lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Where Does webOS Go From Here

Where Does webOS Go From Here

Praise tech Jesus, webOS still has a pulse! The mobile OS seemingly doomed to a cold eternity in a digital graveyard has been granted an open source reprieve. Great! Only question is, what comes next?

HTC makes fantastic, well-built hardware, and is generally open to building devices for any viable platform. WebOS has always run on hardware that could have been better. HTC is also caught between Google and Microsoft in the patent wars, which has left them resorting to paying licensing fees to the latter in order to continue making Android phones. Unlike Samsung, they don't pull revenue from other areas of tech, so they have no choice but to oblige. With HP already stating that they have no plans to make any more phones, this could be HTC's chance to step in and...


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