jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Bing mobile website gets better image search realtime transit and directions iOS app search and more

Microsoft has recently updated Bings mobile website (m.bing.com) for HTML5-capable browsers.

Strange enough, Windows Phone 7 users still cant access the revamped website, and the new features have been demoed by a Microsoft employee on an iPhone.


Lenovo IdeaCentre A700 To The Bone A Masterful Allinone

For some years now, the All-in-one PC market had only one producer, and that, of course, was Apple.

But now, other PC manufacturers have turned their eye on this previously unchallenged market.


Google Maps Ban in China Likely As Licensing Deadline Nears

Google's volatile relationship continues with Chinese Government, Google Maps now could get blocked in China as Google so far has failed to file for a license through the Chinese Bureau of Surveying and the deadline is tomorrow.

The bureau blocks websites in China that are not licensed to operate in the country so google maps is now likely to get blocked


BBC and Siemens row over website failure Media guardiancouk

IT contractor angry after being blamed for the entire BBC website network going offline for an hour.

By Josh Halliday


Study US digital music will overtake CDs in 2012

Digital music should overtake CDs in the US for the first time next year, Strategy Analytics said in a new study.

It expected CDs to continue dropping a steep 40 percent from $3.8 billion in revenue for 2010 to just $2.7 billion in 2012.


News Corp may offload MySpace to Vevo

News Corp's plans to offload MySpace may have it move the social network to the music video site Vevo, insiders said.

While tentative, the strategy would see MySpace sold to Vevo in return for a share of the project. Bloomberg's sources suggested it would bolster the music videos with artist and fan pages as well as MySpace's other music content.......


miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

States to FTC HANDS OFF our privacy laws

The attorneys general of 15 states have warned the Federal Trade Commission to back off the creation of federal privacy laws and leave the privacy rule making to them.


After losing a patent battle with Apple Nokia sues again

After losing a patent battle with Apple, Nokia decides to sue them again.

This time there are 7 patents in question, bringing the total to 46. Will this ever end?


McAfees Website Full of Security Holes Researcher Says

The McAfee.com website is full of security mistakes that could lead to cross-site scripting and other attacks, researchers said in a post on the Full Disclosure site on Monday.


India First Nation To Block New XXX Domain

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), recently approved the creation of a ".xxx" domain for pornographic websites.

Religious groups and even pornographers have taken issue with the assignation, and nations are now taking a stand, as well.


Dell insists iPad cant succeed in enterprise

Dell's head of global enterprise marketing Andy Lark told CIO in an interview Tuesday that he was certain the iPad would be overtaken in the enterprise by Android and Windows.

He saw the runaway sales as having created the market for tablets in the office but that a "diverse, open, connected" approach would ultimately win. Dell would succeed because it had a "very considered" approach that included more than one operating system and addressed the workplace, not just the home, like Apple.......


martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Google hires Java creator James Gosling despite Oracle suit

Java's core creator James Gosling revealed on Monday that he was joining Google.

He didn't know what his efforts would focus on but did anticipate it would be a "bit of everything." The new, unnamed position took effect the same day.


Promo materials hint HTC Flyer coming to TMobile USA

A detailed leak on Sunday has given clues that the HTC Flyer should come to T-Mobile, and possibly the US. Detailed marketing materials, including in-store stands, have clearly attached the Android 2.3 tablet to the carrier. PocketNow's copies don't explicitly name the US, but one shot shows a T-Mobile YouTube channel; only the US has a presence on the video page.......

Promo materials hint HTC Flyer coming to TMobile USA


Java Founder Is Google039s Latest HighProfile Hire

James Gosling, father of the Java programming language, has finally found a job, nearly a year after he quit Oracle-owned Sun.

Gosling's latest employer happens to be Internet giant Google, which, very interestingly, has been accused of knowingly, directly and repeatedly� copying Java code by Oracle. While his new job is widely expected to have a lot do with Android for obvious reasons, there is a lot of speculation about the possible ways in which he could help Google in its legal battle against Oracle.Apart from criticizing Oracle, he has also raised concerns about Google's very weak notions of interoperability� among Android devices. He believes this fragmentation has had an adverse impact on the freedom of software developers.


20 Facts You Probably Didnt Know About Robots [Infographic]

id you know the first robot is said to have been constructed by the Greek mathematician Archytas in 400 B.C.

Unreal. Here I thought the first robot didnt come along until the Flintstones.


75 AweInspiring jQuery Plugins To RampUp Your Skills

jQuery Plugins: 75 Best jQuery Plugins To Ramp-Up Your Skills.

A JQuery plugin allow you to custom styling of specific work.


eBay to buy GSI Commerce for 24 billion

The price tag for the e-commerce services company is more than eBay paid for PayPal and almost as much as it paid for Skype.

Read this blog post by Caroline McCarthy on The Social.


Federal Courts Worry Your Smartphone Might Be a Bomb

Smartphones could offer journalists and the public an easy and cost-effective method to provide online updates of court proceedings -- which is why it's


lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Cheaper Than A Tablet Rooting Your EReader

What if you could buy a tablet with a slightly smaller screen than the iPad for half the price or even less? Hackers have been turning e-book readers into tablets for cheap Internet on the go.


Larry Page already cracking the whip at Google a week before he takes the reins

Page is reportedly trying to streamline the organization ahead of his succession from Eric Schmidt, who Google says will stay on to oversee the companys outside relationships, but who is also widely rumored to be becoming President Barack Obamas new commerce secretary.


Many stores run out of iPad 2 in Canada UK

Apple has seen a repeat of its past performance on Saturday as it once again sold out at retail for the international launch.

Checks by Electronista with several Canadian Apple stores showed that they had run out of supply by Saturday afternoon. Almost all third-party retailers, including Best Buy and Future Shop, had also run out of supply.......


The Worlds Tiniest Digital Cameras

Leave it to the technological wizards in Japan to give us these minuscule digital photo and video cameras.


Google Music Coming Soon Google Internally Testing Music Service

While there's still no indication that Google has secured any music licenses, employees are said to be testing the product to identify any problems or glitches.


Google Now Supports Cherokee Language

Google now supports the Cherokee language as an option for searches.


domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

A Week in Lawsuits Whos Suing Who This Week

Gotta love tech company lawsuits.


Best Buy to carry stock HTC Flyer WiFi in iPad challenge

Best Buy to carry stock HTC Flyer WiFi in iPad challenge

Best Buy on Tuesday night said it would carry a Wi-Fi version of the HTC Flyer, now better known in the US as the template for the Evo View 4G. The big-box chain's online and retail stores will both have the lower cost version when it ships in the spring. Prices weren't given out but should be inexpensive for the seven-inch, 16GB tablet.......


MySpace Decline is Accelerating

New numbers from Comscore indicate the demise of MySpace is happening faster than most had expected.

Between January and February 2011, MySpace lost 14.4% of its monthly users. In raw numbers, that's a drop to 63 million from 73 million. They had twice this many users a year ago.A social network relies on the network effect. If you cannot communicate with the people you want to on a service, you won't use it, other people won't use it, and it dies. The time when MySpace stops being appealing for just about everyone could be fast approaching.


