sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

TorrentFreak Censored By AntiPiracy IP Blocklist

A while ago someone from IpfilterX contacted us to ask if we could help them with their donation drive.

We kindly explained that we could not honor the request. Not because we dont want to support them, but because we feel that TorrentFreak is not the best outlet for their message. Unfortunately, this didnt satisfy the IpfilterX guy, who sent this message back�


We are all being tracked now What should we do about that

Apple took its turn in the privacy hot seat this week, but it was a short stay.� Before the company could press-release its way out of trouble over its location-tracking iPhones, Sony grabbed that spotlight with a far more serious data transgression.


Congress to grill Sony over PSN hacks

The US Congress has written to Sony asking it to provide the full details of the serious data breach that resulted in the PlayStation Network being taken offline.

In a letter addressed to Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony, Congress asks a number of pointed questions about the nature and depth of the attack including how it occurred and how the company plans to mitigate the effects of the breach. The letter from Congress also asks whether Sony will, �offer any credit monitoring or other services to consumers who suffer actual harm as a result of this breach.�......


Intel To Ship Five New SSDs Hybrid Drive

According to a leaked product road map, Intel plans five new SSDs by year's end, including a new chipset that will allow it to produce a hybrid drive.


How to Back up Everything with SyncBack

We remember a time when back up� meant hitting the clone drive� button---and that was about as hard as it got. Unfortunately, things have changed. Now that we measure our digital lives in terabytes instead of megabytes, it's just impractical to copy the entire contents of one drive over to another as part of a routine backup schedule.

Confession time: You'll have to use Windows Task Manager to schedule SyncBack backups if you want them to happen when the program isn't running in the background of your operating system. That's a ton of work, and we actually don't mind having super-quick access to our backup profiles with a background-running SyncBack . So, we much prefer SyncBack's simple, Run this profile every...� option, to be found within the Background tab of the Profile Setup screen . Set the time interval in seconds, minutes, hours, or days, and SyncBack will automatically process your...
How to Back up Everything with SyncBack


Apples purchase of iCloudcom domain confirmed

Apple is said to have indeed bought the iCloud.com domain for its forthcoming cloud-based iTunes music streaming service, though the rumored $4.5 million purchase price remains unconfirmed.


MINI Connected Enhances Driving Fun With Social Networking

Cheeky styling and endless personalization options already mark out the MINI as a fun and sociable vehicle, but now a new App from MINI called MINI Connected will give drivers, in MINI's words, "an even more intense experience of limitless driving fun".


viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Why Apple is Rich and you are Not

Quick everyone, to eBay!


iPhone 3G iOS 4 Lack Chemistry

After months of woeful performance, I downgraded my iPhone 3G.

The move cost me some apps and features, but bought me some time.


Future Tense 3D Or Not 3D

Despite the skepticism, of the commentariat, I believe that 3D television is inevitable.� Within a few years, all television sets and all Blu-Ray players and all gaming consoles will be 3D capable.� And because the capability is there, studios and networks will continue to use it as an audience magnet for important events.�

How do we get that digital model in real time without the laser?� Multiple simultaneous photographs.� Let me speculate.� Imagine a camera the size of a small saucer.� The rear is an electronic viewfinder.� The front is an array of lenses.� Two might be sufficient, but I suspect a dozen, set in a circle, might be even more efficient.� The lenses need only have image-sensors of 2 megapixels each.� But for sharpness and detail, you could put a 20-megapixel lens in the center.� The little sensors record placement information.� The one big sensor records texture, color, and detail.� When you...
Future Tense 3D Or Not 3D


Multiple Facebook Pages Taken Down On Bogus Complaints

If you're a regular Redmond Pie reader, you're most likely to know that our Facebook page is inaccessible.

To put it simple: You can disable and/or hack any Facebook page that you may like by requesting Facebook user operations support to help you through it.


RIM Buys Tungle for Cloudbased Calendar Apps

Research In Motion has acquired cloud-based calendar and scheduling company, Tungle.

The company wants to allow business people to share their calendars, appointments and free time.


Samsung phone sales drop 14 profit drops 30

Samsung saw a rare downturn in its mobile business after posting results for the winter.

