martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Borders Sells 65536 IPv4 Addresses for 12 Each

Bookseller Borders was unable to survive the crushing onslaught from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, eventually leading to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing earlier this year. As the shell of a company continues to sell assets to pay creditors, it's started scraping the bottom of the barrel. Borders has agreed to sell off its last significant asset; 65,536 IPv4 addresses. Software vendor Cerner will pick them up for $12 each.

The $786,432 deal will give Cerner access to a dwindling resource. ICANN handed out the last blocks of IPv4 addresses to regional registrars earlier this year. In the past, a block of IP address space would have fetched such a price, but with questions around IPv6, some believe the older addresses will increase in value.�...
Borders Sells 65536 IPv4 Addresses for 12 Each


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