domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Hide Your Children Hide Your Wife Hide Your Husband Theyre Hacking Everyone Up in Here High Profile Data Breaches

Security breaches happen every day to nearly everyone -- from banks to small businesses. (Infographic)


PlayStation confirmed your flight 1 GHz touch screen

Sony Ericsson's rumored PlayStation phone was confirmed in major fashion today through a leak of prototype shots and according details.

True to expectations, it will be a full touchscreen slider but with PSP Go-style PlayStation controls instead of a QWERTY keyboard; it would go so far as to have shoulder buttons. Engadget was told, however, that the pad in the middle is a multi-touch trackpad, most likely for gestures that would avoid disrupting the screen during gameplay....


Apple iPad vs the World Ultimate Tablet Battle

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the HP Slate 500, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and even Barnes & Noble's new Nook Color aim to snag a piece of the all-Apple tablet pie.

But how do they stack up?


The Best Evil Apps for iPhone

Locked down for your "safety," your iPhone is designed to operate the way Apple intended. With recently relaxed app store policies and great strides within the jailbreaking community, however, you can add great functionality that Apple never wanted you to have.


How to Explain the Internet to a 19th Century Street Urchin

The author of "Everything Explained Through Flowcharts" travels to 19th (and 31st) century London--braving the plague, Jack the Ripper, and countless robbery attempts--to explain the 20th century's most life-changing tool.


China builds the worlds fastest supercomputer

A leading Chinese research centre has built the world's fastest supercomputer, an industry announcement said Thursday, underscoring the country's rise as a science and technology powerhouse.


DVD Screener of The Social Network Hits BitTorrent

The hit film "The Social Network" has made a boatload of cash, over $75 million in the US alone. But now BitTottent users have the opportunity to see a high quality version of it for free. A DVD screener of the movie has wormed its way onto BitTorrent, and the internets are eating it up. The torrent has been downloaded well over 100,000 times so far, with the plurality of users (31%) residing in the US.

DVD screeners are studio owned copies of a film used for distribution to trusted groups like studio personnel and those considering a film for awards. This digital copy is usually of good quality, but short of a final DVD. This new leak almost certainly came from a studio source.�


sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

The Nexus Two is real And a Samsung

It's alive, and it's coming soon, Gingerbread in tow.


7 Scariest Things Google Says and Does

A tongue-in-cheek post with a Halloween twist: is their real name ghougle?


Apple now 4 th largest handset manufacturer worldwide

Apple now 4 th largest handset manufacturer worldwide
Apple is now large enough to be the fourth largest phone manufacturer of any kind, IDC found tonight. A near doubling to14.1 million iPhones was enough to push it to 4.1 percent of the entire market, both ahead of RIM's BlackBerry but also long established phone makers like Motorola and Sony Ericsson, both of whom were now out of the top five. The figures included an adjustment to make sure RIM's phone sales included covered the same period to dispel RIM's doubts that Apple was being honest in saying it had outperformed its Canadian rival....


Oracle Accuses Google of Stealing Code

Well this is getting interesting.

According to reports, Oracle continues to cry foul over Google's business practices, most recently claiming that the search juggernaut


Verizon iPhone 4 Supposedly Shipping This December

Rumors have it that the Verizon iPhone will be released sometime in March 2010, but latest reports mention that it could be available in time for this holiday season.


Audyssey Audio Dock Southern Market Edition

Audiophiles will be familiar with Audyssey Laboratories.

The company produces calibration technology that analyzes the acoustic properties of a room (or an automobile or even a commercial move theater) and automatically equalizes the sound system for that unique listening environment, compensating for odd dimensions, materials that absorb or reflect sound waves, and more. If you own a mid-range to high-end A/V receiver from Onkyo or Denon, you've likely used one of Audyssey's systems.�The woofers surprised us with outstanding bass response at all levels. Audyssey's core competency of audio calibration and design appear to pay off here. The company's proprietary BassXT technology is used to essentially overdrive woofer response right to the woofers' limits, which makes for some impressive results. Here in the Lab, we've been listening to a losslessly encoded rip of Warner's 2005 re-release of Talking Heads: 77, and the Audyssey Audio Dock allowed us to feel and hear the vibrations in Tina Weymouth's famous bass line in Psycho Killer� with remarkable clarity.


Introducing Diggs Streaming API Digg About

Digg has had an API for a while now, and we've learned quite a few important lessons along the way.

In particular, two of these lesson have stood out. First, external developers will surprise us with their creativity time and time again. Second, it's impossible for that amazing creativity to innovate if our API's functionality always trails the functionality on our site.


viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Why Its Stupid for Facebook to Prevent Multiple Accounts

The sad part about this is I dont see it ever changing despite the fact that this is annoying and ultimately limits the experience because it forces you to choose how youd like to use your account.


Hey you with the open WiFi Youre an idiot

The Googlemobiles sniffed open WiFi systems and everyone's outraged.



Apple hosting a secret iOS developer event next week in California

A rumor from Silicon Alley Insider suggests that Apple is planning a short, but sweet developer event in California next week.