The Korean company's phone sales sank 14 percent year over year to 70 million devices. Most of its comfort was from its greater dependence on smartphones, which went from just four percent of Samsung's phone mix to 18 percent and helped it make about $1.34 billion in operating profit from the one group.......


Anyone Can Take Down Facebook Pages with a Fake Email Address

Something strange has been happening to several popular Facebook pages in recent weeks: they've disappeared.

According to the affected page owners, they're victims of bogus DMCA claims. The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is a piece of (arguably broken) legislation which allows copyright owners to protect their copyrighted works from infringement. Over the years, it's been used to remove content from Google's search index, from YouTube


jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Pixables Photofeed integrates with Aviary for fun Facebook photo editing

Pixables PhotoFeed enhanced the way users could browse through Facebook photos, and today it got even better with the integration of Aviarys Feather API.


Android Chrome OS and Ubuntu United in One Platform

A new option from Always Innovating adds a fourth Linux-based operating system for a quad-boot alternative.


White iPhone 4 releases tomorrow finally

The rare albino iPhone 4 has been spotted numerous times in the wild, skulking through the trees in the magical United Kingdom, cavorting across the mysterious lands of Vietnam, and most recently standing in formation in Belgium.


Lenovo Working on Honeycomb Android Tablet Too

A deck of PowerPoint slides obtained by Thisismynext have subtly revealed the existence of a 7-inch Lenovo Android tablet slated for a late 2011 launch.

Details are thin, and the image appears to be a placeholder, but there are some definite points of interest. Can it keep up with the competition later this year?The device will have a 1280x800 resolution screen, which should look quite nice in a 7-inch form factor. The CPU is listed a dual core ARM. All Google-approved tablets thus far have had Tegra 2 processors , but by Q4, the specs could be loosened up. The slide also claims the tablet will run Android Honeycomb, but that might just be a way of saying that they will run the whatever the Google-approved tablet version of Android is at that time.�...


Readers Choice Awards 2011 The Best Desktop and Laptop Manufacturers

Our yearly survey reveals just who PCMag readers love�and who they don't�in the world of desktops and laptops.


Samsung Coutersues Apple over iPhoneiPad Patent Infringements

When Apple announced it was going to sue Samsung for patent and trademark infringement over its Galaxy lineup of tablets and phones, the tech industry took notice.

The reasons for paying attention to this one go far beyond the financial ramifications, Samsung you see is one of Apple's biggest component suppliers, manufacturing everything from screen to chips which go into the companies growing portfolio of gadgets. Some journalists speculated the lawsuit was just for show, and would settle quickly with a series cross licensing agreements, a trend that is common in the tech sector. This was a sound theory, howeverAccording to the court filings, Samsung claims that both the iPhone and iPad infringe on 10 of their mobile technology patents, and called for immediate action, along with compensation for damages. The patents in question involve methods for reducing power consumption during data transmission, along with various 3G technologies for reducing errors during transmission.�...


Conned by convenience The dangers of too much aggregation

Aggregators like Google News, Flipboard and Zite make life easier for users, but at what cost? Heres why too much aggregation could actually be bad for people, and the companies playing into the game.


miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

RIP Typewriters Last Manufacturer Closes Its Doors

The world's last factory making typewriters decides to halt production.


White iPhone 4 Debuts at Best Buy This Week

iFans who have waited for the white version of the iPhone 4 are now going to get the handset from Best Buy this week.

On Wednesday!


Droid X 2 spotted in first press shots

The frequently leaked Motorola Droid X 2 has been spotted again ahead of its launch, this time replete with official press shots. The new photos show a device that is identical to the original Droid X, although with revamped innards including an NVIDIA Tegra 2 clocked at 1.2GHz. Additionally, its official branding has now been revealed as the Droid X^2 .......

Droid X 2 spotted in first press shots


Google Fined 5 Million in Linux Patent Case

If Google is one of the most prominent Linux stalwarts around, Android is undoubtedly the public face of its love affair with the open source operating system.

But its Linux affection runs deeper than that as the Internet behemoth uses the OS on everything from back-end servers to employee machines. Now, that deep-rooted love is beginning to cost Google, for a jury has fined it $5 million for infringing on a patent held by Texas-bases patent troll Bedrock Computer Technologies.The big G, meanwhile, has vowed to fight on: Google will continue to defend against attacks like this one on the open source community. The recent explosion in patent litigation is turning the world's information highway into a toll road, forcing companies to spend millions and millions of dollars defending old, questionable patent claims, and wasting resources that would be much better spent investing in new technologies for users and creating jobs.�...


