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What movie did you expect to hate but now watch whenever its on

For me, Million Dollar Baby.

It seemed predictable. Boxing movie...whatever. Besides, I rarely watch a movie twice. For some reason, Million Dollar Baby entertains me whenever it is on. I had it on Tivo for a while and watched it over and over. submitted by General_Specific to AskReddit [link] [233 comments]


New Zotac ZBox Allows you to build your own Nettops CULV

New Zotac ZBox Allows you to build your own Nettops CULV

Zotac has always had an impressive lineup of barebones Atom based Nettops, but even with the added power of the Ion 2 chipset behind it, 1080p streaming in flash could be hit or miss making them difficult to recommend for anything other than basic standard definition streaming. In response to the critical review the follow up Zboxes are now shipping with optional dual core Intel CULV processors giving them the extra kick needed to make it an extremely powerful HTPC. The appeal of the Zotac Zbox from an enthusiast standpoint is that they come without RAM, Hard Drives, or the OS allowing you to easily open and customize the performance to fit your intended application. You can simply pop in any old 2.5” hard drive you have lying around, or even step up to an SSD.

The new Zbox HD series sports either a Celeron 743 (single-core) or SU2300 (dual-core) processor, can accommodate DDR3 memory, and comes with HDMI / DVI outputs for the video. Additional storage can be added via any of the 6 external USB ports or the single eSATA. �Built in Wi-Fi 802.11N, Gigabit Ethernet, and even 7.1 Channel LPCM surround sound round out the features on a box that makes my PS3 slim feel chubby.


An Israeli army officer who fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into a 13yearold Palestinian girl and then said he would have done the same even if she had been 3 years old was acquitted on all charges by an Israeli military court yesterday

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I woke up with the cutest girl in my bed this morning

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Your smartphone suddenly gets wikpedia from 50 years in the future but only for 1 hour

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Reddit Game the New Digg by Pushing 7 Stories on Digg FrontPage

Earlier making Digg FrontPage used to be a big deal and specially when this new Digg layout and system is under controversy, Reddit another rivalry social bookmarking site, gamed the system and made 7 of its stories on Digg FrontPage.

Here is image proof of Reddit hitting Digg homepage:
Its going to be interesting to see Kevin reaction with this new buzz which made every loyal digg users stunned.
Meanwhile here are some comments from Digg user o


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Tech News Today 63 Paul Allen vs The World

Paul Allen sues everyone, Diaspora challenges Facebook, and 'Face' getting trademarked?
Download or subscribe to this show at

We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes at
Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show.

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Leo Laporte, and Erik Lanigan


Reddit Bucks Conde Nast Owners Runs ProPot Legalization Ads

The social news site Reddit staged a mini-rebellion Friday, deciding to run ads for a pro-marijuana legalization campaign for free, after Cond Nast executives ruled against taking payment for the ads.


First Look third generation Amazon Kindle Reader

Electronista has taken a closer look at the third-generation Kindle, Amazon's latest attempt to cement its dominance in the e-book reader market.

We found that the company followed through with its promise of an improved display paired with a lighter housing and ergonomic design. Page turns appear to be slightly quicker, while the "experimental" browser shows potential for basic tasks such as Wikipedia research....


Changes and fixes coming to Diggs redesign

The new Digg is out and available for everyone, but a few things went awry or missing along the way.

Digg's founder Kevin Rose has come out with a laundry list full of things that are being done.


Buzz by Leo Laporte from LOL The Life of Leo

Podcaster Leo Laporte, the everywhere man


WordPress Crash Course

Our man Trader Aaron appreciates his server admin. Now he'll be looking at WordPress Crash Course. But is it beautifully coded or a going to give you a virus?...
I cut out all of the fluff and unnecessary information that you would normally find in other courses. Since it's a crash course, you'll learn...
Read all about it here:

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Movie Studios Sue advertising firm through linkages with Pirates

Disney and Warner Bros. have chalked out a new anti-piracy strategy.

They seem to believe that merely targeting movie pirates is not enough, especially when their abettors enjoy perfect impunity. To this end, the two colossi have forged a partnership to go after Triton Media, a company the duo says assisted nine content piracy sites by advising them on online advertising and referrals. In a complaint filed with a U.S. District Court in California Tuesday, the movies studios allege that Triton has owned, operated, provided advertising consulting and referrals for, and/or provided other material assistance to nine websites, supernovatube.corn, ,, , ,, and�


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Details faster processor IBM Ever You Can not Have It

IBM recently revealed some details of its new 5.2GHz microprocessor chip, but consumers shouldn't bother saving their pennies to get one.