Cartoon Blogging is Dead PIC

All communication channels are still alive and kicking whether blogging, print, email or anything else.

Each has its own merits, strengths and purpose. i love the Cartoon, and I'd agree that from a technology perspective they are blurring a lot - at the end of the day.


Google wont pull DUIevasion apps

RIM has taken down apps that point out sobriety checkpoints.

Google says it won't take any action. And Apple remains...


Is Twitter Losing Its Geek Cred

Oh Twitter, have you become? You used to be a place of the proud few: the tech geek.

But now it's all about the GaGas, Sheenanigans, and celebritweeties.


sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

The First Plastic Computer Processor

Two recent developments�a plastic processor and printed memory�show that computing doesn't have to rely on inflexible silicon.


Six Browsers For Most Intuitive Web Surfing Experience On Your Android

Here are some excellent gems for your android phones.


Judge orders Time Warner to identify BitTorrent users

Judge orders Time Warner to identify BitTorrent users

US District Court judge Beryl Howell has ordered Time Warner to hand over identities of 250 subscribers accused of illegally downloading movies. The order appears to reject Time Warner's argument that the request is excessively time consuming and expensive. The subpoenas involve three cases from movie production companies Maverick, Donkeyball Movie, and Call of the Wild Movie.......


iPhone The Worlds Most Desired Camera [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now a days Innovative Technology has ruled over our routine life.

Each and every task can be completed with the help of electronic gadgets. In order to cherish your memories you must have a Camera.


Netflix gives apology credit for streaming outage

Netflix has issued an apology to its customers for the Netflix Instant service outage this past Tuesday.

The company is offering customers affected by the interruption a credit.


Cases for iPad 2 offerings from XGear and LaptopTailors

New among the many iPad 2-centric products now emerging are entries from iOS accessory maker XGear and Laptop Tailors, though their products are very different.

XGear's just-announced Smart Cover Enhancer aims to complement Apple's innovative Smart Cover with "the part they forgot" -- protection for the back of the iPad, while Laptop Tailors offer a line of custom-fit felt cases hand-made in the Netherlands and Belgium from 100 percent all-natural wool.......


Qatar Will Use 500000 Artificial Clouds for the World Cup

When I heard that World Cup 2022 was going to be in Qatar, I was confused like everyone else.

Isn't it deathly hot over there? But they've got a solution: to make artificial clouds (something Bill Gates has wanted to do) to cool down the temperature.


viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

How It Works The LightDriven Computer

New integrated circuits use photons to build fast and extremely power-efficient supercomputers


Stuxnet 5 Things Men Should Know

This shadowy virus attacked nuclear facilities in Iran - and nobody knows who's behind it.

Could your computer be next?


The MP3 A History Of Innovation And Betrayal

The father of the MP3 talks about the race to invent the format and how it sped out of control.


Gmail Hotmail Pose Government Security Risk

Australian auditor recommends blocking Webmail on government networks to prevent insider and external threats.


Verizon CEO Says They Don039t Need Sprint

In the wake of the surprise AT&T deal to buy T-Mobile USA, many have speculated that Verizon Wireless might want to get hitched to Sprint.

Big Red has gotten out ahead of the rumors and shot the idea down pretty handily. "We're not interested in Sprint. We don't need them," said Verizon CEO Mead at CTIA today.Mead said that he believed that the buyout of T-Mobile would most likely be approved as long as the combined company adhered to certain conditions. A combined AT&T/T-Mobile would end up the biggest wirelesses carrier in the US, overtaking Verizon. While they might not like the deal, Big Red can't exactly talk up increased regulation of the wireless industry.�...


Judge Orders HP to Release Letter That Triggered Hurd039s Exit

The controversial letter that marked the beginning of the end for Mark Hurd's five-year reign as Hewlett-Packard's CEO is about to be made public.

The public release of the missive accusing Hurd of sexual harassment was ordered late Thursday by Delaware Chancery Judge Donald Parsons in a shareholder lawsuit against HP .The letter accused Hurd of sexually harassing former HP contractor Jodie Fisher and was sent on Fisher's behalf by her lawyer Gloria Allred. While an internal probe did not find Hurd guilty of sexual harassment, it did unearth numerous instances where received compensation and/or expense reimbursement where there was not a legitimate business purpose, as well as numerous instances where inaccurate expense reports were submitted by Mark.� Hurd resigned as a result on August 6, 2010.


Five Ambience Features or General Categories Yelp Should Provide Instead of Hipster

Yelp has added "Hipster" to its possible categories for a location's ambiance, and the first reaction that came to mind is "redundant." Here are five suggestions that would actually be helpful.


jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Firefox 4 Final Available One Day Ahead of Official Release

Firefox 4 Final Available One Day Ahead of Official Release

Firefox 4 has been a long time in the making but tomorrow it will finally bid farewell to the protracted development process once and for all. If for some odd reason some of you simply can’t bear the wait any longer, you can download the final version a day in advance.

While the latest stable build according to the official Firefox site is still version 3.6.15, the final FF 4.0 build is available from the Mozilla releases FTP server. But that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and download it from there. Please be mindful of the fact that these FTP servers are not meant to cope with the heavy download traffic that usually accompanies a major Firefox release.


Splinternet age begins how we broke the good old Internet

We take a look at Splinternet - a fragmentation of web that slowly leads us to the Web 3.0.

Plus a bonus rant on why the 90's were way better than 00's.


Pruning Microchips for Faster Greener Dumber Computers

Researchers have trimmed away little-used circuits on microchips to improve energy efficiency and computing speed by sacrificing accuracy.

One of the first planned applications of the pruned microchips will be in hearing aids.


Apple removes Gay Cure app from iTunes

Apple on Tuesday evening removed the controversial "Gay Cure" app from iTunes


Study Shows ATT iPhone Owners Rely On WiFi More Than Verizon iPhone Users

Mobile ad exchange Mobclix is releasing a survey this morning which examines the usage of the Verizon iPhone vs. the AT&T iPhone in the U.S.

The Verizon iPhone was released to the public over a month ago, and according to Mobclix's data, larger metropolitan cities have higher Verizon iPhone usage.


Verizon no interest in buying Sprint to counter ATT

Verizon's wireless chief Dan Mead in a talk downplayed speculation that his network might buy Sprint as a response to the AT&T buyout of T-Mobile.

He argued that Verizon wanted to be profitable first rather than try for more market share. He added to Reuters that Verizon wouldn't stand in the way of the merger, in part because Verizon officials "don't need them" at Sprint but also because he thought the Department of Justice and FCC might force AT&T to give up too many cell sites or privileges to make it worthwhile.......


miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

First glassesfree 3D smartphone arrives on ATT

It's smartphone season and everybody's going for dual-core this and four-inch screen that.


Mozillas Firefox 4 bags 1M downloads in 3 hours

More than 1 million Firefox 4 browser were downloaded during the first three hours of availability, a pace that would beat Microsoft's claim that 2.4 million copies of IE9 were downloaded the first day it was available last week.


iPad 2 Czech launch pushed to April 25 amid shortage woes

Apple may have started delaying some of its international iPad 2 launches to adequately supply those that are left.