Halloween Terror Tricks Pranks Poisonous Treats

Around Halloween some people get their kicks by their tricks.

The virtual world is full of terror tricks (pranks) and tainted treats (poisonous links). Muhahaha...malicious instead of delicious.


FTC gives Google a pass on Wi Fi Smell Street View

After a preliminary investigation the FTC has decided to give Google a pass on the inadvertent collection of Street View Wi-Fi data.

According to Forbes, no penalties are being announced, but the FTC did have some harsh words for the search giant. "... Google's internal review processes -- both prior to the initiation of the project to collect data about wireless access points and after its launch -- were not adequate to discover that the software would be collecting payload data, which was not necessary to fulfill the project's business purpose," the FTC statement read.The issues stem from the discovery earlier this year by Google that their Street View cars were outfitted with software that was not just recording the SSID and locations of Wi-Fi networks, but was actually storing unencrypted data from those networks. Google made the situation known, and multiple governments began investigating. Google claimed they software's presence was a mistake, and has since stopped Wi-Fi data collection altogether.�


Microsoft Profits Jump 51 percent

Microsoft's first quarter numbers are in, and the Redmond giant made a killing.

Profits were up 51% over last year according to Seattle PI. This is pretty great for a company that has more or less been treading water for the last few years. The market tends to only reward growth, which has been bad for Microsoft. After the announcement, Microsoft shares rose a percent, which is something at least."This was an exceptional quarter combining solid enterprise growth and continue strong consumer demand for Office 2010, Windows 7 and Xbox 360," said Microsoft CFO Peter Klein. Microsoft's sales were up 25% from just one year ago, but part of that gain is from deferred revenue ahead of the Windows 7 launch last year. �Most divisions turned a profit for Microsoft, even the Entertainment and Devices unit managed a $382 million profit.


Where the Tech Jobs Are

While theres no mistake that tech is big business in northern California, there are a handful of other cities and states that are charging their way onto the technological scene, actively recruiting some of the best talent in the country and the world.

Gone are the days when working with computers meant moving to the West Coast � being ushered in is a new class of tech capitals.


jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

What does the colour of your smartphone say about you

Most us have a favourite colour, but have you ever wondered what the colour of your smartphone says about you? With smartphones, like the N8, available in more shades than ever perhaps it's time to begin.


How to guard yourself and your Mac from Firesheep and WiFi snooping

The prevalence of free/cheap and open Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops, airports, offices and hotels is a great boon to the traveling Mac or iPad user; it makes connectivity and remote work much easier than it used to be.


Nielsen recants appless iPad figures

Nielsen originally said that one in three iPad owners never downloaded an app.

Now it says that figure is more like one in ten.


Ballmer Our best bet is the next version of Windows

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer during this week's Gartner Symposium raised curiosity by claiming that Windows 8 would be a major gamble for the company (video below).

When asked by analyst John Pescatore what the next "riskiest product bet" would be, the executive answered simply that it would be the "next release of Windows." It's unclear if he was referring to the importance of having a successful core product or if the OS itself would be a radical break....


Download of the Week HeatMapper Ekahau

How strong is your Wi-Fi signal? Or, more importantly, how strong is your neighbor's Wi-Fi signal? Where do you have to be to leech, er, acquire the best free Wi-Fi signal in your general surroundings? At your favorite strip mall? Outside of the local Starbucks?

Anyone can grab a Wi-Fi sniffer and go wardriving around to find the best possible signal for your personal or business use--that's easy. Heck, you can even do that in Windows if you don't mind staring at (and constantly refreshing) the tiny little ``bars of service� meter in your wireless connections window. But this week's ``App of the Week� does a bit more than tell you the networks that give you the best signal, or when you might have acquired said signal in your trips around town. No, the app I'm profiling will actually go and map your connectivity as visualized ``hot zones� overtop any map you'd like to use.


Robosaurus The Worlds Deadliest Robot Infographic

Ever wonder what the worlds deadliest robot is? We dont mean the militarys robotic killing machines, no, we mean robots in the same vein as the Transformers.


Need to waste money Amazon intros Windowshop iPad App

Amazon wants to make it easier for you to spend your cash from your iPad and the company has released a new shopping app called Windowshop.


miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Goodbye MacBook Pro The New MacBook Air Is That Good

Last Wednesday, I got my hands on one of the new MacBook Airs.

I haven't touched my MacBook Pro since. It's six months old. RIP.

I know that sounds outrageous. Or like hyperbole. But it's not.


RIM Demos BlackBerry PlayBook Livevideo

I think this is an excellent demo, but I think that it feels doomed to be outshone by a retooled iPad 2.

Especially since I feel pretty strongly that Apple is going to release a $399.00 ipad.


Direct WiFi also known as Bluetooth murderer to take off

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced Monday that it has begun certifying products for compliance with the Wi-Fi Direct standard, aimed at enabling router-free instant networking among Wi-Fi enabled devices (a la Bluetooth).