WiFi security flaw for smartphones puts your credit cards at risk Technology The Guardian

BT Openzone and other hotspots can be easily mimicked leaving consumers vulnerable, Guardian investigation finds


FBI vs Coreflood Botnet Round One Goes to the Feds

The takedown operation began two weeks ago, when the Justice Department obtained an unprecedented court order allowing the FBI and U.S.

Marshals Service to swap out command-and-control servers that were communicating with machines infected with Coreflood � malicious software used by criminals to loot a victims banking accounts � and replace them with servers controlled by the FBI. The controversial order also allowed the government to coll


Windows 8 History Vault gets pictured

Windows 7 already sports some solid user data utilities, from its built-in backup tool to the greatly improved file and settings transfer wizard and System


martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Google argues Android location data is optin only

Google in a statement on Friday refuted assertions that Android devices were archiving identifiable location data without users' explicit knowledge just like iOS hardware. It contended that users always had to give permission to send map positioning out to Google and were notified when a location request came. Data was also masked on its way out, Google told TechCrunch, preventing a link between a person or an individual phone and the location.......

Google argues Android location data is optin only


Leaked photos reveal purported Apple iPhone prototype on TMobile

Leaked photos supposedly of a prototype iPhone indicate that Apple may be testing the smartphone on the T-Mobile USA network, a new report claims.


Cloud development 9 gotchas to know before you jump in

Whether developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud, you have to unlearn some beliefs and learn new ones to make it work


Florida NY Consumers Sue Apple Over Location Tracking

The men have sued Apple over the iPhone and iPad location tracking practice researchers made public last week, according to court documents.


Facebook Launches Send Button For More Selective Sharing Announces 50 Million Groups

Facebook's increasingly ubiquitous 'Like' button is getting a new friend: the Send button.

Click on a webpage that has the Send button integrated, and you'll be prompted to share it with any of your Facebook Groups, your Facebook friends, or any standard email address. In other words, where the Like button is designed to let you quickly share content with all of your Facebook friends, the Send button is for sharing with a subset of them.

Site de


What Next for Lastfm the Great Survivor

Its been four years since CBS paid $240 million to buy London-based Last.fm, the much-vaunted online radio service.

Since then, so much has changed � the founders have left, other big social music sites like Myspace are slowly dying off, and a new breed of young online music services like Rdio and Spotify have arisen.


lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Why you should want to pay for apps

The question of whether or not to pay for software and exactly how much you should pay is far older than Apple's App Store.


RETRO VIDEO So How Do Computers Work

Did you ever wonder how computers work? By magic? UFOs? Are vampires involved? There's lots of theories out there.

Let's ask an educational video from 1990 to see if it can shed any light on this "touchy subject."


Toshiba secures Thrive trademark for tablet device

Contrary to recent rumors surrounding the name of Toshiba's upcoming tablet, the company has filed to trademark the term 'Thrive' for an upcoming device specifically described as a "tablet computer." An Engadget report also points out that the company has established a range of domain names that include the term, including ToshibaThrive.com and ThriveTablet.com.......

Toshiba secures Thrive trademark for tablet device


Vonage adds unlimited international calling to mobile phones

Vonage has expanded its range of VoIP services with a new plan that allows users to take advantage of unlimited international calling to mobile phones.

The plan, which carries the label World Premium Unlimited, currently extends to 42 different countries such as China, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and the UK, among others.......


Sleeping With The Enemy Working For The Pirate Hunters

Even happily employed people give the positions vacant columns an idle scan every now again.

But what if a job unexpectedly came up that seemed tailored to your very skill set, involving work you could do standing on your head? If the pay and conditions were good, would you consider it? Maybe. But what if that meant sleeping with the enemy? Could you become an MPAA file-sharing investigator?


Unlock iPhone 432 with Ultrasn0w 122 [Tutorial]

The iPhone Dev Team today has released an updated version of Ultrasn0w unlock to make it compatible with iOS 4.3.2 on iPhone 4 and 3GS, running on the old baseband.