A check with Apple Czech Republic's iPad 2 splash page has the release date slated for "25 dubna," or April 25, despite the country being included in the round of 26 countries getting the tablet on March 25. With the exception of the necessary Japanese delay, all other countries are so far keeping to the original March 25 timeline.......


TMobile confirms G2X HSPA hotspot 42Mbps now live

T-Mobile pushed hard at CTIA with a midnight unveiling of a slew of expected but high-end devices. The G2X is its adaptation of the LG Optimus 2X and has its dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2, four-inch screen, front camera, and eight-megapixel rear camera. It ships with Android 2.2 and now with a handful of apps to use the speed and features, such as Need for Speed Shift HD and NOVA for games as well as Qik video chat.......

TMobile confirms G2X HSPA hotspot 42Mbps now live


HTTPS is great heres why everyone needs to use it so we can too

A piece from Wired that recently ran on Ars wondered why all HTTP traffic wasn't encrypted.

Now we're taking it a step further and explaining some of the issues that are standing in the way of universal HTTPS adoption, as well as why Ars isn't there yet.


12 of Search Results Were Affected Last Month in Googles Panda Update But What Really Happened in Google Vs Content Farms Infographic

Last month, Google most one of the most consequential algorithm updates of the last decade which affected nearly 12% of search results.

Deemed the Farmer or Panda update


Apple iPhone 5 Rumored to Start Production in Q3 2011

The iPhone 5 is said to have entered trial production and is rumored to be available on the market in the third quarter of 2011.


martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Photo Awesome 23 Samsung039s Six Panel Display Up and Running

In this weeks photo awesome we return to the Smasung MD230x6--which I've nicknamed "the Beast"--a six monitor display .

After spending most of an afternoon assembling all six panels, we realized one of the six panels was non-responsive. Once we'd gotten a new one, and swapped it out for the DOA panel, the challenge was to get everything wirect correctly and running. Oh, and what a challenge it was--after downloading drivers, fussing with screen resolutions and changing settings for most of a day, we got all six panels up and running. We've even run some ofHave a great weekend everyone, we'll see you next week!�...


Computer Criminals pic

How the future of computer hackers was imagined in 1981.


Comprehensive Analysis Google vs Content Farms

One thing that separates Google from other huge tech companies is its ability to adapt based upon mass demands by its users.

The demands had been accumulating about low-quality churn and burn� style content websites dubbed content farms� when Google responded with a major change to its algorithm last month.


Pirate Bay User Database Compromised and Exploited Again

In recent weeks many Pirate Bay users have received an email, allegedly sent by The Pirate Bay team, encouraging them to download a course on how to make money from the site.

The email is clearly sent by spammers, but since this is not the first time the Pirate Bay user database has been exploited, users are starting to worry how its possible that their personal info is leaking out again.


China Reveals Stats on Internet Cafe Crackdown Effort

Internet cafes are prevalent throughout China, and that poses a problem for a country that wants complete control over accessing the Web. China keeps a tight leash on Internet cafes, and in the past six years, government authorities have swooped in and shut down more than 130,000 of them.

It's illegal for Internet Cafes to allow minors to log online. The first offense entails a 30 day suspension, and if the violation happens twice in a single year, they lose their license. The ban is in place partly to protect teenagers from becoming addicted to online gaming.
China Reveals Stats on Internet Cafe Crackdown Effort


The 4Way Battle to Control Your Digital Wallet

Someday we'll all be waving our phones over payment processing terminals to pay for goods but it's going to take time yet.

Four different groups are competing to profit from wireless transactions that use NFC chips. According to MasterCard, this is still a multi-year story.


Google says Chinese government is interfering with its email services in China

Google said Monday the Chinese government is interfering with its email services in China, making it difficult for users to gain access to its Gmail program, amid an intensified Internet crackdown following widespread unrest in the Middle East.


lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

New Apple ads gently chide people for not having an iPhone video

Apple's new TV ads for the iPhone move away from the catchphrase, 'There's an app for that,' to chide people that, 'If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone.'


Women who post lots of photos of themselves on Facebook value appearance need attention study finds

A study on how people use social networking websites such as Facebook confirms what many of us suspected.

Women who post loads of photos of themselves on their sites are conveying some strong


Celebrity Phone Hacking 101 and How to Prevent It

The FBI reportedly is hunting for a hacking ring suspected of targeting female celebrities and stealing photos and videos from their computers and smartphones.


Google TV Remote App Released For iPad iPhone And iPod Touch

You may have forgotten about Google TV.

We can't really blame you, nor can we say that Google TV has really been able to gain traction in the market. Google has shown a willingness to push things out into the market without actually knowing how it'll turn out; Android has taken off and become a huge success, while things like Buzz, Wave and...


Site Man Pro

Our man Trader Aaron appreciates his software. Today he'll be examining Site Man Pro. Yet is it beautifully coded or a just going to crash your PC?...
Looking for a perfect tool (or a WordPress Membership Plugin) to create your website and sell digital goods and/or memberships? Download SiteManPro and get started...
Source site:http://respectedadmins.com/reviews/site-man-pro-review/

Tech Needs More Women

There, I said it.

The tech industry needs more women to get in and make things right again. Its way too male dominated and it doesnt have to be. Over half of the professionals in the United States are women. They account for nearly 50% more college degrees than men. With this kind of knowledge, how is it right that less than 20% of the working computer hardware engineers are men? Answer: it isnt.


domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Whats The Future of Software in a NonIntel World

As the needs for performance and power efficiency become more important, figuring out how to get the best hardware on the job without having to rewrite all your code becomes a problem computer science must solve.

Is abstraction the answer?


Geohot Vs Sony Geohot Lawyers Claim That Sony Is Misleading The Courts

Geohot and his lawyers are of the view that Sony is intentionally misleading the courts, because they want the proceedings to continue in San Francisco, and not where Geohot lives.


Hacker Known as GhostExodus Sentenced to Over Nine Years in Federal Prison

For those who do not recall the name Jesse William McGraw, a brief refresher: He's the 26-year-old Arlington man Formerly Known as GhostExodus of the Electronik Tribulation Army


HTC Shooter may be Evo 3D bring dualcore and qHD to Sprint

HTC's Evo 3D may have been spotted under its working codename in a GLBenchmark test.

The Shooter would be a high-end device running Android 2.3 and a 540x960 screen on Sprint's network. While the processor wasn't caught, the phone is running Qualcomm's new Adreno 220 graphics and would have to be a Snapdragon; original spotter Blog of Mobile has speculated that it would be a 1.2GHz dual-core chip.......


iPhone 5 Might Have NFC Chip After All

Someone's friend at Apple is telling people it will.


Obama may appoint Googles Eric Schmidt as Commerce Secretary report VentureBeat

Dean is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat.