The z196, which will be at the heart of the company's new Z-series mainframes, will be an enterprise-only product. Even if you could convince them to sell you a mainframe, it would likely break the bank at around $1 million.These new super-chips will be capable of running multiple operating systems on the mainframe in any combination, including z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Linux on System z , and z/TPF. In some ways, IBM is doing us a favor by keeping this chip out of the reach of the common geek. It may be too much computing power for any mere mortal to handle.


Dualcore Acer Aspire One on sale in the US

Dualcore Acer Aspire One on sale in the US
Acer's first dual-core netbook, the Aspire One D255, is now shipping in the US. It lacks the dual-boot Android/Windows operating system of the recently introduced Taiwanese version and comes preloaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition on its 250GB drive. In return, however, it uses the newer 1.5GHz N550 versus the 1.66GHz but single-core N455....


New Digg Launching Tommorow

A message from Kevin Rose sounds like the new Digg could be launching tomorrow. "bigg day tomorrow morning...."


Google responds to Android app license concerns

Google is defending its Android License Server solution for combating app piracy despite the high-profile end-around that has surfaced lately.


New Digg Is Live What It Means For Digg and For You

After a month of testing the new alpha version to invite-only users, Diggs redesigned site is live for everyone.

The new interface and functionality of the social news network focuses on the personalized news stream, My News, which shows stories dugg by users you choose to follow (similar to Twitter), rather than the most popular news (note: at press time, the new site is still experiencing some downtime issues).The company has had a turbulent ye


We love open source says Microsoft

A senior Microsoft executive has admitted that the company's previous criticism of open source software was 'a mistake


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How to Load images automatically to the Internet to take them

When you're a tech journalist, you learn some tricks for getting the news out of meatspace and onto the Internet as fast as humanly possible.

Pictures in particular have always been a challenge, and although technological advances have made uploading them easier over the years, it's still impossible to have pictures you take with your DSLR transmitted immediately and automatically to the internet. Or is it?WEP/WPA Security Settings:� By default the MiFi runs WPA security which the Eye-Fi should work fine with. Our Mi-Fi was tweaked to run WEP which is compatible with more devices. In the interest of full disclosure, if you want to also run WEP on your Eye-Fi and MiFi, you'll need to access the MiFi's hidden configuration page. To do this, connect a notebook to the MiFi using a wireless connection.


Brave Minisite Templates Reviewed

Our writer Trader Aaron understands his the internet. Today he'll be taking a look at Brave Minisite Templates. But is it an amazing piece of software development or a going to give you a virus?...
High quality, cutting-edge and 100% unique minisite templates that are so drop-dead gorgeous that your visitors are hypnotized to see your sales copy?
Original site:

DD meets Chess Carcassonne Ars reviews Drakon

Due to overwhelming support for more coverage of board games, we're going to continue the trend by taking a look at Drakon, a tile-based strategy game.

Drakon has a simple premise: you are in the lair of a dragon and are trying to collect his gold.

The first player to have ten gold pieces wins. Each turn you have the choice to either lay down a tile or move your character, and each tile represents an action or ability for your player. You m


Inside the Digg Relaunch War Room Photos

Trailblazing social news site Digg relaunched with a much-anticipated new version today and it was a busy day behind the scenes. This photo of the Relaunch War Room at Digg headquarters was shared on Twitter by Digg's Chief Revenue Officer Chas Edwards this afternoon. Another, from Kevin Rose's iPhone, is posted below. The day was not without technical challenges.

Are these photos of the rebirth of a more effective Digg, finally achieving t

Source: readwriteweb (ReadWriteWeb)

3 Lessons The Tech Industry Can Learn From Soccer

3 Important Lessons The Tech Industry Can Learn From Soccer


Facebook Places Designer Any Foursquare Logo Similarities Were Not Intentional

In response on to a question on Quora yesterday afternoon about why the Facebook Places logo looks like it contains a four in a square, Facebook Design Strategy lead Aaron Sittig confirms our belief that any similarities between the two logos the two were accidental.

We sure got a laugh from the news stories, but could only wish wed been so clever.

