sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

The Geek Traveler Gadgets and Tips for Your Vacation

The Geek Traveler Gadgets and Tips for Your Vacation

It's oxymoronic to say that a vacation is stressful. But it is. And I'm not even talking about the sand that's waiting to creep into your shorts on the beach, the hotel room that's going to spring a leak, or the vast number of other disasters about to transpire throughout your travels.

If you're looking to charge a variety of devices without carrying around a mess of cables, consider the Roll Up Travel Charger: A leather-wrapped combination of an iPhone, mini USB, micro USB, and Samsung-friendly charger in a debonair holder. It's perfect for the multi-device user as long as you aren't rocking, say, two mini-USB-only Android smartphones at once. And if you've bit the bullet and decided to carry your various portable devices' cords with you, perhaps you can make a new airport friend via the FlipIt USB Stealth Charger. You get to leech just enough power from an outlet that's...


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