Technically, Wi-Fi Direct does not dispense with access points, but merely relies on a software-based alternative, called Soft AP, allowing any Direct-enabled device to act as an access point. A Wi-Fi Direct connection is not only way more uncomplicated than traditional peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections (ad hoc), but it is also much more secure. It is being tipped by many to be Bluetooth's replacement -- and not without good reason. Bluetooth simply can't match Wi-Fi Direct in terms of range and speed.


12 Cool Tips and Tricks for iMovie 11 MacLife

iLife 11 is here, and with it comes a host of slick new features for iMovie, including a simple way to create your own Movie Trailers, all-new audio editing, one-step Effects, People Finder and Sports & News Themes.

But those are just the marquee features to get everyone excited -- what about the smaller details that might make your daily use of iMovie 11 a real pleasure?


Entitlementcraft Minecraft disgruntled players to attack servers the demand for new content

Sometimes, gamers. Sometimes, we just don't know. After all, we're looking at some mental gymnastics worthy of an Olympic medal. Here, put these unflatteringly short shorts on your brain; let's try running the course: Someone makes an awesome, extremely innovative game that you love. And we mean someone. Precisely one guy did almost all the work here. So he lets you into his magical land of Grown Up Legos for a reasonable fee and then scrambles to keep his game from getting squashed flatter and less functional than a Macbook Air under your collective weight.

At this point, you have a few options. 1) You could politely thank Mr. Notch for his hard work and enjoy the already massive toolset he's provided for you. 2) You could go on Minecraft's forums and suggest what -- in your opinion -- would make the game even better. 3) You could slow the game's servers to a one-armed crawl with a massive DDOS attack and basically hold the entire game at gunpoint while throwing a temper tantrum because you want your new toys right now.


In Defense of Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a widely talked and babbled about font with much criticism.

Some designers disapprove its usage and some have even started campaigns to ban this font. You must be surprised by this kind of extreme reactions by designers and end users but its true. Once a major player in Typography is now left aside to die. Lets have a sincere discussion in defense of the Font Familys step-child.


An Overview of Google Android [Infographic]

An Overview of Google Android Infographic showing its beginning, growth and overall market status.


martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Google to remove key features from Google Groups pages

Google has announced it would remove a few key features from Google Groups pages, including ability to edit pages and upload new files, starting february 2011


Melinda Gates No iPods for My Kids

When it Comes to Products Made by Microsoft's Rival, Not a Chance You'll Find Them in the Gates Household


Wartime Innovations That Have Shaped Our World

They say necessity is the mother of invention. So you can protest war all you want, but just remember that throughout history the necessities to succeed in battle have led to many inventions that society uses today, inventions that we ironically couldnt survive without.


Price cuts in the GeForce GTX 460470

It's official, we're getting price cuts on the Geforce GTX 460 1GB and the GTX 470.

Read on for details!


How MITs Media Lab gave birth to Guitar Hero and hyperviolins

At the MIT Media Lab's recent 25th anniversary celebration, the program included a number of alumni of the graduate program speaking about their time there. One of the most compelling stories was that of Eran Egozy, who helped form Harmonix, the company that brought us Guitar Hero. Ergozy traced how a set of projects gradually built both the desire and technology needed to give everyone the chance to think they're a musician.

Ergozy cam


Ubuntu moves away from GNOME

Ubuntu 11.04 to have Canonical's own Unity interface instead of GNOME Shell.


lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

The Dawn of Mass Computing Pics

Remember the days of 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, reel-to-reel tape drives, green or amber monitors, terminals, big mainframes, big daisy-wheel printers, and more? Here is a selection of vintage promotional photos showing computing equipment of yesteryear.


Sony Kills The Cassette Walkman On The iPods Birthday

After 30 years, Sony has announced that they will stop manufacturing and selling the venerable cassette Walkman.

In a poetic twist, the official death of the Walkman lands on the iPod's 9th anniversary.


Verizon support personal ahead of iPhone

Verizon, and possibly Apple as well, may be beefing up the ranks of its technical support lines ahead of a CDMA iPhone. Both Ryla and Teleperformance are hiring hundreds of support agents for a deliberately anonymous cellular carrier in several states, including California, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas and Utah. Both Apple and Verizon have used Teleperformance in the past, and those in Lindon, Utah would also handle computers, MP3 players and smartphones....


Amazon Kindle add credit

Amazon has posted a note to Kindle users in the Kindle community forums confirming that lending ebooks will come to the platform later this year.

This has been a sorely missed feature since the device's introduction. Before you get to excited, there are some caveats here.The loans will only be for 14 days and you can only loan a book once. It was unclear if that meant once per recipient, or once for the life of the ebook. While the book is lent out, the lender will be unable to read it. Also, not all books will be available for lending.


Just Because Google Exists Doesnt Mean You Should Stop Asking People Things

If you spend any amount of time online youre probably very familiar with the above website, Let Me Google That For You.

LMGTFY is a super smug and hilarious site built for those sick of all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
As all of us know, it is super annoying when your co-worker or worse boss sends you an email (!) asking an easily Google-able question, therefore


Exclusive First Look at Disney Mags Tron Legacy Preview

Get an inside look at several pages from the upcoming cover package from the Disney twenty-three fan club magazine, which delves deeply into the highly anticipated sci-fi sequel.