He covers video games, security, chips and a variety of other subjects. ...


sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Sony professional media products affected by quake

Yet another side-effect of the extraordinary disaster that has hit Japan has emerged: one of Sony's key factories in Sendai -- near the center of the earthquake -- has been extensively damaged and has been shut down, thus unable to supply Sony professional media products that are in wide use worldwide.

Other plants have also been affected, creating a severe shortage. Prices of remaining quantities of HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, DVCam, BetaCam SP, Digital Betacam, HDV and even Blu-Ray stock is skyrocketing, and the few alternative suppliers are also under......


Rush To Judgement Apple Puts iPhone vs Nexus Browser Speed Test On Blast

Apple is blaming faulty methodology in a recent test which claims the Nexus S's browser outperformed its iPhone counterpart.


Tesla Model S to get thirdparty apps

Tesla chief Elon Musk at the Cleantech Forum on Wednesday said the Tesla Model S would get third-party app support. He hoped developers would write car-specific apps for the 17-inch, Tegra-powered touchscreen system in the electric sedan. Text-to-speech was cited as a major example at the San Francisco meet as it would help cut down on driver distraction from reading text during a drive.......

Tesla Model S to get thirdparty apps


Internet Explorer 9 First Impressions Its Faster But Not As Fast As FireFox 4 Beta and Opera

Note:� This is not a full review of IE9 in all its puissant glory but a quick tour of the new browser, its additional features and UI changes, and a quick check of its performance vis-�-vis the other major browser options.

Internet Explorer debuted this week into a flourishing browser market; Microsoft's new browser will have to...


Better Location Tracking From Russia With Love

The next generation of navigation chips inside mobile phones could take advantage of Russian satellites orbiting the globe, in addition to the more familiar GPS systems.


10 years of the iPod Technology The Guardian

It's 10 years since Apple's original iPod shuffled on to the scene, changing the way we listen to and buy music for�good.

But could it soon be time to hang up our white�headphones?


ATT Cracks Down on Tethering Cheaters

AT&T has started to issue warnings to customers unofficially tethering their smartphones to its network.

AT&T plans to automatically enroll anyone that ignores the warning into a $45 per month DataPro for Smartphone Tethering� plan.


viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Report 5th Avenue Apple Store sold 7200 iPad 2s on launch

Report 5th Avenue Apple Store sold 7200 iPad 2s on launch

About 7,200 iPad 2 tablets changed hands at the 5th Avenue Apple Store alone on launch day, a tipster said Monday night. The tally suggests that the 1,109 initial buyers were joined by thousands more within the hours after the 5PM opening. SAI didn't get buyer attach rates, though many are known to have bought two or more for friends and family.......


Contractors Build Military Apps for iPads Android Tablets and Smartphones

Two military contractors are planning to offer military apps on low-cost, consumer-grade tablets and smartphones, according to Computerworld.

Such a move makes replacing the devices much easier and cheaper. It also lessens the learning curve for soldiers, since they are already familiar with the devices from civilian life.


Internet Explorer 9 hits 235 Million Downloads in first 24 hours

Internet Explorer 9 has now been downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours since its Monday night release.

That is over 27 downloads every second, or over 240 downloads every 9 seconds.


Leaked Pictures Show New Alienware Laptops

Rumors of an imminent expansion of Alienware's gaming laptop range are nothing new, but till now they have only been restricted to talk of an 18-incher supposedly called the M18x.

However, new pictures posted on a forum named dell.benyouhui, and spotted by Notebook Italia, point to not one but two new Alienware laptops from Dell. The previously unheard of second laptop happens to be a 14-incher reportedly called M14x. There isn't a lot we know at this stage. According to the dell.benyouhui forums, the M18x boasts a 1080p display and features the option of either two AMD Radeon HD 6870M GPUs in CrossFire mode or two NVIDIA GTX 460M chips in SLI. The source expects the M14x to feature either an Nvidia GeForce GT 555m or AMD Radeon HD Radeon HD 6730M or 6770M.


One Per Cent Googles driverless car puts its foot down

t might not seem like it but, beyond the screech of tyres, this video shows an attempt by Google to prove just how safe its driverless cars really are.


New Google algorithm takes 1 billion in revenue from independent publishers and gives to big media companies

The rich are getting richer, thanks to Google's Panda Update.

The Online Publishers Association, boasting members such as ESPN, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, estimates that Google's latest algorithm change has shifted $1 billion in annual revenue to larger web properties


Zombieloving hackers hack road sign

Spring must be in the air, sending pranksters outside to play.

Zombie-loving hackers and another electronic road sign hacker were busy this week creating digital graffiti.


jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

HP TouchPad to ship in June for 500

HP is reportedly planning to price its 10.1-inch TouchPad tablets starting at $499 for the 16GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The latest information, which was posted on Pre Central, comes from an unnamed major retailer that is said to be readying its employees for HP's first TouchPad launch sometime in June.......


iPad 2 ship times slip to 34 weeks most stores at sell out

iPad 2 ship times slip to 34 weeks most stores at sell out

Demand for the iPad 2 became more evident on Saturday as the online Apple Store and retail stores saw worsening supply. The online portal is now quoting three to four weeks' shipping time for any new iPad 2 order, regardless of the model. Apple had already been quoting two to three weeks within just a few hours of starting to accept online orders on Friday.......


Understanding the Social Mindset of the Internet

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is adjusting to the use of the Internet as a community and conversational tool rather than simply a broadcasting medium.

Its human nature to want to belong� with other like-minded people. As a result, groups have been forming on the Internet to facilitate this.


Gaming Industry Rallies Around Japan Relief Efforts Puts Together Multiple Charities

After the recent magnitude 9 earthquake/tsunami tragedy that struck Japan, the country needs every bit of help it can get.

Fortunately, the gaming industry's doing its best to chip in and aid the relief effort. Absolutely key, however, is this fact: you -- right this very moment -- can help. Meanwhile, Game Informer's Meagan Marie is auctioning off her precious fire red Nintendo DS, which has been autographed by gaming industry legends like Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, composer Koji Kondo, Zelda director Eiji Aonuma, Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, and more. All proceeds will -- somewhat fittingly -- go to the Red Cross. ...


Google Maps Adds Electric Vehicle Charging Station Layer

If electric cars are going to ever capture anything more than a tiny sliver of the U.S. auto market, not only does a robust EV charging infrastructure need to be developed, there has to be an easy way to find those stations.

Now you can now get the location of EV charging stations by searching the ubiquitous Google Maps platform.


Spied BMW M3 Pickup on the Ring

For those that were disappointed by General Motors decision to cancel plans for a Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, BMW may have the perfect replacement model in the works.


BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot Feature Details Leaked

The slew of upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.1 handsets will launch with a mobile hotspot feature so you can share your 3G connection with up to 5 nearby devices over Wi-Fi.

Though weve seen it mentioned in leaked specs, a new batch of slides is getting down to the nitty-gritty of how itll look and work.


Some Hard Facts About WiFi and Its Future

FaceTime, Netflix, and Pandora were built for the Wi-Fi network.