You know whats cool? That I seriously do post these things to get people to laugh (and think). Ru


Facebook Alternative Diaspora Launches September 15

Diaspora, the much-hyped open source alternative to Facebook, will release its code to the world on September 15, but promises that its creators are just getting started.Earlier this year, Facebook was embroiled in controversy after it made significant privacy changes. Users didnt like having more of their information public, so they revolted.During the height of the crisis, four NYU students decided to create an open source alternative to Faceb


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End your Windows 7 dev kit ships September 16

Microsoft has announced a time-frame for offering a final version of its Windows Phone 7 development kit, which will be available in September.

The company also boasts the program's initial popularity, as the current Windows Phone developer tools have surpassed 300,000 downloads, according to a post on the official Windows Phone blog....


Sony Reader PRS 700BC Reader Digital Book Touchscreen

Reading does not necessarily mean having a book, already! Thanks to the amazing Sony Reader PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book Touchscreen, a person can read anywhere and at any them as long as he or she has got this amazing device.

First of all, the


Happy 15th Birthday to Windows 95

You'll be forgiven if Windows 95 doesn't summon a burst of nostalgia.

It was never pretty, often cantankerous, and, for the most part, our only option. But within two years of its release, 70% of the planet was using it.


Soon Youll Be Able To Make Phone Call From Your Gmail Inbox

Gmail users could soon be able to place and receive voice calls from within their Gmail in-boxes as part of a new service integrated into Google Chat.


Rockwells Radical Flight Controls To Go Operational

Rockwell Collins showed the latest steps in its development of automatic control systems for UAVs and manned aircraft at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International show in Denver today - and confirmed that it has a contract to put its Automatic Supervisory Adaptive Control (ASAC) system on an operational UAV.


Review Targus USB 20 Docking Station with Video

The Targus name has been synonymous with notebook accessories for as long as we can remember. The popularity of docking stations has varied over time, but Targus has consistently made universal docking stations available and now has models that pipe video. Today, we're reviewing the ACP51USZ USB 2.0 Docking Station with Video from Targus and we have high expectations. Read on to see if they�re justified....


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Create jukebox playlists before hitting the town

Jukeboxes have populated local watering holes for decades, providing countless hours of entertainment for pat


Step by Step Guide On How To Install Ubuntu

A lot of people are talking about Ubuntu -- one of the most popular Linux distributions to date.

Ubuntu is a simple, elegant and powerful operating system that makes the best out of your hardware. Forget viruses, hang ups and similar issues that you used to have with Windows. Through todays article, Im going to show you how to install Ubuntu.


Amazing Typography Inspiration

Hand-picked amazing typography Inspiration from popular blogs.


Google to Bring Google Goggles to iPhone Later This Year

Google is working on Google Goggles for the iPhone and hopes to have it available later this year.


Nintendo hints 3DS Marvell ARM chip Navy

Marvell during a call discussing its latest fiscal results revealed that one of its Armada processors will reach a game console.

Company co-founder Sehat Sutardja explained that a quarter-to-quarter boost of revenue was owing to a "major customer" ramping up a "new gaming platform." The executive didn't give away any clues as to the customer or choice of processor in the Seeking Alpha transcript of the call....


Googles Goggles headed to iPhones this year

Good news for iPhone users who had lusted over the Android-only app Gog


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How Gaming Tech May Revolutionize Router Performance

Game consoles typically sit at the end of the technology development chain, reaping the benefits of work in other fields to produce an entertaining consumer product.

But that may be changing. Video games are starting to give back to the technological world, offering ideas and inspiring breakthroughs that improve other fields.


Apple looking at dualmode touchscreen desktops and laptops

Apple has considered how touchscreen-equipped Macs could switch from traditional keyboard and mouse input by switching UI paradigms according to a patent application filed with WIPO earlier this year.


Unreleased Acer Netbook Shows Up in Chromium Bug Reports

A blog that is based on Acer netbooks has put together a post about some bug reporting that has showed up on the Chromium site referencing an uknown Acer model dubbed "ZGA".

According to the article, it appears that this runs concurrent with other de


Slowing down supercomputers during a DC cooling outage

Purdue University has developed software that can slow server activity as temperature rises, and has used this technique to keep the school's supercomputing data center continually operating throughout several cooling failures this past summer.