Resolving The Bury Button Quagmire

Due to the controversy surrounding Digg.coms return of the bury button, with some wanting it, and others not, one comment stood out in particular in an attempt to find a solution.

Lets try to resolve this quagmire and possibly, Digg will listen. If you have an idea you think is better or youd like to to expand on this idea, then express that in a comment. Well see what happens. Have fun Digging.


domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Ballmer Riskiest Product Bet by Microsoft Is the Next Release of Windows

At the Gartner Symposium, CEO Steve Ballmer was asked what he considered to be Microsoft's riskiest product bet.

His answer? The 'next release of Windows'


From monochrome to Multitouch A History of the PC screens

The development of PC display technologies over the last 30 years has taken us through many chapters: from IBM, the creator of the IBM PC, pioneering color display technologies (and ceding development to third-parties ATI, 3dfx, and nVidia); to the quest to provide both sharp text and colorful graphics; through the ever-increasing size of displays; to LCD flat panels overtaking TV-type CRTs; the move to 3D graphics rendering and, currently, to 3D viewing.

Here's a brief history of these and other milestones in PC graphics history.The IBM PC and other early PCs provided three display choices: monochrome display adapter (MDA) provided crisp 720x350 text resolution, but no graphics at all, and your monitor contained green, amber, or (if you were lucky) white phosphors. The second option, the color graphics adapter (CGA), included choice of two-color 640x200 or four-color 320x200 graphics (such as this screen shot from the original F-15 Strike Eagle game) and text. For even fuzzier results, you could use a composite video signal out of the IBM CGA adapter instead of the normal 9-pin digital port (the same physical port was used by MDA and CGA).


Astronaut checks in with Foursquare from space

With over four million users, Foursquare is becoming quite popular and were seeing people check in from all sorts of places.

I dont think anyone was expected to see a check in from space though and thats exactly what an astronaut did.


Sony expects US TV prices to fall LG profits plummet

Sony's TV division head tells reporters that TV prices will fall.

LG Display posts a 62 percent drop in profits.


Too Late for the Slate Or Just Too Expensive

HP's infamous Slate 500 tablet computer with an 8.9-inch touchscreen display and Windows 7 is now available.

For business and enterprise. For $799.


Google launches Chrome 7 stable version

Google launches Chrome 7 stable version
Google has released a new stable build of the free Chrome browser, v7.0.517.41 for the Mac, including full Applescript support for UI automation and an updated HTML5 parsing algorithm. "Hundreds" of bugs were fixed, according to the developer blog, and users now have a new dialog for managing blocked cookies en masse....


The Greatest Tech Battles of All Time

How does Steve Jobs's latest verbal tiff stack up against the great tech battles of all-time?


sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Breaking the code in wacky product code names

Product code names can be so odd.

Where do they from, the Land Before Time? (Well, yes, as a matter of fact ...)


Third of iPad owners not downloading apps

They might not download apps, but iPad owners spend longer amounts of time with content than iPhone users.


Reviews Dell XPS laptop range

The same day as NVIDIA announced the availability of its 3DTV Play software, Dell launched three new notebooks that include the technology. The new 14-, 15-, and17-inch notebook flavors have joined the XPS family following a line-up overhaul.

The new models feature Intel Core i5 / i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce 400 series graphics with Optimus technology. Support for NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play feature means that users can connect their XPS notebook to a 3D HDTV whenever they wish to play popular PC games in 3D or view 3D photos and videos on a large display.
Reviews Dell XPS laptop range


10 Jobs Wrecked by Tech

10 Jobs Wrecked by Tech


EU rules against overbroad copy levies on iPods cell

The European Court of Justice today ruled that EU countries had to scale back the reach of levies meant to compensate for perceived digital piracy with gadgets.

Officials found in a Spanish case of a refusal to pay that member states should only apply levies on devices that were explicitly meant for private copying. Copyright holders and governments couldn't simply apply levies to any device that can make a copy, the court said....


Logitech Revue with Google TV [Review]

Not as seamless as Apple TV, but armed with far more potential, the Logitech Revue with Google TV is a giant, if occasionally shaky, leap forward in home entertainment.


Japanese Claim SmellOVision Advance

What if you could actually smell that chicken frying, or that cake baking on your favorite TV cooking show? Or, what if you could actually smell that dead body discovered after a three week search on your favorite TV crime show?
It's called Smell-O-Vision.

The ability to smell the fragrances and odors associated with what we are watching on the tube or movie screen. It has been the dream of inventors for decades, but no one has ever quite perfec


viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Maximum First Look Worlds First 3 TB Hard Drive

Maximum First Look: World's First 3 TB Hard Drive!


Rumor iPod Remove Costco line IPAD over snub

Rumor iPod Remove Costco line IPAD over snub

Even if you don’t shop at Costco, chances are if you live anywhere in North America you’ve at least made eye contact with one of their monolithic warehouses that line the sides of almost every major highway. Costco’s footprint makes them the third largest retailer in the United States, but even with all that negotiating power it appears as though they may be considering the atomic option to get back at Apple for refusing to let them carry the iPad.