It's hard to imagine the phone bill if all this data was streaming over the 3G networks. These services, and others like them, have blossomed, thanks in part to the increasing ubiquity of the Wi-Fi network.


miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

SXSW 2011 The internet is over

Oliver Burkeman went to Texas to the South by Southwest festival in search of the next big idea.

After three days he found it: the boundary between 'real life' and 'online' has disappeared.


How many App sales dose it take to Become a Millionaire [Infographic]

I have always wondered that how many sales a developer need to make on the App store to become a millionaire? InstantShift Wix has the answer to that question in brilliantly designed infographic.

Although the data refer to the U.S. store only but the number should be more or less the same for almost all countries.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Commercial Gets a Sequel Is Now Creepier

Remember the oh-so-creepy commercial that Sony Ericsson had pushed to our midst so as to find buyers for their Xperia Play? The company is following the same creepy path, and has outed a sequel to the commercial most of us disliked.


Staples to have PlayBook ads April 17 instore March 22

More signs have emerged of RIM's timing for the BlackBerry PlayBook through leaks of Staples' ad plans.

It should start sending out newspaper ads April 17, confirming that the tablet should be out no later than then. One insider on the CrackBerry forums understood the in-store advertising would start on March 22 or 23 and established the earliest possible opportunity for a launch.......


Internet Explorer 9 is Now Available For Download

The Internet Explorer 9 release candidate dazzles, tries to rival Firefox and Chrome with user-friendliness and speed.


martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Winamp is Available on Android

Winamp, one of the most popular multimedia players for PC, is now officially available for Android.


SXSW Bummer ATT Implements Broadband Caps

AT&T is planning to send out letters next week to notify subscribers about a coming broadband cap of 150 GB per month for DSL subscribers and 250 GB per month for U-Verse subscribers, says company spokesman Seth Bloom in an interview at SXSW.


The 10 Most Flirtatious Cities in America as Measured Online

Researchers at Badoo, a popular social site, found that Miamians send more flirtatious messages than users in any other city


West coast Apple Stores begin iPad 2 sales

MacNN has received reports that a large lineup is forming outside the San Francisco Apple Store in the downtown district, swelling from an earlier estimate of 140 people now stretching over four city blocks in length.

Sunny weather in the city has allowed customers wanting an iPad 2 to begin the traditional lineup later than their New York City counterparts, where it was still raining earlier in the day following a massive rainstorm Thursday night, with well over 500 people in line nonetheless. Other cities are also reporting lo......


Happy Pi Day Many more than 314 pictures of cool Pi creations

Celebrating Pi Day with everything from Pumpkin Pi to neck ink to a Google Doodle


Tablet deathmatch Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom

Let's cut to the chase -- the iPad 2 that Apple just released pulls further ahead in the battle with the only real competitor on the market: the Android OS 3.0 "Honeycomb" Xoom tablet from Motorola Mobility.

In our previous comparison of the first-gen iPad and the Xoom, the Xoom showed its mettle as a serious contender, beating the iPad in areas such as its inclusion of cameras and ability to mirror its video display.


lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Measuring Social Media Who Has Access to the Firehose

At SXSW 2011, I moderated a panel titled "Measuring Social Media - Let's Get Serious," with the goal of having a frank discussion about the realities, prat


Got Your iPad 2 Three Tips For Selling The Old One

If you're one of the 15 million people who bought an iPad last year, you may be wondering how to swap your old tablet out for the shiny new iPad 2 without taking a huge loss.

Here are some tips for finding good trade-in deals.


Police Return Seized Hardware to Victorious BitTorrent Admin Trashed

Last month the second case against a UK-based BitTorrent site came to an end.

Two administrators of FileSoup had their case dropped by the authorities and were free men once again. This week, personal belongings that were seized during the house raids were released and returned, but what should have been a celebration turned out to be a great disappointment.


And What If WiFi Networks Were Visible VID

Its really convenient to have your own WiFi network which connects all WiFi-enabled gadgets.


Are You Ready for the New PeertoPeer Economy Tech News and Analysis

It's unlikely you missed the big brouhaha between San Francisco-based startup Square and VeriFone, a payment processing services provider.

VeriFone accused Square of not being secure and being easily hackable. Dorsey denied. This weeks dust-up makes me wonder if VeriFone quite understands its own business.


HTC manager blurts out March 17 date for Thunderbolt

HTC sales manager Imran Shahid in an update inadvertently confirmed a March 17 launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt.

He proudly touted that the "first 4GLTE smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network" would launch next Thursday. He didn't give out the price or whether or not data plans might change.......


domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Tsunami Did SuperMoon Cause 89 Earthquake in Japan

To see it on the Internet, the so-called supermoon could cause a climatological reign of terror on the entire planet.

Although it's more than a week away, some people say the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan today could be the latest natural disaster caused by it.


Apple iPad enters the House of Lords

Peers are to be allowed to use iPads and other mobile internet devices inside
the House of Lords, in a rule change that edges them ahead of MPs in
technological terms.


Why AOL Was So Desperate to Hook Up With Huffington Post

AOL has made the acquisition of The Huffington Post sound like a nice add-on for its existing content business, but the reality is that AOL had to do something dramatic, since traffic has been plummeting and losses increasing at some of its major media properties.



Our man Trader Aaron really knows his software. Presently he'll be examining Wisefixer. Yet is it beautifully coded or a buggy bit of code?...
Speed up and Optimize your PC beyond brand new. WiseFixer (tm) uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your...
Complete info here:http://respectedadmins.com/reviews/wisefixer-review/

82 of future tablet buyers will buy Apples iPad survey suggests

According to an independent survey conducted by market research firm ChangeWave, Apples iPad still has no real competition in the eyes of consumers.


sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

iPad keyboard takeup under 20 scares other tablet makers

iPad keyboard takeup under 20 scares other tablet makers

Adoption of keyboards for the iPad was low enough that other tablet companies are shying away, designers said late Wednesday. Less than 20 percent of iPad buyers bought some form of keyboard, giving little incentive to jump in. Even with Windows 7, where the legacy of PC design would make sense, the low-volume, niche market made little sense as an investment to Digitimes' sources.......


Google Says New Blacklist Feature Doesnt Impact Page Rank Yet

Google now allows users to block any site they want to banish from their search results.


Son of ACTA Meet the Next Secret Copyright Treaty

So many countries in need of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, so little time!


What the New Foursquare Says About GeoLocals Future

Towards the end of 2010, I had a long chat with Dennis Crowley, co-founder and CEO of the New York-based startup Foursquare.

I really wanted to talk to him about the state of geo-local, which seemed to have been stuck in neutral for a long time. [...]


Angry Birds fuels 42m funding round for Rovio Mobile Technology guardiancouk

Stuart Dredge: Finnish developer Rovio plans to expand Angry Birds franchise and develop new titles


Google aids Japan quake victims

Google has launched a version of its Person Finder service for people caught up in the Japanese earthquake.


Hackers attack Safari on MacBook to win Pwn2Own

Security researches from the French company Vupen hacked a MacBook running Safari to win the recent Pwn2Own hacking contest this week at the CanSecWest security conference.