No BS Podcast 151 Editing the Skeleton Crew

Congratulations--you've managed to stay alive for another 7 days! Now it's time for your reward:�the one hundred and fifty-first episode of the No BS Podcast. This week, Gordon and Nathan discuss the fate of the netbook, 1Gbps FIOS, Oracle's suit against Google, and a little something we like to call�Minecraft.��

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A tale of technological triumph? Just need to get something off your chest? A secret to share? Email us at or call our 24-hour No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337--operators are not standing by.


How to Install Animated [Live] HD Wallpapers on iPhone 4

One of the things which iPhones and iPod touches are still missing over Android devices is the animated or live wallpapers option which were first introduced with Android 2.1 on Nexus One back in January of this year.


lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Computers that read minds are being developed by Intel

New technology could allow people to dictate letters and search the internet simply by thinking, according to researchers at Intel who are behind the project.


Best Buy To Stock Numerous Slates This Holiday Season

The report mentions that "a new crop of tablets, including devices from Samsung, Acer and Research In Motion, is expected to debut in time for the holidays"...


Google Apps 5 Things You Need to Know

Unless you've been running your business out of a cave in the Himalayas, you know that software has undergone some major changes over the past few years.

Budget-minded small businesses are taking the online application leap. Google Apps is the pack leader when it comes to Internet office suites.


5 Password Rules Every User Should Follow

Following are five great tips that every user should know about the first line of network defense.


Kevin Rose Why Apples iTV Will ChangeEverything

The rumor: Apple will be releasing a revamped/renamed version of their 'Apple TV' set-top box, called 'iTV'.

The box will run the Apple iOS (same as the iPhone/iPad), and be priced around $99. Why will this change everything?


Malware infected condemned Mainframe Spanish Airliner

Spanair flight number JK 5022, which crashed seconds after taking off from Madrid's Barajas airport on August 20, 2008, may have been doomed� by a malware-infected mainframe responsible for identifying technical snags, it has now emerged. A preliminary probe into the cause of the crash that killed 154 people had pinned the blame on pilot error.

But according to a recent report in Spanish daily El Pais, the malware-toting mainframe may have had a significant role in the crash. A couple of technical problems passed under the radar a day before the crash. However, had the computer been in rude health, it would have not only helped technicians identify the snags but also prompted them to ground the ill-fated plane. An investigation commission is expected to submit its final report in December.


domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Velocity Ships First Mainstream Android Tablet In September

The seven-inch Android 2.1 slate is now due to ship both online and to electronics stores in early September for $200.


Rumor HTC to SO Tablet Chrome Due on Black Friday

The latest tablet rumor is brought to you by tech blog Downloadsquad.

According to the blog's anonymous source, Verizon Wireless will begin selling a HTC tablet running Google's cloud-based Chrome OS in late November. Its source, in fact, gave a specific launch date: Black Friday, November 26 -- the busiest shopping day of the year. However, as the source did not disclose any particulars, Downloadsquad's Lee Matthew's grabbed the opportunity to speculate with both hands and dreamed up a tablet featuring: NVidia's Tegra 2 platform and sport a 1280x720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, minimum 32GB SSD, WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE connectivity, GPS, webcam, and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader.�Via:


Sanyo intros pocket cam 1080p 3x optical zoom

Sanyo has introduced the VPC-PD2BK, a pocket cam capable of shooting 1080p video at 30fps.

The camera also allows users to capture 10-megapixel stills. Face detection, 3x optical zoom and digital image stabilization are available in either mode....Via:


6 Features We Wish To See In Next iPhone

The curtain has been pulled back on iPhone 4, and the list of new features is massive: Theres multitasking (finally!), a refreshed interface, and literally hundreds of other changes. What follows is a list of the 6 most useful and, dare I say it, necessary features the next major update to iPhone OS should address.


Consumers Want Their Tablets Some Looking Beyond iPad

The popularity of the Apple iPad does not mean others will fail in the tablet market, according to Thursday data from Forrester.

A recent study found that 14 percent of U.S. online consumers - or 27 million people - intend to purchase a tablet in the next year.


The Top Five Phone Apps to Help You Slack Off in School

Whether or not you'd like to think about it, school starts for most high schools and universities on Monday.

It's not easy getting back into the campus routine. But don't go crying into your favorite bottle of alcohol and proclaiming that summer was too short just yet. We're here to make your life easier (and possibly much lazier).