According to anonymous sources quoted by iLounge, the company has intentionally pulled all iPod hardware from its website, and will slowly deplete its retail stock before dropping the lineup altogether. This might sound like a fairly harsh recourse, but it likely has more to do with the fact that rival outlets including Target, Wal-Mart, and even Sam Club will all carry the device going into the holiday season.


Why Apple saddled the MacBook Air with gimped CPUs

Many were disappointed with the CPUs Apple chose for its updated MacBook Air ultraportables.

Given the design constraints. however, Apple had few other options.


5 cool things the Nokia N8 can do that you probably didnt know about

Google the Nokia N8 and youll get nearly ten million results.

While there are some incredibly detailed reviews out there, wed like to think the latest Nseries device still has a few surprises up its brushed aluminum sleeve. Dont believe us? Then check out these five fantastic features that were willing to wager you probably didnt know about.


New spot to be in full color

Barnes and Noble is slated to hold a Nook event on October 26, and we're hearing rumblings of a major hardware revision.

The new Nook, according to a source that spoke with Cnet, may have a full color touchscreen in place of the monochrome eInk display it currently uses. The screen would be 7-inches, and the device would retail for $249. The Nook would continue to be based on Android as well.The Amazon Kindle ereader has seemingly stuck to the eInk route for the time being, and Barnes and Noble may be looking to blow past them technologically. Missing is any information on what type of screen technology the 'Nook Color" would be using. A standard LCD, like the iPad uses, comes with its own set of drawbacks.


The New MacBook Air Will Be The Death Of Either The MacBook Or 13inch MacBook Pro

Apples consumer strategy has always been centered around clear, concise choices.

The new, less expensiveMacBook Air seems to change that. The line between consumer and pro, between entry level and top-tier is gone and it means that something is going to change in the Apple line-up sooner than later.
Lets look at the pricing. The new MacBook Air starts out at just $999. Thats the same entry level price as the whiteMacBook, ostensibly Apples cheap


Is Facebook Outing Gay Users to Advertisers

Facebook allows users to list which gender of partner they're "interested in." But do you want Facebook's advertisers to know if you're gay? A Microsoft researcher has found a loophole which could secretly reveal a gay user's sexuality to advertisers.


jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

EBook Sales tripled in just one year

EBook Sales tripled in just one year

Most people would argue that the e-book market has nowhere to go but up, however analysts continue to be surprised by just how fast people are ditching ink for pixels. According to the Association of American Publishers e-book sales from January to August were a staggering $263 million, this compared to just $89.8 million during the same period last year. This threefold increase in sales certainly helps to validate the market, and it looks like the impact of having so many affordable e-book devices on the market is finally starting to kick in.

In January 2009 anyone wanting to read an e-book needed a device worth several hundred dollars, and had to worry about DRM protected content with no guarantee over future compatibility. Today just about anyone with a smartphone can tap into several different e-book stores, Kindles and Nooks have never been cheaper, and some little known company by the name of Apple launched the iPad.


Farmville Maker Faces Federal Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Zynga Over Facebook Privacy Breach


Firefox Addon of the Week Siphon

In the wake of the quasi-departure of Xmarks (seriously; is it alive? Gone? Going somewhere? Dead? Fading out? What?), it's nice to see that other enterprising developers have taken the idea of cross-computer Firefox synchronization and really ran with it.

I'm speaking, of course, of a particular add-on called Siphon. It's currently beta-testing, but it unlocks a whole pie full of usefulness for anyone who's as add-on addicted as those of us over at Maximum PC.Here's the deal. Instead of synchronizing your bookmarks a la the helpful(ly departed) Xmarks, Siphon focus on your add-ons--and just your add-ons. So long as you have Siphon installed on any instance of Firefox you're running across any system you have access to, the add-on will itself work to duplicate and synchronize the rest of your extensions across all of your Firefox browsers. Simply put, Siphon is an awesome tool for ensuring that every little third-party feature you've installed into the browser stays that way no matter where you're running Firefox from.


Pirate Parties Plan to Shoot Torrent Site Into Orbit

A few days ago we were tipped off about a rather intriguing discussion thats currently taking place on the the Pirate Parties International (PPI) mailing list.

Apparently, the Pirates have big plans to launch a file-sharing site (torrent, we assume) into space.


The DeLorean Back to the Future

A Look Back at the Now-Cult Car that Served as Marty McFly's Time Machine


Apple event yields FaceTime App Store for Mac OS X Lion with multitouch

Apple press event yields FaceTime for Mac, debuts OS X Lion which includes multi-touch support, iOS App Store coming to Mac


South ParkHatin Internet Jihadi to Plead Guilty

Matt Parker and Trey Stone can exhale now.

The man who threatened the South Park creators for depicting Muhammad in a bear costume will plead guilty to supporting terrorism.


miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Mozilla counters Chrome with Open Web Apps

With the official launch of Google's Chrome Web Store fast approaching, Mozilla today unveiled what they're calling 'Open Web Apps'.

Basically, this takes the idea behind Chrome's Web Store and makes it available for all desktop and mobile 'modern browsers'.