The group discovered and exploited an unpatched vulnerability in Safari's WebKit engine. The browser was directed to a website designed to take advantage of the flaw, enabling the hackers to remotely launch the calculator application and write a file to the disk.......


viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

NPD Xbox and Black Ops break sales records

NPD Xbox and Black Ops break sales records

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has broken the company's record for non-holiday sales, with shipments reaching 535,000 systems in February alone, according to numbers collected by research firm NPD group. The post-holiday performance even surpassed the September 2007 sales boost that coincided with Halo 3.......


Credit Sesame Raises 615 Million Helps Users Manage Credits And Loans

Credit Sesame, which helps consumers make smarter credit decisions and optimize their loans for maximum savings online, this morning announced it has raised $6.15 million in Series B funding in a round led by Menlo Ventures.

Early backer Inventus Capital also participated in this round.

Credit Sesame is a free online service that helps consumers monitor their debt and credit information as well as the lending market, all in one place.


The First Laptop To Be Controlled With The Eye [wVideo]

Lenovo, the worlds fourth largest manufacturer of personal computers has built the worlds first eye-controlled laptop, using eye tracking technology from Tobii.


Top laptops the 20 best laptops in the world

Choosing which laptop is the best for you can be a tricky business, and the amount of choice can be overwhelming.


15 Amazing InGame Screens From CryEngine 3

GDC was chock full of mind blowing footage from some major players--Unreal 5, and CryEngine 3 both showcased some truly remarkable, next level game footage.

The trailer itself showcasing CryEngine 3 was absolutely jaw-dropping--it seems developers are finally capatilizing on all of the advanced advents to come along with DX 11.�So we thought we'd chop up the CryEngine 3 trailer into an image gallery. Though the images you're about to see are beautiful, we highly recommend you check out the full blown trailer here. It's really quite amazing, and has us very eager to see what's to come of all this. Check it out!�...


LG Revolution LTE Android Verizon phone hits up FCC

LG Revolution 4G LTE Verizon Android phone finds its way to the FCC.


jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Easy Video Press Review

Easy Video Press - add video to your Wordpress blog with ease!
Easy Video Press - add video to your Wordpress blog with ease! With such a high rating, this is definitely a product you should seriously...
Full info here:http://respectedadmins.com/reviews/easy-video-press-review/

Aldebaran demos Kinectcontrolled NAO robot

Aldebaran Robotics has demonstrated a new controller system for its NAO robot that utilizes Microsoft's Kinect accessory for input.

The controller technology, which was developed by Taylor Veltrop, allows the NAO to mimic a user's movements, including grasping objects, walking or moving arms. The system also takes advantage of Nintendo's Wii Remote for further control.......


Facebook Is AOLifying the Internetand That Sucks

When an entire generation of computer users first poked our doe-eyed faces onto a young internet, many of us were greeted with a single, encompassing, monolithic face peering back: the AOL Home Screen.

To call it a young internet isn't even fair�it was a mature, thriving AOL. It was ubiquitous, it was powerful, it was everything�and it ended up destroying itself, too flawed by design to last. And someone's trying to rebuild the Death Star.


Handson with iOS 43 [PHOTOS]

A full walkthrough of what is new and updated in iOS 4.3 for iPad and iPhone.


NJ State agencies left confidential data on computers set to be auctioned

State comptroller found 79 percent of hard drives were not wiped clean, as required by state guidelines


Asus Intros 27inch AllInOne PC

Asus has previewed a new all-in-one PC, the ET2700, that centers around a 27-inch widescreen display.

Unlike many of the company's other all-in-one models, the ET2700 is said to be built with a desktop processor instead of a chipset designed for mobile applications.


The Future of News at SXSW

Join Digg CEO, Matt Williams, in SXSW (March 14th 12:30pm) as he discusses how news is being affected by citizen journalism, wisdom of the crowds, social networks, and interest-based communities.


miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Microsoft goes on a hiring spree for new Xbox hardware devs staffing up for next console push

Before you go leaping to any conclusions, do remember that Microsoft plans on keeping the Xbox 360 going until at least 2015 so we're not


Stephen Colbert Really Wants an iPad 2 [VIDEO]

Colbert wants an iPad so bad he can taste it.


Real ID DHS National ID Nightmare that Wont Die

The Real ID deadline was extended to Jan. 15, 2013.

Real ID, which would turn your drivers license into a national ID, is like a DHS nightmare that just won't go away.


LG Optimus 2X could hit TMobile as the G2X

T-Mobile may have finally cemented plans to bring the LG Optimus 2X as sales reps have been given a leaked incentive sheet that gave it a final name.

Much like the Optimus Pad has become the G-Slate, LG's dual-core Android phone would simply be called the T-Mobile G2X. TmoNews didn't glean any hardware differences, but the metal stripe on the back is unique to T-Mobile and has already been seen on the G-Slate.......


Microsofts lack of a tablet strategy will lose it 1bn in profits this year

Charles Arthur: The 'post-PC' world � where smartphones and tablets become a more important way to interact � means fewer PC sales.

And it turns out you can calculate how much that will cost very directly


5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPad 2

Thinking about buying an iPad 2? Here are a few reasons it sounds like a good idea.


martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Fox DMCA Takedowns Demand Google to Remove Fox DMCA Takedowns

Sending DMCA takedown notices in bulk has become increasingly fashionable during recent years but thanks to the database at Chilling Effects, we are able to see who is sending what to whom.

As concerns mount over the amount of checking carried out before items are taken down, it appears that Fox has managed to get Google to delist DMCA complaints on Chilling Effects, which were originally sent by Fox themselves and submitted to Chilling Effects b


iPad 2 sparks redesigns TouchPad 2 going to notebook group

The iPad 2 has triggered a minor panic among PC and tablet makers, including a possible HP change in strategy for the future TouchPad, insiders said late Monday.

A number of notebook designers, including Acer, ASUS, and HP, have reportedly looked at adding tablet features into what were going to be conventional designs. Digitimes cited the example of a 10-inch Eee Pad's USB keyboard as an example of what sort of Changes might take place.......


Hong Kong Residents Offered Gigabit Internet for 26 a Month

Hong Kong Residents Offered Gigabit Internet for 26 a Month

Do you spend you days and nights lusting after Verizon’s 50Mbps Fiber to the home service? Well if Internet access was like a game of poker, Hong Kong would see your Fios, and raise you another 950Mbps. Yes, you read that correctly. Citizens of Hong Kong can now subscribe to gigabit internet if they so choose. Of course speed comes at a price right? Wrong! 1Gbps fiber service from a scrappy new company called Hong Kong Broadband Network costs less than $26 per month on average. This leaves us not just jealous, but wondering, would this even be possible in

According to The New York Times 1Gbps broadband speeds are not only possible here in North America, but all the major ISP’s know exactly what it would take to get us there. The problem? Motivation. Since most markets in North America are served by one cable, and one DSL provider, the telecom companies here have little incentive to build out much more expensive Fiber based networks. The cost of laying fiber could be easily monetized if multiple telecoms were willing to share the tab, but this type of partnership would require a massive intervention by the FCC, and they just...


