single-band router, but issues with software and throughput at range leave room for improvement.


Microsoft says 2012 CES tech show will be its last

Microsoft Corp. is pulling out of the International Consumer Electronics Show, the largest trade show in the Americas.

It's joining Apple in saying that it prefers to put on its own events when the time is right to show off its products.


Sony PlayStation Vita is a Huge Success in Japan 321400 Units Sold in 2 Days

Sonys newest portable gaming device PlayStation Vita made its debut in Japanon Saturday.

It is estimated that Sony sold 321400 pieces in the first two days.


Verizons 4G network Can you hear me now

Verizon Wireless suffered its second 4G LTE data outage.

Is Big Red losing its reliability edge?


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FileSharing Darling Dan Bull Publishes AntiSOPA Rap

Since the recording industry is one of the key supporters of the pending SOPA legislation in the United States, it seems fitting that its opponents should use the medium of song to make their counter argument.


Kindle Fire Use Fastest Growing Tablet Since Original iPad

The Kindle Fire has been released to great fanfare, mixed reviews and millions of devices sold.

The device's growth trajectory has already outpaced that of any other tablet introduced to the market. Secondary statistics show that the growth of the Kindle Fire rivals even that of the original iPad when it was unleashed on the world in the beginning of 2010. Advertising network Millennial Media notes in its monthly report MobileMix device index rep


AMD Radeon HD 7970 Specs Leaked to the Web

A slide leaked on Orb-Hardware reveals some pretty gnarly specifications for AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7970 card. If the slide is accurate -- and Orb-Hardware thinks it is, though admits it's a "little bit old" -- the Radeon HD 7970 will come with a core clockspeed of 925MHz and a whole bunch of onboard memory .

According to the slide, the memory will pipe up to 5.5Gbps of data through a 384-bit bus. The card will have 128 texture units, 32 CU and 2048 ALU stream processors, and 3.5 TFLOPs of raw compute power. The slide only lists 32 ROPs, which is a little disappointing considering recent murmurs that had the card pegged at 48 ROPs, but it's hard to argue with the rest of the spec sheet.
AMD Radeon HD 7970 Specs Leaked to the Web


The Real Danger in 2012 Online Threats

Though the general public may be worried about Mayan predictions and the end of days in 2012, the real threats to fear next year arent those predicted in books and movies.

It's Online.


Expedition 30 Soyuz Rolls to the Pad

The Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft is rolled out by train on its way to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Monday, Dec. 19, 2011.

The launch of the Soyuz spacecraft with Expedition 30 Soyuz Commander Oleg Kononenko of Russia, NASA Flight Engineer Don Pettit and European Space Agency astronaut and Flight Engineer Andre Kuipers is scheduled for 8:16 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 21.


14 Best DIY Gadget Projects of 2011

This year has seen some incredible gadget projects for you to try out.

Here are 14 favorites.


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How SOPA could actually break the internet

The proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) isn't just a bad idea for freedom of speech -- it's shot through with technical issues as well.


Floods Flops and Failures 21 Of Tech039s Worst Disasters

Floods Flops and Failures 21 Of Tech039s Worst Disasters

When you work on a major project for an extended amount of time -- be it an awesome new piece of software or some sort of newfangled gadget -- you can't help but become emotionally attached to it. Some even go so far as to call their projects their babies. Well, let's be blunt: there are some ugly babies out there. And while you might not tell a proud new mother her newborn's a hideous freak, we're going to call out some of the worst tech babies� of all time, be they simple disastrous flops or actual tech-related disasters.� Somewhere,...


Internet is for Porn pops up during House SOPA debate

Thanks to Rep.

Jared Polis, the official committee record of the U.S. House of Representatives for SOPA includes the lyrics to 'The Internet is for Porn' Read this blog post by Declan McCullagh on Privacy Inc..


The Year in Design That Works

A busy year in design reminded us that what's built to last are things that look good and work well.


TouchFire iPad keyboard shows power of Kickstarter

There may not be a shortage of iPad keyboards in the world, but Steve Isaac and Bradley Melmon thought they could improve upon the iPads onscreen keyboard experience.

Most third-party keyboards connect to the iPad via Bluetooth, and while they work just fine theyre bulky to carry around and eat through batteries like they were candy. Steve Isaac through he could augment the iPads onscreen keyboard so it felt more like a real keyboard�c


The Electronic Gadgets Atop Christmas Lists This Year

These are the electronics and gadgets both children and adults desperately want this holiday season.


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Whats the right social cocktail for you

The largest companies in the world are in process of figuring out how they can incorporate public social conversations into their daily business operations.

Chris Moody from social media data company Gnip explains why social media for your company is not a one-size-fits-all.