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NVIDIAs unannounced GeForce GT 425M shows in notebook specs

NVIDIA's first mainstream GeForce 400 notebook chipset, the GT 425M, has surfaced in leaks earlier this month.

Semi-Accurate noted that the graphics core has been listed as showing in a 17-inch ASUS notebook, but with different features.


16 Water Powered Gadgets and Designs [PICS]

here is a list of 16 various water powered devices that can help you go green and stay clean.


Fake AndroidBased iPads Selling for 125 in China

No matter how hard it is to get the new it� gadget of the moment, no matter how much you see those first few units selling for on eBay, no matter how long the backorder waits get, odds are that there will be a fake version of it waiting for you on the streets of Beijing.


HP confirms webOS compressed due 2011

HP confirms webOS compressed due 2011
HP during the conference call discussing its latest fiscal results confirmed that its webOS tablet had been moved to next year. When asked about the company's weakness in notebooks due to the iPad, Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley answered back that the device, unofficially known as the PalmPad, would arrive in "early 2011." He also confirmed that the enterprise-only Windows 7 Slate would arrive in the "near future."...


Meet The Bicycle That Fits In A Briefcase

When you say foldable bicycle�, the first thing that comes to mind are those ugly little things with small tires, intended for the vacationer set.

Turns out that there are other designs as well, bicycles that you wouldnt be embarrassed to ride in public, but will still fold up small enough to fit into a briefcase.


7 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About But Should

There are many web apps out there, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy.

Here we have selected some excellent gems for you. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best.


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Google gives Picasa 38 a cloud connection

A Picnik interface


Virtual Reality You Can Touch video

This is pretty amazing....


Apple faces Trade Commission probe

The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating Apple���s business practices after a number of companies complained about changes to Apple���s iPhone OS developer agreement.

Apple has made regular changes to its App Store rules, leaving developers worried and annoyed that the success of their business is in Apple���s hands.


Working on Tablet Asus Android

Asus trotted out two tablet prototypes at Computex 2010 in May.

One of them featured Windows 7 and the other ran Windows Embedded Compact 7. A couple of months later there were rumors of Asus replacing Windows Embedded Compact 7 with Android. But as it turns out, the company probably never had any plans of replacing Microsoft's OS for ARM-based mobile and embedded devices. The Android tablet will be Asustek's cheapest (if things don't change in the intervening period) as it will cost less than $399. The first tablet to gallop out of the Asus stable, the Windows 7-based Eee Pad EP121, will be priced somewhere around $1,000.


Acer E400 Smartphone

Acer's beTouch E400 is a slim and elegant Android phone with a 3.2in touchscreen.

It has touch-sensitive buttons below the screen, which makes the fascia a


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HBO not streaming on Netflix anytime soon

If you were hoping to see HBO's content show up on Netflix's streaming service, things aren't looking to


First Look Fujifilm 3D camera W3

Spearheading the 3D charge in the camera world is FujiFilm, who, in a couple of days, will be debuting their Real 3D W3 digital camera.�

Well, yeah, this is 3D right?� But the addition of two lenses can do more than make 3D images--you can calibrate each of the lenses to shoot from different perspectives (take a wide shot and a standard shot simultaneously, for example), at different settings (take two images simultaneously with different ISO or shutter settings) and switch easily between shooting in 2D and 3D with the press of a button. If you're shooting video in 3D, you'll be able to play them back on the 3.5" Autostereoscopic 3D LCD on the back of the camera.� That's right, like Nintendos new 3DS, you're not going to need a hoaky set of glasses to look at the screen.�
First Look Fujifilm 3D camera W3


Murphys Law 98 percent of enterprises use open source 29 percent contribute to the community What

A recent survey hit my radar this weekend and, I must say, I'm not that surprised by the results.

Contrary to my usual columns, I won't bury the lede: Accenture polled 300 large organizations in both the public and private sectors and---surprise!---found that half of them are fully committed� to using open-source software in their businesses.I would assume that we've created open-source� software partly as a means to distinguish it from simple free� applications that, themselves, can be walled off from third-party modification while nevertheless remaining free to download and use. That was a mouthful and, worse, it veers narrowly close to the, open-source versus free� discussion I've been trying to avoid. So allow me to simplify: If one downloads open-source, should one be compelled to contribute to the betterment of the program?Via:


Google Android Enhanced voice recognition

At Google's press conference today, the centerpiece was an update to the way Android handles voice input.