Will Anonymous cyber protests strike in the battle of pornographers vs pirates

Porn studios that are pursuing copyright lawsuits are close to revealing pirates' identities.

Will Anonymous cyber protests also strike against adult film industry copyright trolls?


Apple Is Now Worth More Than IBM Thanks To iPhone Envy

Apple for the first time crested over $20 billion in quarterly revenue, thanks in large part to insatiable demand for the iPhone.

Indeed the iPhone-ization of consumers worldwide caused researchers to study the phenom. They determined that a particular kind of envy causes people to buy them and a less nice form of envy drives people to the...


The Evolution of the Geek

When one hears the word 'geek', images are conjured of pocket protectors and nightstands made out of old comic books.

That old notion of geek-dom has since evolved into a new, tech-savy, and dare we say cool geek.


Verizon expects to keep the CDMA network in the coming years

As Verizon prepares to roll out its LTE network, the company is expected to maintain its CDMA technology for more than a decade, according to a panel at the 4G World expo.

In comments posted by PC Magazine, the panelists downplayed suggestions that Apple is in a position to engage LTE as soon as the new cellular technology first arrives on the market....


Do you live in an iPhone Blackberry or Android state

Forget any other categorization of states.

This is the one that matters. Is your state an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android state? Holy kaw, where did Hawaii go wrong?

Graphic by Retrevo.
More mobile news.


| Leave a comment


South Korea the target for widespread Internet access to 1 Gbps by 2012

As is well known, South Korea has been continuously voted the most popular destination among North Korean defectors ever since the Korean peninsular was cut into twain in 1948. The South Korean government now appears even more determined to retain the top spot in the hearts of North's emigrants, even if it takes a ridiculously fast 1Gbps internet connection to lure them to the country.

``I think in the future we will really see a data deluge - data will explode over the network. And you cannot handle that data traffic only through the mobile internet. Although there will be LTE, still you won't be able to handle all that traffic,� Lee Suk-Chae, chairman of Korea Telecom, told the BBC.


martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Beautiful Failures The BestDesigned Tech That Flopped

Ask any experienced manufacturer to name the key component to a winning product, and they'll undoubtedly reel off a string of theories, personal maxims and anecdotes.

Then, if they're even remotely honest, they'll confess that they have no idea what they're talking about.


IPv4 Space Shrinks To 5 Final Addresses To Be Issued In Early 2011

The Number Resource Organization, the coordinating mechanism for the five Regional Internet Registries or RIRs, this morning announced that less than 5% of the world's IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) addresses remain unallocated.

The IPv4 pool first dipped below 10% in January 2010, and in the next nine months some 200 million addresses have subsequently been allocated from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to the RIRs.

NRO antic


Android 40s Codename is Cold Ice Cream

In terms of Google's names for its Android releases, we didn't expect a change, and we're not getting one.

Reportedly, the name for the next unnamed version of Android will be


Coder for CIA Drone Targeting Software Far From Ready

Still wondering if Facebook is a ripoff of ConnectU? That's nothing.

Software firms that developed the targeting systems of the CIA's terrorist-killing Predator drones are locked in their own intellectual property battle.


USSRs Moon Lander New Look at Space Race Oddity Pics

A New Look At A Space Race Oddity
New photos emerge of the 1960s-era Soviet lunar lander that never quite got off the ground.

Check out that Hammer and Sickle!


lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

MPAA CopyProtected DRM Site Hacked By Anonymous

MPAA Copy-Protected DRM Site Hacked By Anonymous


How to Get Your Google TV

The first three Google TV products have finally been announced, and are days away from being available for purchase.

We'll help you decide which one's right for you.


A Day In The Life Of An Internet Commenter

You Know Who You Are


Sony TV Internet comes at Best Buy

No word yet on when Best Buy will begin selling Sony's Google TV devices, but thanks to a handful of pictures spreading like wildfire across the Web, we can assume it will be soon, if not later today.An "anonymous tipster" sent Gizmodo a bunch of pics showing Sony's Internet TV in boxes, on crates, and unboxed.

Other than that, there's not much more to go on, but plenty to gawk at right here.


Web Application of the Week WebFTP

Web Application of the Week WebFTP

It never fails: Someone always sends you a link to grab materials off of (or upload materials to) an FTP site the moment that you’re away from your desktop which, of course, has your favorite FTP client of choice just sitting right there in the start menu. Sure, you could manually try to connect to a FTP site via your browser or Windows explorer, but you’re kind of stuck if you want to do anything more than just download a file or two. Or two hundred.

Anyway, the web app WebFTPer is a far more elegant solution to connecting to online file repositories than what your mere browser can provide. Not only does the web app’s interface more resemble a standard FTP client, but you can perform a number of simple—yet common—functions once connected to your site of choice. Make directories, upload files (via a simple web-form tool or a Javascript-based uploading tool), and copy, move, or delete checked folders and files.