New Facebook Timeline is Out Today

The new Facebook is here a little later than expected, but still too soon for some. The Timeline profile is going live for all users. It aims to tell the story of a user's life in a giant scrollable page. Users are encouraged to fill in relevant details that Facebook might not know. Go ahead, give them more data. Cunning.

This launch was supposed to coincide with the rollout of Facebook's new Open Graph APIs, for which developers have been designing apps. The idea is that the new apps will help users fill in that timeline more effectively. When asked what's going on with the Open Graph delay, Facebook only said that it would be launching in a few weeks.
New Facebook Timeline is Out Today


US wages Twitter war against Taliban

The U.S. military launched its Twitter campaign during a September assault on the U.S.

Embassy in Kabul. Its hard to say who is winning the war of words. If the number of followers is the benchmark, @isafmedia is far ahead. Over the past year, the number of users following the coalition has swelled from 736 to nearly 18,000. The two Taliban accounts � @alemarahweb, which mainly links to press releases and official statements, and the more pu


Stylectrical Exhibiting the Work of Apples Jony Ive

Currently exhibiting at Museum f�r Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg in Germany, an intriguing new show features a retrospective look at the vast collection of the industrial design works Jonathan Ive has created for Apple throughout the years.


Nintendo to offer free 3DS WiFi at airports

Nintendo has announced that they will be offering free Wi-Fi to highlight the connectivity features of the Nintendo 3DS.



That awkward moment when you realize that the memes listed in KnowYourMemes Best of 2011 list sucked � I just had it.

What happened? Is Rebecca Black really a meme? Has something as profound as OccupyWallStreet replaced something as meaningless as the Rickroll?


Where Does webOS Go From Here

Where Does webOS Go From Here

Praise tech Jesus, webOS still has a pulse! The mobile OS seemingly doomed to a cold eternity in a digital graveyard has been granted an open source reprieve. Great! Only question is, what comes next?

HTC makes fantastic, well-built hardware, and is generally open to building devices for any viable platform. WebOS has always run on hardware that could have been better. HTC is also caught between Google and Microsoft in the patent wars, which has left them resorting to paying licensing fees to the latter in order to continue making Android phones. Unlike Samsung, they don't pull revenue from other areas of tech, so they have no choice but to oblige. With HP already stating that they have no plans to make any more phones, this could be HTC's chance to step in and...


domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Hey Robot Make Me A Sandwich

Robots have come such a long way in recent years, it seems like it won't be long before they're helping out in every household.


RIM delays BlackBerry 10 till 2012 end

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has finally admitted that they are going through a rough patch since past three months with reporting a quarterly profit which are being squeezed by slumping sales and service outages, as the company said that it expects to earn between 80% to 95% a share on revenue of between $4.6 billion and $4.9 billion, way below analysts profit forecasts of $1.16 per share on sales of $5.1 billion.


Android App of the Week Google Maps 6

Android App of the Week Google Maps 6

Most of you Android junkies out there have probably been using Google Maps on your phone since day one. A big reason Android is such a powerful platform, Google Maps offers GPS enabled Maps, location-based search, and even turn-by-turn navigation. With version 6.0 being recently released, Google brings something new to the table with maps of indoor spaces.

To use the new features, simply zoom in to the point where you're given the ability to view the interior map. If you don't have any supported buildings close by, you could try out the functionality by searching for Chicago's O'hare Airport . Google even provides the ability to switch floors based on your current GPS location or manually using the controls on the right-hand side.


Chinas Growing Share of Solar Market Comes at a Price

Chinese solar companies are suffering from some of the same ills afflicting their U.S. competitors.


MegaUpload Takes Universal to Court Over YouTube Video

File host Mega Upload is taking no prisoners in its war of words with Universal Music Group. The site produced a music video of sorts with various well-known musicians affirming their support for the service. Universal wasted no time in filing a DMCA takedown saying that MegaUpload didn't have the necessary rights to post the video. After a little back and forth, MegaUpload is taking things to court.

Universal claims that at least one of its artists did not authorize MegaUpload to use his or her likeness. This seems a little far-fetched because the video is not assembled from stock footage; people like will.i.am, Kanye West, and Ciara are actually interacting with the camera. Universal further asserts that other artists have come forward to it saying they did not give MegaUpload the rights to their images. MegaUpload says everything is on the up-and-up, and all the artists in the video consented.

Via: http://www.maximumpc.com

The new new commerce

The new breed of e-commerce sites offers consumers ways to socialize and be entertained.

But as Rags Gupta of Brightcove points out, these new new commerce sites are taking advantage of old principles. Their innovation comes from introducing them online.


AntiPiracy Investigator Bemoans Lack of Training Meddling By Lawyers

An investigator who worked for the anti-piracy outfit behind Finlands Pirate Bay ISP blockage and two file-sharing cases where defendants collected huge fines, has been speaking of his lack of training at the organization.