The new Voice Actions app integrates with an Android phone's existing voice input system to offer new abilities. Previously, voice search was capable of initiating some actions, like calling existing contacts, but Voice Actions adds some new and useful features.Now users can dictate text messages and emails by simply telling the phone which contact to use, and speaking the text. A preview will be shown and can be edited with the keyboard, or voice input. Now when you need to call a business, you can just speak the name and Voice Actions will find the number and call it. By speaking "listen to" and�saying�an artist or album, Android can use you installed music apps, like Pandora, to find the artist or album you want.


Yahoo starts Bing transition kills Search Monkey

Starting this week, searchers on Yahoo will start to see a little "Powered by Bing" message at the bottom of the results page, as the two companies start the public phase of their huge search deal completed last year.


The Jailbroken Economy New Era Entrepreneurs

Some of historys most successful entrepreneurs made their fortunes by pushing the envelope and testing legal boundaries.

Rather than flagrantly breaking laws, these gray market� entrepreneurs challenge rules or norms that are less likely to be cared about by the public or the courts.


A boss in information security forgot to lock his computer

....and this is what his staff had waiting for him.


miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

50 Really Useful Android Tips and Tricks

Android is a great little mobile operating system for the modern smartphone, but it can feel a little bewildering and complex to the newcomer.


Windows Phone 7 through a developers eyes

Developer Justin James shares his perspective about the pros and the cons about development for Windows Phone 7.


Ubuntu 10 to Get Multitouch

Linux isn't going to be left out of the multitouch game: Ubuntu 10.0 will feature a multitouch framework aimed at desktop and notebook applications.


martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Next iPhone Jailbreak Due after iOS 41 Says Comex

The father of JailbreakMe 2.0 and Spirit Jailbreak (Userland Jailbreak tools), comex has revealed that he has found another Userland bug in iOS 4.1, the upcoming tool will Jailbreak all iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad.


Malfunctioning iPod Brought a Tokyo Subway Train To A Halt

An unidentified, malfunctioning iPod brought a Tokyo subway train to a halt for an eight minutes during this morning's rush hour.


S1100pj official Nikon camera projector

S1100pj official Nikon camera projector
In its first wave of camera launches this week, Nikon tonight unveiled two point-and-shoot CoolPix cameras, including one of its most unique. The S1100pj revamps its projector camera with a new look and upgraded features. The pico projector built into the body itself is 40 percent brighter, at 14 lumens, and casts up to a 47-inch image from more than seven feet away....


10 Chrome Extensions for Better BacktoSchool Browsing

If Google Chrome is your browser of choice, there are loads of useful add-on enhancements in the Extensions Gallery which can turn Chrome into a powerful tool for staying focused and productive while tackling your coursework.


HTC Android Droid Incredible must get 22 August 18

The Droid Incredible is now said to be getting its promised Android 2.2 update next week, on August 18.

HTC's update is now polished to where it's "ready for primetime," and Mashable source said Verizon staffers already have the update on their own phones. Contacts didn't say if the update would add 720p video or a mobile hotspot feature....Via:


lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

2K with BioShock goes to heaven Infinite

BioShock 2 was great and all, but if you couldn't help but feel a sense of deja vu surge through your synapses as you electrocuted an unsuspecting splicer in a pool of water again yet again, you weren't alone.

Enter BioShock: Infinite. It's the next game from BioShock creator Ken Levine (who, as a matter of fact, was not involved with BioShock 2's development), and as far as we can tell, it's BioShock in name only. See, Rapture's completely out of the picture. In fact, Infinite's location is more or less the opposite of Rapture, floating atop the clouds instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea. Columbia, as it's known, is a steampunky testament to early 1900's American ingenuity -- bright and optimistic as opposed to Rapture's thick fog of foreboding.


Apple supply manager arrested for money laundering fraud

Ever wonder why -- after years of secrecy -- camera-ready iPod cases began rolling out? The answer could possibly be Apple supply manager Paul Shin


10 Cool and Unusual Laptop Sleeves [PICS]

Laptop sleeves are a super-handy way to protect your most valuable digital possession while on the go, but in many cases they can be super-boring.