Mark Zuckerberg The Social Network Got My Shirts and Fleeces Right

Speaking at Startup School at Stanford University, the Facebook Co-Founder Talked About Starting Up the Biggest Social Network


Nikons 20 Top Microscopic Photos of 2010

Winners of the 36th Annual Microscopic Image Competition


domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

How to use abuse and leave Facebook Groups

Facebook's new "Groups" feature is slowly making its way out to users, allowing people to set up group chats, document editing, and events for different aspects of their social lives.

However, like most new features at Facebook, not everyone knows how to use (or avoid) Groups just yet. So here's a walkthrough on how to use Facebook Groups to your advantage... and how to get out of them if you decide you're not such a social person after all.


Benoit Mandelbrot RIP

Benoit Mandelbrot, RIP


Gartner Nearly 20 million tablets to be sold in 2010

Gartner estimates worldwide sales of iPads and other tablets will total 19.5 million units this year and nearly triple that number next year as the devices win over both consumers and business customers.


Build a 200 Linux PC

If you need a second or third computer but money is tight, you don't need to buy a full system.

You can build a surprisingly speedy Linux PC that will excel at everyday tasks, and cost less than $200.


WP7 update in January can bring GPS turnbyturn Skydrive

The anticipated update to Windows Phone 7 to add copy-and-paste may bring other major feature updates based on a tentative scoop in the past day. The fix relayed to "MS_nerd" would bring true turn-by-turn GPS navigation with spoken directions as well as better integration with Microsoft's Skydrive cloud storage. Multitasking would still remain limited to hubs, he said, but app switching would exist and implies that apps should preserve their states when users jump in and jump out....
WP7 update in January can bring GPS turnbyturn Skydrive


The iPhones SpellCorrect is a Ducking Piece of Shut

It's easy to forget that the iPhone's built-in spell checker and autocomplete already has a strong (if often ironic) Puritan streak.


sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

PriceGrabber Now Lists Product Inventory At Local Stores Courtesy Of Milo

Milo, a startup that highlights local inventory in product search results both on the web and mobile devices, has struck a deal with comparison shopping site PriceGrabber today.

The nature of the deal allows PriceGrabber to list the local brick and mortar stores where products are available within a search for a product.


Study shows iPhone 4 screens breaking 82 percent more than 3GS

A SquareTrade study offers evidence that the iPhone 4 may not be quite as durable as Apple claims.


AOL looking to buy Yahoo

AOL is in the very early stages of exploring a buyout of Yahoo, a leak this evening indicated.

Private equity groups such as Blackstone Group and Silver Lake Partners have considered buying the search engine out but have reportedly talked to AOL about joining on a deal. Prospects mentioned to the WSJ would have China's Alibaba buy back Yahoo's 40 percent stake in its efforts to simplify a merger or even letting the normally much larger Yahoo buy AOL....


Google upgrades siteoverlay feature in Analytics with InPicture Analytics

Google added the new In-Picture analytics tool to all of our analytics accounts, isn't that nice of them...


Netflix to PS3 free disk Go 1080 Getting

Owners of the PS3 have been able to watch Netflix streaming content on their consoles for some time now. The only problem is that it required a special streaming disc to be in the machine. But according to Sony, a new disc-free Netflix streaming solution is coming to the PS3 on October 18. The application will be free and it will be installed to the console like other apps.

The interface is completely redesigned, and includes search capability. Users will finally be able to add items to the queue right from the PS3. Netflix on the PS3 will also be serving up 1080p HD video and 5.1 surround sound, when the content supports it. Other Netflix solutions are stuck at 720p for the time being. If that's not enough, the PS3 will also support subtitles.
Netflix to PS3 free disk Go 1080 Getting


Samsung Galaxy Tab available today in Russia for 1226

Rich folks from Russia can today grab the Samsung Galaxy Tab for whopping 36,990 rubles ($1,226).

That, of course, is the price of an unlocked device, requiring no carrier contracts.


Leak Verizon Samsung Continuum Launching 1028

The Samsung Continuum (or i400) looks like a Galaxy S class phone, but it has twist: a second horizontal screen or "ticker" below the main screen.

The ticker is to be used for RSS feeds, notifications and even date and time info.


viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

EFF warns Big Brother wants to be your friend

Looking to expand your social network? Big Brother wants to be your buddy.

The EFF has social network surveillance documents from the FBI, DHS, CIA, DEA and others who want to friend YOU.


Microsoft to release Mac sync tool Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is gonna actually release a sync tool for us Mac users in a timely they just need to get us to switch from an iphone lol


Gartner eHype peaks Cyclei iPad Screen 3D and 4G

Market research specialist Gartner has issued its 2010 �Hype Cycle� report, which tracks consumer reaction and purchasing responses to emerging technologies for each year. According to the report, consumers have reached the peak of inflated expectations for tablet devices like the iPad and 3D TV, which is then followed by a trough as expectations may not necessarily live up to promise offered by the new technology, usually because it is yet to fully mature....
Gartner eHype peaks Cyclei iPad Screen 3D and 4G


Ciscos top 10 rivals

Competition is only getting tougher for Cisco as it continues to expand in 30 or so new markets while attempting to maintain growth in its core routing and switching businesses.