The man also says that he was so uncomfortable with the heavy modification of file-sharing related witness statements he created for the police, in the end he refused to sign them.


sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Slingbox arrives on Google TV

SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue now works with the Slingbox to extend your complete living room HDTV experience to another TV in your home, or wherever you want to watch.

Access the SlingPlayer app from Google Spotlight and change channels, navigate the program guide, or....


Cool Site of the Week IPChickencom

Cool Site of the Week IPChickencom

As we trundle towards the final days of December, we draw ever closer to the observance of an annual tradition that many Maximum PC readers partake in whether they want to or not: traveling home to break bread with far-flung relatives, and being asked to fix their computer's issues before they even have a chance to get their coat off. The good news is that you'll be rewarded with a turkey dinner for your efforts! The bad news is that every single one of your relatives will hamper those efforts by offering ham-handed advice drawn from a wealth of whimsical

By navigating to IPChicken.com, you'll gain instant access to valuable information that'll help you get away from your parent's Dell so that you can cosy up to your Grandfather's famous sausage and bread stuffing just a little bit sooner. Your current IP address, Name Address, and Remote Port information are all for the having--and without having to squeeze it out of your relatives at that.


Apple in 2012 5 Reasons It Will Be a Tough Year

Apple's extraordinary run over the last few years may begin to show signs of slowing next year--its first year without visionary leader Steve Jobs.


4 Awful Ways The Internet Is Tainting Everything Else

The real, non-internet world has become infected by the obsessions and memes of internet geeks... only they've been twisted, spoiled, and recycled until we're all ashamed to have ever been associated with them.


This just about sums it up for me too

This just about sums it up for me too


Tech 2012 Please Dont Call These Predictions

A few best- and worst-case scenarios for the year ahead, on Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and more.


French Presidential Residence Found to Have Downloaded Illegal Torrents

Well, this is embarrassing. The famously anti-piracy French President Nicholas Sarkozy is learning today that occupants of the Presidential Palace have been very naughty torrent-users. According to everyone's favorite new tattletale, YouHaveDownloaded.com, six separate copyrighted works have been downloaded at Sarkozy's home. How's that three-strikes law working out?

There are roughly 60 French citizens on their last strike right now. If anything, this law, and Sarkozy's unruly guests just serve to remind us that BitTorrent is not private. Do you think they ought to cut off the Presidential Palace? Fair's fair, right?...
French Presidential Residence Found to Have Downloaded Illegal Torrents


viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

Barbara Walters Steve Jobs Most Fascinating Person of the Year

Steve Jobs is the Most Fascinating Person of 2011.

Barbara Walters revealed her choice on her annual special.


Universal tries to block TWiT show for mentioning MegaUpload

Universal drew fire Wednesday after it appeared to be misusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to silence news of MegaUpload. The movie and TV studio had YouTube pull down an episode of TWiT's Tech News Today on Monday for including two clips of MegaUpload's celebrity-laden song endorsing its file transfer service. Show co-host Tom Merritt had the show back up after a dispute, but Universal issued a DMCA request on Tuesday and will manage to keep it down for at least 10 days following a counter-dispute from Merritt through YouTube.......

Universal tries to block TWiT show for mentioning MegaUpload


Did selfbelief kill Steve Jobs

A close friend of Steve Jobs talks of his frustration at seeing the Apple boss refuse cancer treatment.


Google Granted Patent For Driverless Car Landing Strip

The age of driverless cars may still be years in the future, but to those playing a long game, that just means that work now will pay off even more later.

Google is getting into the business of tracking and managing driverless cars, and while the technology actually steering and perceiving the cars' surroundings will be undergoing lots of changes, some fundamentals of their interactions with the world can actually be explored today.


Internet Blacklisting Bill Stalled in House Committee

The House Judiciary Committee spent nearly four hours Thursday in heated debate over the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, with members ...


Review Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus is arguably the first official Google phone whose appeal isn't just confined to hardcore Android fans: even those who only know the iPhone by name are taking notice. With a massive 4.65-inch, 720p display, a near-instant camera, and most importantly Android 4.0, it promises not just to be a powerful phone but the most cohesive expression of what Android can be. But can it cross over into the mainstream in a way that previously only Apple could? Our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review settles that question.......

Review Samsung Galaxy Nexus


A Technological History of the US Postal Service [PHOTOS]

After a triumphant two centuries, the USPS is facing an existential crisis that technology can't solve


jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Google Maps Opens Editing Process To Everyone

Google announced a major redesign of Google Map Maker today.