ATT Admits the Sad Truth It Cant Handle the iPhones Needs

If you were wondering exactly why AT&T decided it wanted to acquire T-Mobile USA, it's easy: the company has cried "Uncle." It basically has admitted it can't handle the iPhone.


Toshiba shows off 19nm flash hints at 128GB smartphones

Toshiba late Wednesday revealed its first example of 19 nanometer NAND flash memory in a step that could lead to very high capacity smartphone and tablet storage.

The two-bit-per-cell, 8GB per chip technology is the smallest ever and could double the capacity of mobile devices even before most have been using the previous upgrade. The extra-small size lets Toshiba stack 16 chips in a single package, leading to a single 128GB chip with twice as much storage as the previous best.......


domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Google Launches the Closest Thing to a Real Time Machine

Remember watching those time-lapse videos of growing plants in science class? They look pretty dated once you've checked out the same sequence through Google's new


iPhone 5 Could Be Getting A Big Design Change After All

A new report says it's going to be completely redone.

Topolsky created the mocked up image, which is included on the right here.


Best and worst Android apps for the Royal Wedding

Overall, the upcoming Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton doesn't seem to be igniting the same degree of creative frenzy among Android developers as with their Apple iOS brethren.


Samsungs Galaxy S II Extreme Unboxings [Crazy]

Samsungs come up with a pretty unique promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S II � take a series of crazy bloggers from all over the interwebz, put them into extreme situations (such as jumping out of airplanes and climbing mountains) and have them simultaneously record an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy S II.


Does the Internet Help or Harm the Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is the time we spend online hurting the planet more than we suspect?


sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Army enlists Android for battlefield comms

A smartphone framework based on Google's Android OS is undergoing evaluations.

The Army is also looking to let commercial developers create apps for soldiers on the front line.


Samsung Countersues Apple for Patent Infringement

When it comes to Apples patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, the South Korean electronics said it would answer actively,� using appropriate legal measures� and it has made good on that promise.


What Makes Apps Delightful

With over 650,000 apps seeking our attention, it is not an easy task for apps to get our attention.

In order to be successful and stand out, the mobile apps have to have little friction and in the process overcome smartphone & mobile web's three limitations.


Browser Extension of the Week Shareaholic

Browser Extension of the Week Shareaholic

Last week, we took a peek at Send to my Gmail for Chrome: a great solution for sharing page urls viewed in your Google-made browser using your Google-branded email.� For those of us that would rather surf the internet without the All-Seeing Eye of Mountain View upon us, there's Shareaholic for Firefox. After reading up on what it has to offer, we're sure you'll agree that it deserves to be our Browser Extension of the Week.

After installing the extension to your browser,� you'll note that a Shareaholic icon has been added to Firefox's navigation bar.� Click that icon and you'll be presented with 10 default sharing options, including popular services, such as LinkedIn, Evernote, Facebook and yes, even Gmail. If that's not enough methods for getting word out about the site you're currently viewing, Shareaholic also offers a wide variety of other services that you can add to your sharing list to make using the extension that much more pleasurable.


Labels already licensing music for Apple cloud sources say

Apple may have signed licensing deals with several major labels to secure necessary rights for the company's upcoming media locker.

Earlier reports suggested the cloud-based service lacked significant licensing agreements, however unnamed sources have told All Things Digital that the company already has established deals with at least two of the four primary labels.......


Android phones record userlocations according to research Technology The Guardian

Discovery comes as a senator has written to Apple demanding to know why iPhones keep a secret file of users' movements


Top 5 Musical Uses for Your iPhones Formerly Secret Location Log

As reported by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden on O'Reilly on Wednesday, Apple's iPhone and iPads with cellular data connections have been recording their users' whereabouts in a file that gets backed up to their computers for reasons unknown.


viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Will You Tune In to Your Social Networking Radio Station

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just hear the your social networking updates while working, running or driving? RadioMe, a beta application for Android devices, delivers just that.

But constant audio powered by Twitter or Facebook may not be what some people want to hear.


How Green is the iPhone Infographic Explains

Geekaphone just completed a study looking at the eco-impacts of the iPhone.