What Happens When You Steal a Hackers Computer DEFCON 18

Pwned By The Owner: Having your place broken into and your computer stolen can be a nightmare.

Getting revenge on the fucker who has your machine can be a dream come true


Estimate Apple moved 11 million MacBook Airs in the fall

An estimate by Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo this weekend suggested Apple may have had a blockbuster first quarter of sales for the redesigned MacBook Air.

Asian supplier checks reportedly saw Apple ship about 1.1 million of the 11- and 13-inch systems, or 38 percent of Apple's 2.9 million portable Macs. Kuo told AppleInsider he had previously estimated 700,000 systems shipping in a prediction just two days after they had been made publ


Internet for Robots Its Not Skynet Its RoboEarth

It's one of science fiction's most familiar ideas: computers that can, when hooked up to other computers, become self-aware and exhibit human characteristics.

The results are often sinister, as the machines perceive humanity as a threat and defend themselves to the death.
Now RoboEarth has put a mirror up to those fictional tropes. Artificial intelligence and robotics experts -- and a brief history of our darker interactions with subpersonified s


lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Who Mobile Malware Affects and How

Mobile malware has become a very real threat thanks largely to Google's lack of oversight in Android Market.


Sprint considers nationwide LTE deployment by 2013

Sprint is considering an LTE strategy that would aim for nationwide deployment by the end of 2013, according to comments from Steve Elfman, the company's president of network operations and wholesale.

Speaking at a telecom conference hosted by Morgan Stanley, the executive also suggests Sprint is capable of offering LTE devices by 2012.......


Tweet Viewer Virus Spreads On Twitter

There is something amazing about how desperately humans want to see who has viewed their online profiles.

This desire has been taken advantage of (again) by Twitter spammers as tweets like


TSA Surveillance Peep Show Police State Privacy Invasion or All Three

We've heard how if you don't like TSA screenings, then don't fly; instead take a bus, a train, or drive your car.

If gas prices keep climbing, driving may not be an affordable option in the future. In that same future, Homeland Security had considered hitting the streets with TSA airport-like body scanners to covertly peek under your clothes, into your bags, and even into your vehicles. Whether you call it a police state, a peep show, or plain ol


Verizon tops JD Power call quality study ATT mixed

JD Power's latest call quality study has given Verizon the lead in call quality for its 13th consecutive period.

The CDMA carrier had significantly better call quality in the US northeast, southeast, southwest and west.


LongTerm Chevrolet Volt Drives 763 miles On One Tank

Well, as soon as Detroit editor Todd Lassa returned from Chicago, I brought the log book in and crunched the numbers.

The Volt spent its first 162 miles commuting in town, then Todd drove it 601 miles to and from Chicago.


domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Forget Indexing Tweets Google Is Pulling Them Directly from the API

When Google rolled out with Caffeine last year, the idea was to speed up the way that the search engine was able to index pages, particularly for use in real-time social media searches.

Apparently, that wasnt fast enough, so theyre going straight to the source.


Steve Jobs smiles at LTE technology

Indications are that, all of a sudden, Steve Jobs has developed a soft corner for LTE technology.

And rumors have it that Apple is interested in bringing out the LTE version of the iPhone.


Robert Soloway Exits Prison Disavows Spam King Ways Wiredcom

After three years, eight months and 27 days, Soloway � the internet villain dubbed the Spam King� by federal prosecutors � is allowed back online.


Netgear 3DHD Wireless Home Theater Networking Kit Review

Stream HD video without wires---for realWe placed the AP in our closet, next to our router, and put the bridge in our home theater inside a wooden entertainment center with our home-theater PC.

The home theater itself was designed to deliver great acoustics, which we accomplished by building a room-within-a-room: The room's exterior shell is framed with 2x6 studs, but there's a second top and bottom plate about an inch away from the first forming a second wall with 2x4 studs. This second wall is canted by about two degrees, so that the room's front and back walls are not parallel (this is to prevent...


Microsofts Oh My F God Moment

While Microsoft was preoccupied with its conquest for desktop supremacy, something crazy happened.

They called it the mobile revolution.


New music industry plan halt flow of money to pirate music sites

A top UK music copyright group says it's sending the names of websites it doesn't like to London police to be turned over to credit card companies for blocking.


sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Spiders lead to Mazda recall

Mazda is recalling about 52,000 Mazda6 sedans, because yellow sac spiders like to build their nests in part of the fuel system.


Virtual reality can improve design skills in younger generation

Researchers at the University of Missouri are studying ways to integrate technology into design learning, specifically to learn how to teach children design basics.

In an effort to study how children who have grown up in a wired, video game culture use technology, D'Souza engaged young students using a 3-D virtual reality platform to teach design.


BitTorrent Inc Releases Dummy Proof Download Client TorrentFreak

BitTorrent Inc.

Releases Dummy Proof Download Client


300000 clients of umbilical cord blood bank put at risk of identity theft

Stem cell banks storage tapes, laptop lost to car break-in outside of San Francisco data center


Dude Upgrades DOS 50 Setup Through Every Major Version of Windows

Do you remember mucking around with Autoexec.bat, Win.ini, and floppy drives, or typing Win from the Windows directory to load Microsoft Windows? Our apologies if you've tucked these memories away in a place you thought they'd never be resurrected, but if you want feel all nostalgic reminiscing on your long journey from DOS to Windows 7, you have to check out this nearly 10 minute YouTube video.

Poser "TheRasteri" attempts to follow an upgrade path through every major version of Windows. To do this, he set up a virtual machine with MS-DOS 5.0 using VMware. The video begins with the narrator explaining that "this is an experiment to test the upgrade facility of Microsoft Windows operating systems" in hopes of "shedding light on how the Windows upgrade process has changed over the years."...

Via: http://www.maximumpc.com

Diggin on SXSW

We are headed to Austin for SXSW next week and we want to see YOU!


TiVo iPad app to get Series 3 support soon

A notice in the TiVo for iPad app has validated hopes that it might come to Series 3 DVRs.

A quiet update to the app on Monday is now producing a pop-up message that tells users that full support is coming for set-top boxes provided by cable providers RCN and Suddenlink as well as "limited support" for the Series 3 and related TiVo HD. The update is "coming soon," it said.......


viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Piracy is Theft Ridiculous Lost Sales They Dont Exist Says Minecraft Creator

Piracy is not theft,� says Minecraft Creator.

If you steal a car, the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world.�


Verizon to End Unlimited Data

This week, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo said that unlimited data plans for the iPhone "are not a long-term solution" and that the carrier could switch to a tiered pricing system as early as this summer.


February039s Best Free PC Games

February's been an interestingly finance-based month for free games.

Two of the five picks below involve some sort of economical consideration as their core mechanics -- though, in fact, they could hardly be more different. Where one revels in silliness and invites you to try to make a million dollars, the other attempts to show us how easy it is to lose everything and become homeless. A bit like being a games journalist, then. Which is interesting, as there's a game about that, too. Read on for our February picks.Beacon was technically released last month, but it wasn't quite as good back then.