This is the tool that allows anyone to propose edits to the live Google map, so that locals can offer more detail than Google's own teams can provide. The new tools offer simple tools for adding and editing places, roads and paths, as well as reviewing the edits of others. That peer review element is a key part of Google Maps' new direction. In September, Google rearranged the Map Maker


The End of TorrentFreak

And indeed, with the current vague language of SOPA not just the traditional piracy havens are at risk, but also search engines and even news sites or blogs that occasionally link to so called rogue sites.�


Physicists create worlds smallest switch at molecular level

A team of physicists at the Technical University of Munich have created in their laboratory what they believe to be the world's smallest molecular switch. In their experiment, the team was able to build a switch with an inner diameter of less than half a nanometer, making it making it the smallest atomic switching unit realized to date. It moves a single proton to one of four positions or states at speeds of up to 500 changes in state per second.......

Physicists create worlds smallest switch at molecular level


Internet Explorer users have their intelligence questioned yet again

Earlier this year, a study claimed that Internet Explorer users werent as smart as folks using alternative web browsers.

That, of course, turned out to be a publicity stunt and the figures were fabricated as part of the punking process.


Galaxy Nexus A Step Up For Android HTML5 Performance

When it comes to HTML5 implementation, Android has historically been lacking most of the other major mobile platforms. iOS is considered the crown jewel of HTML5 performance and even Windows Phone has faired better than Android.

That may all be about to change. In Sencha's latest HTML5 benchmark, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich was put through the paces. The newest flagship Android device acquitted itself well. A


Verizon NJ civil emergency alerts in were just a test

Verizon NJ civil emergency alerts in were just a test

Verizon has apologized for the recent "civil emergency" alerts that were sent to cellphones used by New Jersey residents in several counties. The Commercial Mobile Alert System had warned many users of a civil emergency "extreme alert" in their local counties. The warning was attributed to the US government and ordered individuals to "take shelter now."......


Everything You Wanted To Know About Twitter But Were Afraid To Ask

Twitter: so few characters, so much confusion.

Filled with "@" signs, "#" symbols, "RTs" and "MTs," Twitter timelines can look like baffling algebra equations to those unfamiliar with the lingo.


miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Domain seizure oversight lax and broken targets out of luck

Can the government really hold a domain for a year and then return it without so much as an apology? A legal expert tells Ars the courts have have done a poor job overseeing the domain seizure program, but the victims are unlikely to receive significant compensation.


MIT slows down light with trillionframespersecond video camera

If you thought slow-mo videos of watermelons being exploded by bullets and chubby, jowled faces recoiling from slaps was as good as it gets, think again: MIT Media Lab has created a camera-and-laser rig that's capable of capturing one trillion exposures per second; fast enough to visualize the speed of light and to see the effect of individual photons as they collide with surfaces.


Caltech sets 186Gbps internet speed record

A delicious combination of high-energy physicists, engineers, and computer scientists from Caltech and University of Victoria have broken the world record for sustained, computer-to-computer transfer over a wide area network.


Please turn off all electronic devices Really

Youve probably wondered if you really need to turn your portable electronic devices off where youre flying and what the reason is.

I spoke with the people whose ability to do their job is effected by it -- the pilots themselves -- and found out they take this very seriously. Heres why.


Rumor Nikon D4 to carry ISO 204800 take XQD cards

New rumors from historically accurate sources may have narrowed down the details of Nikon's long-expected D4 full-frame camera. The DSLR would only see a modest resolution upgrade to 16.2 megapixels, but Nikon Rumors heard it could be the first camera with the new XQD card format. Combined with a regular CompactFlash slot, it could have support for very high speed storage without shedding legacy support.......

Rumor Nikon D4 to carry ISO 204800 take XQD cards


Apple Pushing Out New Low Power Bluetooth 40

Apple is bringing aboard the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

This is intended for the iPhone, iPad and iPod accessory developers using which they will be able to transmit data between Apples mobile devices.


martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Most Popular Android Apps by Age Facebook Takes a Top Spot

A Nielsen survey released Monday reveals that the six most popular Android apps are the same across all age groups.


Apples Mac App Store reaches 100M downloads

The Mac App Store is not quite a year old, and it just passed the 100 million download mark, according to Apple.

Originally launched in January, the Mac App Store is now the "largest and fastest growing PC software store in the world," Apple says.


FBI Carrier IQ files used for law enforcement purposes

More details emerge about the spook in your pocket: FOIA request to the FBI for "manuals, documents or other written guidance used to access or analyze data gathered by programs developed or deployed by Carrier IQ" was met with a telling denial.

In it, the FBI stated it did have responsive documents - but they were exempt under a provision that covers materials that, if disclosed, might reasonably interfere with an ongoing investigation.