Yahoo Messenger for the iPhone with 3G video chat updates

Yahoo tonight posted its expected 2.0 update to Yahoo Messenger (free, App Store) to add two-way video chat.

The feature makes it one of the first iOS apps to support two-way video chat over 3G and gives iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch owners the option of chatting with the front or back camera. iPhone 3GS users can also join in with the back camera....


Mac OS X A Brief History

Last month marked 10 years since the release of the first public beta of Apple's Mac OS X.

The trial version of the forthcoming operating system was released on September 13th, 2000, carrying a box price of $29.99.


Selfdriving taxi picks you up via iPad appvid

This laser, radar and sensor-equipped VW Passat, dubbed "Made in Germany," has a companion iPad app from Appirion to do all the hard work, too -- you just start the program, punch in coordinates and wait for the car....


jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Verizon ready for iPhone onslaught thanks to Android

Verizon iPhone would perform flawlessly as the carrier's Android handsets have helped Verizon prep its 3G network for data hungry devices.


Valve announces sequel to Warcraft 3 Mod Defense of the Ancients

Yes, Valve.

Not Blizzard. See, Valve likes to do awesome things, and among those awesome things is offering awesome jobs to awesome modders. So after Defense of the Ancients became the second most addictive landmark in Warcraft history (you know, after that one thing), Valve scooped up one of the gametype's more prominent creators -- a guy who goes by the name of IceFrog� -- and set to work on scraping away the crusty remains of the fittingly ancient Warcraft III engine, giving the whole production a nice, even coat of Valve polish, and adding some potentially game-changing community features. So, aside from graphics that won't leave your eyes feeling like you just took a dip in a pool full of lemon juice, what's Valve bringing to the table? Well, with the exception of snarky voicework and bots to replace players who disconnect, most of Valve's biggest contributions are focused on the community. Most interestingly, the developer's adding a coaching system that rewards experienced players for taking defenseless newbies under their wings.


IDC Nokias Indian marketshare drops almost 20 in 6 months

Research firm IDC is claiming that at the end of 2009 Nokia used to have 54% of the Indian market, but now, at the end of June 2010, that number is only 36.3%.


Roughly 3 out of 4 Tweets ignored

Social media analytics company Sysomos studied 1.2 billion Twitter posts made over the past 2 months and found that 71% elicited neither a retweet nor reply.


Samsung Mass Produces Densest NAND Flash Memory

Samsung is mass producing its densest NAND flash chip yet, saying the new 3-bit-per-cell, 64Gbit chips pack twice as many bits as the company's previous offering.


Verizon Rev A voice over says that comes opens the door to iPhone

Verizon late Friday indirectly confirmed some of the rumors swirling around the CDMA iPhone's ability to handle simultaneous voice and data. Executive Brian Higgins mentioned that the company was working on a way of overcoming CDMA's inherent limit on data, which prevents the EVDO 3G conection from running at the same time. He didn't give the WSJ a timetable for when it would be ready....


Nokia N8 Components Cost As Much As iPhone 4

The fact that the Nokia N8 costs as much as the iPhone 4 in terms of components is a little bit surprising given the disparity between the two devices.


miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Ten Ways to Share Big Files With Little Hassle

E-mail and IM suffice for small file transfers like Office documents or photos, but for anything more substantial (e.g., high def videos of your cat jumping into boxes) you're going to need to look somewhere else.


Sprint to Offer Certified PreOwned Phones

This may help the company with it's recycling goals.

Some of the phones are entirely re-manufactured.


Apple Awarded AntiSexting Patent

Apple has been awarded a patent that can keep you from sending naughty text messages.


Firefox Addon of the week from Youtube to mp3

Alright, cheap geeks. It’s tough to want to put out even $0.99 for the latest single on iTunes (or wherever), and don’t even get me started about the annoyance that occurs when you find some slammin’ new track on Youtube, only to realize that you can’t rock out to it in your car because… it’s… on… Youtube.

This week’s featured Firefox add-on gives you a super-fast method for ripping any Youtube video into a straight-up MP3. And I wish I had more to write about this, but it’s really just that simple. Click on the newly created link that appears next to all Youtube videos—“Convert and Download as MP3”—and your browser will do just that. The end. Said video is now an audio file on your computer instead of some nebulous hunk of data bits streamed across a web page.
Firefox Addon of the week from Youtube to mp3


Gearbox in talks with retailers to honor Duke Nukem Forever PreOrders

Did you order a copy of Duke Nukem Forever back when you thought Forever� was simply a marketing buzz word? If so the game's new developer Gearbox Software is looking to make things right by finding a way to honor DNF pre-orders.

Company spokesman Randy Pitchford claims they are involved in high level discussions with various retail groups during his London press event last Thursday, and claims he didn't want to let those gamers down�.There are a lot of people who pre-ordered the game," Pitchford told the press. "We've been starting to talk with retailers because we didn't take them directly, and 3D Realms didn't take them, it was all retailers going 'I'm going to take this guy's money.' We've started to engage them, saying 'Hey, you've got customers who you made a promise to, and any bad feelings they have will reflect on us, so can we work together to do something for those people?'"