Kindle vs IPAD screen technology compared 375x enlargement

Kindle vs IPAD screen technology compared 375x enlargement

Dozens of comparisons between LCD and E-ink screens are made almost every day, but this is the first time we’ve seen both at 375x magnification. It still doesn’t really settle the argument as to which is better for reading, but it’s interesting to check out for yourself either way. The two technologies pictured above are the iPad’s 1024-by-768 IPS 132 pixel per inch LCD, along with the Kindle 2’s 600-by-800 167 pixel per inch e-ink display.

It would be interesting to see how much crisper the new “pearl” e-ink screen would look by comparison, but we still have a long way to go before it reaches parity with print.


How to catch an iPhone thief Busting an iPhone thief

Being persistent and getting what is rightfully yours back!


Childless British couple builds a robot child companion

Meet Aimec, the creation of Tony and Judie Ellis, a robot building couple from South-East England.

Aimec follows them around their 18th century country home, cracking jokes, laughing, and searching online for interesting things to tell its parents, just like a real kid


domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

TweetDeck Beta Comes To Android Stirs Up Quite The Fuss

The Android faithful were pretty happy when Twitter launched their official mobile app on Google's mobile OS, and now they have another reason to celebrate.

The app that's arguably considered the best Twitter app and it's now official on Android.


WiMax two nearly complete the next commercial deployment in 2012

It doesn't matter that major carriers will start introducing LTE in 2011, the WiMax forum is forging ahead with the WiMax 2 standard, which it hopes to have finalized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) this November."We don't think it would be detrimental if Clearwire decided to run both WiMax and LTE," says Declan Byrne, the marketing director for the WiMax Forum industry group, who was admittedly "surprised" by Clearwire's LTE announcement. "In some ways it might be postive for both WiMax and LTE because it would take some of the sting out of the 'either-or' dynamic that a lot of people have been setting up when talking about the two technologies."Via:


Samsung promises Galaxy S solution for GPS in September

Samsung's web product analyst Carla Saavedra on Friday promised an upcoming fix for chronic problems with GPS on Galaxy S phones. An update to "optimize" the positioning is due in September and should significantly speed up the lock-in time and accuracy. The patch should apply to both US and international versions of the Android device, such as the Captivate and Vibrant, although it's not known how many will get updates at the same time....
Samsung promises Galaxy S solution for GPS in September


Smudge Attacks The Latest Security Hole

Indeed, while the idea of a "smudge attack" may first seem arcane, touching the screen with your finger leaves behind an oily residue that is pretty persistent, as those that have tried to rub it off sans a screen cleaner can attest to.


A Magical Ride To The Apple Store

A Magical Ride To The Apple Store


Design Lab The Coolest Way To Do Your LaundryPics Video

The Design Lab 2010 competition asked industrial design students to provide solutions for compact living in the homes of the future in 2050.

Eight finalists were chosen, which included the Dismount Washer, the sleekest washing machine that sits on your wall.


sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

5 Things We Want to See in Apples iTV

Another day, another Apple rumor.

The latest report is that the company will finally revamp its oft-forgotten and neglected Apple TV and rename it iTV to fit neatly into Apple's iUniverse of products. Here are 5 things which we would like to see in Apple's iTV.


Rumor AMD 6xxx series GPUs Slated for November

For the most part, AMD's 5xxx series of GPUs have stood up well against the competition,and that includes Nvidia's Fermi architecture.

If the Sunnyvale graphics chip maker wanted to, it could probably sit on the sidelines for the rest of the year and still remain competitive.That isn't in AMD's cards, so to speak. Citing "sources from graphics card players," Digitimes says you can expect AMD to start shipping videocards built around its next-gen GPU -- codenamed Southern Islands -- in November, with an official announcement preceding the launch a month ahead of time. This new GPU will come manufactured on a 28nm process. The original plan was to make these upcoming chips using a 32nm manufacturing process (and called Northern Islands by AMD), but Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) ended up skipping its 32nm R&D and jumped straight to 28nm.Via:


IE9 Beta Available September 15

The day is almost at hand folks, Microsoft has just made it known that the first beta for the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 will be available on September 15. There will be a lunch event on that day where developers will show off "the beauty of the web." Well, eye-rolling tag lines aside, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can manage to put out a solid browser after previously faltering.