GoogleFunded Study Awards Security Crown to Chrome Firefox Comes in Last

Browser vendors are constantly on the lookout for things to brag about. While just about any type of bragging rights are welcome, vendors are mostly found crowing about either speed, security or HTML5 compliance. This time it's Google's turn to break into a victory lap, for Chrome has just been crowned the most secure browser in a study conducted by Accuvant Labs .

Sandboxing is a useful addition to that toolbox that we are investigating, but no technology is a silver bullet. We invest in security throughout the development process with internal and external code reviews, constant testing and analysis of running code, and rapid response to security issues when they emerge. We're proud of our reputation on security, and it remains a central priority for Firefox.�...
GoogleFunded Study Awards Security Crown to Chrome Firefox Comes in Last


ASUS delays Transformer Prime until 2012 over WiFi

ASUS encountered a large setback in its attempt to take the tablet market with the Transformer Prime late Friday. Online retailer NCIX messaged pre-order buyers at Phandroid and elsewhere that the quad-core Android tablet had been delayed "worldwide" and likely wouldn't make Christmas, if not the whole year. The Wi-Fi range on the metal-shelled tablet didn't "meet their standards" and was being improved before shipments started.......

ASUS delays Transformer Prime until 2012 over WiFi


Face Recognition Technology Comes to Malls and Nightclubs

The privacy concerns around the tracking of consumers and targeted advertising online may be coming to the physical world.

At a Federal Trade Commission workshop about the privacy implications of face recognition on Thursday, all eyes were on the new Find My Face� feature in Google+, announced at the conference. The event, however, also focused on how face detection is being used offline in smart sign� technology and other applications.


Megaupload to Sue Universal Joins Fight Against SOPA

File-hosting service Megaupload has told TorrentFreak that it will sue Universal for wrongfully taking down its content from YouTube.

Universal took action Friday to remove a Megaupload-produced pop video which featured leading artists singing the cyberlocker service's praises. The move has also prompted the company to enter the SOPA debate, with a call for like-minded people to join forces and fight for an Internet without censorship.


Wp Starter Guide Reviewrespectedadminscom

Our reviewer Trader Aaron knows his server admin. Presently he'll be examining WP Starter Guide. Yet is it a 5 star winner or a going to give you a virus?...
Learn how to build a fabulous WordPress website
Read more right here:http://wp-starter-guide-review.respectedadmins.com

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

CERN set to report probable Higgs sighting this week

Scientists predicted this weekend that sighting of the first strong signs of a particle vital to support Einstein's ideas on the working of the universe will be reported Tuesday by the CERN physics research center.


Five Best Mobile Price Comparison Apps

If you're headed to your local big box store to shop for holiday gifts or anything else you need, don't leave your smartphone behind --with the right apps, you can check the products you're looking at in the store to see if you're getting the best price there, whether you should head to the store next door, or wait until you get home to shop online.


With 8 jets of their own Google execs aim to save historic Hangar One

Google's top three executives have offered to pay $33 million through a jointly owned company to save Hangar One, a historic building used to house large airships at Moffett Field in Mountain View,...


Carrier IQ accused of participating in stealth VoIP call recording

Carrier IQ caused a huge stir when 25-year-old Trevor Eckhart discovered that it was logging all the activities a person made using his or her mobile phone.


Microsoft hunting TV executive for original Xbox Live TV

Microsoft is headhunting to get original content for the new TV features of its new Xbox 360 interface and Xbox Live, new rumors maintained Saturday. The source for Bloomberg said Microsoft had picked executive recruitment firm Stratis' Tom Schneider to search. Jeff Gaspin and Marc Graboff, both formerly from NBC, had been among those asked about signing on....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

Irony Surveillance Industry Objects to Spying Secrets Mass Monitoring Leaks

In the continued spotlight on mass surveillance, WikiLeaks Spy Files posted Gamma videos teaching intelligence agencies how to hack iTunes, Gmail and Skype.

But Tatiana Lucas, one of the people behind profiting from the secret snoop ISS conferences, wants you to believe that exposing surveillance methods will cost U.S. jobs, make companies hesitant to support government surveillance, and maybe stop Congress from updating a lawful-interception law


domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

HPs webOS is going Open Source Now what ZDNet

Assuming HP does all the right things when Open Sourcing webOS, what happens to the platform next?


I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent

Most people know that BitTorrent is far from anonymous, but seeing all your recent downloads listed on a public website is still quite a revelation.

This is exactly what Youhavedownloaded.com does. The developers of the site want to make people aware of the public nature of BitTorrent, and are currently working on a more anonymous version of the leading file-sharing technology.


Verizon Could Move to Family Data Plans in 2012

Verizon Could Move to Family Data Plans in 2012

While not offering any specifics, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has again raised the issue of family data pricing. Consumers have been begging for a carrier to move in this direction for years, and McAdam seems at least open to the idea. According to the CEO, a family data plan for multiple devices could arrive in 2012.