ATTs LessThanTransparent 4G Coverage Map

What are you doing Ma Bell? AT&T has produced a coverage map indicating where it has 4G coverage, with cities such as Dallas, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago showing faster 4G� wireless speeds.

Paul Kapustka explains over at Sidecut Reports that the carrier has been pretty coy about its coming 4G launch using the HSPA+ technology, but I think AT&T is still being coy.


Maximum Case Contest The Winners

UPDATE: Here is a list of the winners.�

MaximumPCCase� contest rules: Anyone who post a comment detailing their favorite Maximum PC article of the last twelve months on the contest article page on MaximumPC.com will be entered to win one of the 5 cases described in this article--one entry per accepted comment. Prizes will be awarded by random drawing. Submissions will be accepted in comments to this article, or on our Facebook.com fanpage. Submissions will be accepted until Monday the 14th of February at 11:59 PM. the By entering this contest, you agree that Future US, Inc. may use your name, likeness,...

Via: http://www.maximumpc.com

New camera makes seeing the invisible possible

The science similar to the type used in airport body scanners could soon be used to detect everything from defects in aerospace vehicles or concrete bridges to skin cancer, thanks to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology


ATT Placecast launch ShopAlerts by ATT locationbased marketing service

Location-based mobile marketing service Placecast is teaming up with AT&T to launch ShopAlerts by AT&T.


jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

iPad 2 Verizon and ATT iPad Will be Different Models

Make sure you pick up the model that corresponds to your carrier if you go for the iPad 2 3G.


Fujitsu Bringing 039World039s First Truly Wireless PC Display039 to CeBIT 2011

CeBIT 2011 gets underway in Hannover, Germany tomorrow .

While the main focus of the event is information and communications technology and not consumer electronics, the five-day expo will nevertheless feature a few consumer electronics innovations. One such innovation you might not want to miss is a 22-inch display that Fujitsu claims is the world's first truly wireless PC display.� Fujitsu's wireless display prototype features a wireless power technology, called SUPA , developed by The Fraunhofer Institute� et al as part of a project backed by the German government. According to the company, the displays draw power from a transmitter antenna via magneto-induction.� The image from a computer can also be fed to the park and play� monitor wirelessly using wireless USB, which has a maximum range of 10 meters. ...


jQuery and CSS single page portfolio a vertical parallax navigation experiment

Did you enjoy our latest tutorial?, well on this day we're going to show you how to emulate the "Nike Better World" website using the great jQuery framework and CSS.


Rhapsody and Spotify in impending music showdown

As popular European streaming service Spotify makes headway in its mission to invade America, Rhapsody is fighting back, and the future is suddenly quite a bit closer.


Unboxing the Motorola Xoom

After spending a short amount of time handling Motorola's pre-release Xoom tablets at CES and Mobile World Congress, Electronista has finally received a production unit for a full in-depth review. Before we delve deeper into the details, however, we have posted our initial impressions and several unboxing photos....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

Are You Obsessed With Facebook [Video Infographic]

Facebook has transformed itself from a diversion into the central hub around which we organize our social lives.

There are half a billion people on earth on Facebook, which amounts to 1 in every 13 people alive,


miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

BTDigg Is The First Trackerless Torrent Search Engine

Unlike traditional torrent search engines, BTDigg searches through files that are found on BitTorrents DHT network.

According to the sites founders this is a much-needed step to further decentralize BitTorrent.


FAA Approves iPad for Flight Logbooks

Ruling opens door to widespread commercial use.


Mod Men 1 Corsair 600T Gets Super Modded and More

What is Mod Men? Just a super cool show where a bunch of modders trick out computer cases for big time manufacturers.

If you found out you had a brother out there some where, wouldn't you go out of your way to find and meet him? That's what we did here, and with their permission, we'll be running episodes of their awesome show right here on MaximumPC.com. Check out their first episode below, and let the modding begin!��...


Charlie Sheen Just Got Verified on Twitter

Charlie Sheen just registered for a verified Twitter account, @CharlieSheen -- that means he might be unleashing his fire-breathing fists of fury.


Kickass Keyboards Real and Imagined [PICS]

You could call the computer keyboard the Rodney Dangerfield of the technology world, because like him, it Cant get no respect.�


HP accuses RIM of imitating TouchPad RIM fires back

HP has effectively accused RIM of imitating the TouchPad and webOS when creating the PlayBook, following several reports that pointed out the resemblance between both companies' tablet hardware and software. HP director of product marketing Jon Oakes points out that his company has noticed "some uncanny similarities," while RIM's SVP for business and platform marketing, Jeff Mcdowell, dismissed the notion that his company copied the design elements....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

US Army Launches App for Soldier Blogs

The latest addition to the U.S.

Army's arsenal of recruitment tools is an iPhone app that launched today.


martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Listen to internet users before setting rules on piracy

The internet is user-driven.

Often the same people who consume content are also creators. More importantly here, online economic success and failure are determined by users who have control over that same content, even if they did not make it in the first place. Any legislation or industry agreement is doomed to failure if it does not take into account the ways actual internet users think about and do things.


Facebook Like is Like Share But Share is Still There

If you were confused before about the differences between liking a website or story and sharing one, Facebook has confused the issue even more to make it simpler for us all.

Like� it, share� it � either way youre posting the details on your wall and onto your friends news feeds. If anything, like� is more prominent than share� now.


Average Age of Cellphones Laptops in the Wild Continues to Rise

As technology enthusiasts we sometimes forget that not everyone is caught up in our never ending state of gadget lust, and the law of averages has mainstream consumers driving up the age of most hardware found in the wild. According to industry analysts’ quoted by the New York Times, most people are now upgrading old Cellphone’s every 18 months, a sharp rise from just a year ago when it was only 16.

On the laptop front the average consumer is milking 4 years a 4 months out of a typical machine, up an extra 30 days from the same period last year. The Time’s report cited dozens of products across all segments that follow this trend, but it’s interesting to benchmark yourself against the average sane technology user.
Average Age of Cellphones  Laptops in the Wild Continues to Rise


70 of the Public Finds Piracy Socially Acceptable

A recent study on moral standards and whether some law breaking is socially acceptable has revealed an interesting stance on file-sharing among the public.

Of those questioned in the study, 70% said that downloading illicit material from the Internet is acceptable. Three out four, however, felt it was completely unacceptable to then sell that product for profit.


Intel Unveils NextGen SSDs With Blazing 500MBsec Speed

Intel today announced its next line of new solid-state drives with 6Gbit/sec performance to take full advantage of Intel's transition to higher speed SATA bus interfaces on the recently introduced 2nd Generation Intel Core processor-based platforms.


Thumbplay to dissolve sell music segment to Clear Channel

Thumbplay has reportedly failed to fetch enough subscribers to justify continuing forward, leading the company to sell its music subscription service to Clear Channel Radio.

Although the company had better luck with its ringtone business, that too will be sold in a separate transaction that has yet to be publicly tied to a specific buyer.......