Internet Explorer 9 has been made available as a developer preview since March. In the intervening months, the browser has sped up, and become more standards compliant. Microsoft is building in support for the HTML5 web standard as well. The UI of the preview builds has not been that of the final build. We're hoping for Microsoft to really knock our socks off with a new and innovative design. We should find out on September 15. What would it take for you to get back on Microsoft's browser?
IE9 Beta Available September 15


Casemate will freak you out with iPhone case commercials

Case-mate has decided to promote its new iPhone and iPad case-making site with some videos, and rather than put together images of how great the cases work or how good they look, the ad people decided to just jump right into the deep end of the insane pool.


Oh No Woman You broke my iphone Oh wait a minute

a funny way to test true love...


30 Creative Illustrated Website Footers

Beautiful and creative illustrated website footers for your inspiration.


viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

How ATTs iPhone Exclusivity Ends

If John Gruber is right, the iPod Touch will be upgraded in a matter of weeks with two cameras and the iPhone 4's retina display.

Im going to go out on a limb here and call this effectively the end of AT&T exclusivity.


Meet Precious the Bike with a Brain

Precious's brain is an on-board device that captures all of his experiences, combined with a cloud-based system that analyzes those experiences.

Put this all together and get a bike that's able to express itself in his own words. He shares his up-to-the-moment thoughts, and has a subconscious which allows him to dream about all hes been through.


IPad of The Tiger

old school anthem "Eye of the Tiger" covered with the instruments using the iPad apps by Scott Harris


10 Most Creative Resumes

"Looking for a job? Having one of these creative resumes won't necessary get you one, but it'll surely get a lot of attention; meet ten of the best resumes we've seen."


20 Cool Reasons to Hack Your Apple TV

If you are interested in hacking your Apple TV, then try one of the following options: avtusb-creator (free) or ATV Flash ($49.95).

Both methods are great and as you check our list of reasons to hack the Apple TV, you can decide which one is right for you.


More content streaming comes to Netflix

More content streaming comes to Netflix

As much as we love our streaming Netflix service, if there's one gripe (and it's a pretty big one), it's that the catalog of titles isn't anywhere near as fleshed out as we'd like it to be. But hey, at least Netflix is headed in the right direction, as evidenced by a deal with premium cable channel Epix reportedly valued at over $900 million.

Under terms of the near $1 billion deal, Netflix will be allowed to stream titles from all three studios 90 days after they make their debut on Epix, giving the streaming service access to a greater number of big name titles.


martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Hacker Intercepts CellPhones in Defcon with 1500 System

An ethical hacker named Chris Paget demonstrated live interception of GSM cell phones from AT&T and T-Mobile at Defcon Hacking Conference on Saturday.

Despite concerns that he could be arrested or fined for illegally intercepting cell phone calls, he went ahead with the demonstration.


Samsung Debuts 1080p Pocket Camcorder Flip Killer

The new HMX-E10 is a pocket camcorder capable of shooting 1080p Full HD video, complete with a 270-degree swiveling lens, built-in USB port, onscreen upload� button and a 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor.

There's also a 2.7" wide LCD screen on the rear, with the screen split into two sections for frame view and touch screen controls.


Motorboat Zipper Illustrates Art On The Fly

The oceans just got sexier, thanks to Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki and his zany zipper motorboat.

Hey Neptune, your fly is open!


BlackBerry service to be suspended by the United Arab Emirates

Some BlackBerry services will be suspended in the United Arab Emirates from Oct. 11 because the services do not fall in line with the country's regulations, the UAE telecommunications regulator said on Sunday.Via:


lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Samsung Planning 7inch Android Tablet PC For Q3 Launch

Does the world have room for another tablet PC? Considering that there are only a few of these new slates in the market, led of course by Apple's iPad, we suspect the answer is yes...


iVar the new apple product

Made principally from red bell peppers, with eggplant, garlic and chili pepper.


domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Report RIM unveiling 97 inch Blackpad in November

Apparently, RIM is gearing up to unveil a tablet sometime in November and guess what? It actually will be called the Blackpad.


Is also your data in the Facebook torrent file

Someone scraped the publicly-available Facebook directory and hosted it as a torrent file, so anyone with an internet connection could download it.


Why you should never wash a brick

Why you should never wash a brick.


The Robot That Visits Your Cubicle

When Trevor Blackwell, CEO of a company called Anybots, wants to know what his employees are up to, he sends a robot to their cubicles.