The basic premise is that users already have family plans for cell phone minutes, so why not let them share a large bucket of data as well? McAdam acknowledged the problem explaining that consumers should not have to deal with separate data plans for each screen in the home. He went on to claim that Verizon has been working to get to account-level pricing for a few years.�...


Universal Censors Megaupload Song Gets Branded a Rogue Label

Earlier today, Megaupload released a pop video featuring mainstream artists who endorse the cyberlocker service.

News of the controversial Mega Song even trended on Twitter, but has now been removed from YouTube on copyright grounds by Universal Music. Kim Dotcom says that Megaupload owns everything in the video, and that the label has engaged in dirty tricks in an attempt to sabotage their successful viral campaign.


ASUS Transformer Prime still on schedule delay a mystery

ASUS quickly responded to NCIX's claims of a Transformer Prime delay by issuing a countering response. It claimed to SlashGear that the warnings of missing the December 19 target weren't official. The suggestion was made either that NCIX didn't have full details or that an outsider had fed bad information....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

Carrier IQ aside the public may want their phones tracked

Carrier IQ has become the target of public outrage, but a new study finds that the condemnation of Carrier IQ might be misplaced.

The Yankee Group discovered a majority of consumers want their operators to access the very information that Carrier IQ is tracking.


Samsung Apple tablet tit for tat to extend to displays

Samsung could beat Apple to market with a tablet packing a high-resolution display, as the two bitter rivals vie to be the first on the block with a next-gen tablet.


sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Microsoft joins Amazon in offering less than Apples 30 percent cut of apps sales

Microsoft decided to do something the same as Apple, yet a bit different.


Google driving the getaway car for online bandits

The head of the MPAA compares Google to the "getaway car" driver at a bank robbery --and he's not the only one who has a serious Google issue.


TMobile offers free Square card reader with 4G phones

TMobile offers free Square card reader with 4G phones

T-Mobile is reportedly set to begin a promotion that will provide free Square credit-card readers for subscribers who upgrade to 4G handsets. The program, which also brings discounted service rates, is aimed at business users who might benefit from Square's mobile payment system.......


How NOT to fix your computer part 2

After you read this you should understand what not to do.


Government says LightSquareds 4G causes GPS interference

Government says LightSquareds 4G causes GPS interference

The ongoing battle between LightSquared, a company that wants to launch a nationwide 4G network in partnership with Sprint, and the rest of the GPS industry took another turn today as a leaked draft of a government report concludes that implementing LightSquared's planned network would cause "harmful interference" to about 75 percent of GPS receivers, BusinessWeek reports. The testing contradicts LightSquared's claim that it had found a fix for the issue.......


Samsung to Unveil RetinaResolution Tablet Early Next Year

The rumor mill is in full swing with talks of an 11.6-inch tablet from the house of Samsung.

If the device does exist, then we might see the electronics giant unveiling the wrapper during the Mobile World Congress next year.


Instagram Is Apples iPhone App Of The Year iTunes Rewind 2011

Apple has released its annual iTunes Rewind, a look back at the most popular content available in the App Store over the past year.

This year, top honors went to photo-sharing app Instagram, which Apple named "iPhone App of the Year."


viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

13 Accessories You Really Dont Need for Your Apple

A dozen plus ways to waste money on Apple gadgets this holiday season


From Fukushima to Charlie Sheen the Twitter hashtags that dominated 2011

Twitter has revealed its top hashtags of 2011, showing what the world's tweeters had on their mind


Verizons LTEEquipped Galaxy Nexus Not Launching On 129

What's this? Yep, the back-and-forth surrounding the Galaxy Nexus continues, and unfortunately, it looks like the roller coaster is heading toward a dip, not a climb.

While there's no doubt in anyone's mind that a 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Nexus is en route for Verizon Wireless, we've received reason to believe that it won't be launching on 12/9,...


Facebook to Launch Subscribe Button for Websites

In its latest move to colonize areas of the web currently outside its orbit, Facebook is planning to roll out a Subscribe� button for websites.


iPad 3 to launch in February analyst sources claim

The next-generation iPad will launch in February, says Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner.

The analyst cites several sources on the matter, who back up the notion that it will have twice the screen resolution of its predecessor.


jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Bridgestone Airless Tire PunctureProof Tech On The Way

Although it'd be unfair to say that tires are one of the more old-fashioned aspects of your modern car - since tire manufacturers spend millions constantly developing them - they do have their flaws.


Samsung shows off bendable tablet concept

The Korean chaebol had previously unveiled flexible smartphones--so its next logical step would be the slightly larger tablets.


CNET Accused of Wrapping Malware in Windows Installer for Nmap Security Tool

CNet is tangled in allegations of wrapping bloatware, malware and Trojans in the Windows Installer for free programs available at CNet Download.

Gordon Lyon, better known as Fyodor, announced on Seclists that C|Net Download.Com is now bundling Nmap with malware!


Meet the Obscure Useful Metals Lurking in Products All Around You

Without the rare earths, there would be no iPods and no hybrid cars.

But who has even heard of erbium or ytterbium?


The 99 TouchPad Sale is Back For a Limited Time

The 99 TouchPad Sale is Back For a Limited Time

Did you miss out on the HP TouchPad fire sale earlier this year? Well, buck up then. HP is telling employees that the last round of refurbished TouchPads will be going on sale on the HP eBay store at the fabled $99 price point. A $79 accessory package will also be up for order. The trigger will be pulled at 6:00PM Central time on December 11th.

Small lots of the device have shown up from time to time since then, but this appears to be the last of it. HP wants these refurbs off is hands. New CEO Meg Whitman is expected to announce HP's future plans for webOS in the coming weeks. Are you tempted to pick up a Touchpad, even just to sell it?...


Chinas New Airplane Seems Designed By Batman

This is the newest Chinese drone.

It seems much more advanced than what anyone imagined. Apparently, Bruce Wayne is now working for the Chinese military, which is pushing hard trying to match the US industry capabilities. They're getting close.


HTC Pushes Surprise Honeycomb Update to HTC Flyer

In the land of Android, it's hard to know what device is going to see an update next. This time, it appears that the inexplicable answer is the HTC Flyer. This device was an early 2010 7-inch tablet with mid-range specs and a focus on pen input. HTC has confirmed that some variants of the device are getting Android 3.2 Honeycomb today, complete with HTC's Sense UX interface.

Users of the pricey 3G + Wi-Fi variant with 32GB of storage are first up on the upgrade list. Although, this only applies to GSM versions of the tablet. Those with the 16GB Wi-Fi only, or CDMA version are going to have to wait. HTC says those tablets will get Honeycomb soon. No word on future updates, but the single-core processor in the Flyer might require too much optimization to make future updates with the time.�...

Via: http://www.maximumpc.com

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Why the Siri Backlash Threatens Apples Future Magic

Since the iPhone 4Ss launch in early October, Ive run into an increasing number of Siri users who are disenchanted with Apples voice-controlled intelligent assistant� thats exclusive to its handset.

But will the recent backlash on Siri threaten Apple's future?


Sifting through petabytes PRODIGAL monitoring for lone wolf insider threats

Security researchers for DARPA are developing a Big Data Analytics system to sift through mindbogglingly massive datasets, terabytes and petabytes, to spot lone wolf insider threats to the government.

About a quarter billion daily IMs, texts, emails, and other digital records will be analyzed by PRODIGAL over long periods of time to find the employees who "may not realize they are going down the slippery slope," to tackle and solve insider threat


Ivy Bridge Benchmarks Specifications and Q2 2012 Release Date Leak

Ivy Bridge has been on our radar for almost a year now, but with the 2012 release date fast approaching, leaks from the partner channel were inevitable. According to documents obtained by X-bit labs, Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips will be shipping in Q2 2012, and eighteen parts are listed. Of these only eight are standard desktop flavors, with the remaining ten all falling under the ultra-low voltage banner. All of the new chips are based on Intel's new 22nm process technology.

The power savings and graphics improvements will make a huge difference in laptops and small form factor PC's, but if you're rocking a modern Sandy Bridge desktop part, it's looking increasingly improbable that Ivy Bridge would be much of an upgrade for Desktop enthusiasts. According to slides obtained from Tom's Hardware, here is how performance is shaking out so far when you compare the i7-2600 Sandy Bridge to the i7-3770 Ivy Bridge.
Ivy Bridge Benchmarks Specifications and Q2 2012 Release Date Leak


Steve Jobs biography tops Amazons Best Sellers list for 2011

The Walter Isaacson biography of Appleco-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has risen to the top of Amazon's list of best-selling books for 2011, not even two months following its initial release in October.

The Jobs biography had already reached the number two spot in November.


Galaxy Nexus to arrive in US on Friday

The U.S. debut of Android 4.0 will be Friday, when Verizon starts selling the Galaxy Nexus, leaked documents indicate.

Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on Deep Tech.


New 3D transistors promising future chips lighter laptops

Researchers from Purdue and Harvard universities have created a new type of transistor made from a material that could replace silicon and have a 3-D structure instead of conventional flat computer chips.


martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Is Google Heading in Too Many Directions at Once

Since the launch of Google+ 5 months ago, the social network has gone through many changes in both functionality and direction.

Depending on who you ask at Google, the service means different things. Is their shotgun approach to solving the social problem they've had for years pointing them in too many directions to be truly successful?


Occupy Movement Leverages Open Source Art

The Occupy Movement now has print media support from an online print lab called, Occuprint.

Occuprint first began after the Occupied Wall Street Journal asked for their assistance with an issue on poster art for the Occupy Movement. Artists posters from the Occupy movement are available on the website as part of the Creative Commons for download and use in protests and projects related to OWS.


How Dropbox Turned Down Apple And Took Off [VIDEO]

CEO Drew Houston on meeting Steve Jobs and landing a $4 billion valuation.

The Inside Story Of Tech's Hottest Startup.


7 Ways Your Cell Phone Is Making You Look Like An Idiot

50 percent of Americans will have a smart phone by Christmas of this year, with overall cell phone usage at a staggering 82 percent in the States alone.

Were undoubtedly living in as connected a world as ever, but at what cost? The prevalent use of mobile technology has turned average people into obnoxious and raving lunatics. Theres using a cell phone, and then theres letting that mobile confidence builder consume you. Here are 7 ways t


Borders Sells 65536 IPv4 Addresses for 12 Each

Bookseller Borders was unable to survive the crushing onslaught from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, eventually leading to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing earlier this year. As the shell of a company continues to sell assets to pay creditors, it's started scraping the bottom of the barrel. Borders has agreed to sell off its last significant asset; 65,536 IPv4 addresses. Software vendor Cerner will pick them up for $12 each.

The $786,432 deal will give Cerner access to a dwindling resource. ICANN handed out the last blocks of IPv4 addresses to regional registrars earlier this year. In the past, a block of IP address space would have fetched such a price, but with questions around IPv6, some believe the older addresses will increase in value.�...
Borders Sells 65536 IPv4 Addresses for 12 Each


Windows Phone is an Xbox 360 video remote control

On Tuesday, Microsoft is launching a new app for Windows Phone handsets to help Xbox 360 owners navigate their game console.

The timing is in conjunction with the company's living room push to bring more music and video content to the Xbox 360 console.


EntryLevel Workstations v20

Updated on November 30th 2011

For two or more applications running simultaneously, you'll want to upgrade the CPU to the X4 965 and you'll at least 8GB of RAM, 16GB if you tend work with a lot of small files or larger files. However, keep in mind that if do work on both applications at the same time , this will most likely cause slowdowns, even with the X4 965. I recommend going with the $1250 Workstation to handle several applications at once for optimal performance.

Via: http://www.hardware-revolution.com

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Watch Internet Rising A great new mashup digital documentary about the web

The internet, what's all that about then?


How unique online platforms grease the wheels of innovation

Today there is a far greater chance that ordinary folks can bring, say, the next MMO to market.

Whats changed? The arrival of specialized Platform-as-a-Service. Lisa Petrucci of Joyent explains why it's easier than ever to innovate.


How Google Can Deal a Death Blow to Firefox

Firefox's future has never been as uncertain as it is right now.

Let's start with the market share numbers and work our way from there. Depending on which web analytics firm you put your faith into, Mozilla's browser has either given up it's second place position to Google's Chrome browser, or is really close to doing so. NetMarketShare, for...


ATTs Dell Venue Pro gets Windows Phone Mango update

AT&T's Dell Venue Pro is as far as I know the last Windows Phone device to get the Mango update.


Intel Ivy Bridge desktop chip specs benchmarks leak

The desktop versions of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors have most of their details outlined in full through a roadmap discovered this week. The X-Bit Labs copy shows all the chips falling under the 3000 series in the same Core i3, i5, and i7 tiers, with four cores still the maximum for non-Extreme chips. Clock speeds would have a higher baseline, starting with a 2.7GHz Core i5 and peaking at a 3.5GHz Core i7 ....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

Mall Santa Hops on Skype Will Talk Red Ryder BB Guns for 10 Minutes

A bustling shopping mall in Canada is ending a more than century old tradition of having kids line up for hours to sit on Santa's knee to tell the bearded gift giver what they want for Christmas.

This year they'll need to sign up in advance for a one-hour story time session on Saturday morning, in which they'll also have a chance to sit on...


domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Student Bay Admin Prosecuted in Sweden

After a process lasting more than three years, a man from Sweden has finally been prosecuted for his role in the operations of Student Bay, a site dedicated to the sharing of textbooks.

Despite prosecution attempts to link a Pirate Bay founder to the site, the 23-year-old is the only person in the spotlight. An apology requested by The Pirate Bay for wrongful accusations appears to have gone unfulfilled.


Over Half of Young Adults Go Online For No Real Reason At All Says Report

We swear thats not an Onion headline.

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 53% of young adults aged 18-29 go online for no particular reason except to have fun or to pass the time� on a typical day. (Note that the survey question specifically asked if users had done...