Sure, Apple has their consumer-facing sustainability reports for most of their products, including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. But it's always good to hear another party weighing in. And considering Apple has sold over 100 million iPhones, that measurement is very important. Fortunately for us, Geekaphone not only completed a report, but wrapped it up into a handy infogr


Foursquare cofounder makes unusual stop at Apple

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley drew some attention Wednesday with a check-in at Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

The post itself gave no clues but saw him check in at the same time as Holger Luedorf, the company's key organizer for business development and partnerships, as well as its public relations manager Erin Gleason. The latter mentioned she was going to "the next meeting" less than an hour before ending up at Apple.......


Apple Facing Legal Retaliation from Samsung Spends Heavily on Samsung Components

It was probably inevitable. Samsung has responded to Apple's legal action with strong words, and the promise of retaliation. The South Korean technology giant has a broad and deep patent portfolio of its own, and insinuated that they believe Apple is infringing one several of their own wireless patents. Samsung also reminds us how insane the situation is considering Apple is Sammy's second largest component customer, to the tune of billion in annual sales.�

So Apple has made a serious assault on one of their supplier's main businesses. We can only imagine how awkward it's going to be the next time Apple needs millions of NAND flash chips. Keep an eye out for Samsung's counter-claims. There's probably a room full of lawyers at Samsung HQ furiously working on the giant pile of paperwork right now.
Apple Facing Legal Retaliation from Samsung Spends Heavily on Samsung Components


Google found guilty of patent infringement for using Linux

A jury in the Eastern District of Texas told Google that it owes Bedrock Computer Technologies $5 million in damages for using versions of Linux that infringe on Bedrock's patents.


Apple iPhone 5 expected in September

Next-generation iPhone will have a faster processor with production starting in July or August.


Twitter to hide excessive messages from overactive tweeters

The company is testing a new feature that would hide excessive messages from users who send lots of messages in a short amount of time � an ability that has been standard in Facebook for ages.


jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

In The Know Should The Nations Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers

Panelists discuss how owning a top-of-the-line MacBook or an iPad 2 is actually essential to finding a new job.


Coolest Way to Erase a CD [Video]

This happens when you put excessive amount of electricity on a spinning compact disk.

Every office should have one next to the shredder... okay maybe not.


Apple Files Suit Against Samsung Over Galaxy Phones and Tablets

It wouldn't be a week in the technobubble without a new intellectual patent suit.

This one is looking like quite the doozy, though. Apple has filed a patent and trademark infringement suit against Samsung. At issue are Samsung's line of Galaxy phones and tablets. Apple claims the physical design and user interface borrow too heavily from Apple products.Apple's hefty court filings make numerous accusations. For instance, Apple takes issue with the physical shape of the Galaxy S phones with the rounded corners and button placement.


Yahoo to keep personal search data for 18 months instead of three

Yahoo said it would begin keeping records of its users search engine queries for at least 18 months, not three in an effort to "keep pace" with what its competitors are doing.

Microsoft keeps search data for 18 months, too.


Linux patent protection network gets boost from Facebook HP

Facebook, HP, Rackspace, Juniper, Fujitsu and dozens of other organizations have joined a group building a defensive patent portfolio to protect Linux-using members from potential lawsuits.


ATT Boosts Subscriber Rolls Even After Rival Verizon Wireless Gets IPhone

AT&T Inc. , the second-largest U.S. wireless carrier, gained contract subscribers last quarter as promotions and new devices helped offset the loss of its exclusivity for the top-selling Apple Inc. iPhone.


Rumors reignite of Apple investing in Toshiba for displays

Talk of Apple purportedly investing in Toshiba's display production flared up again after a new claim from Japan's Nikkan Kogyo claimed a plan was still underway. Toshiba had reportedly been in a fierce competition with Sharp that had seen both invest about $1.21 billion in factories that would produce screens for future iPhones. Toshiba had won after Apple decided to concentrate its Japanese efforts, according to the paper....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Meizu MX shown may give clues to iPhone 5 design

Meizu head Jack Wong chose Sunday forum post to show the successor to the M9 in what could be an indirect clue as to iPhone 5 features. Now called the MX, the device once known as the M9II will keep its 640x940 resolution but on a larger four-inch screen. The design was already expected to use a dual-core chip and would be less than a hundredth of an inch thicker than its Apple inspiration.......

Meizu MX shown may give clues to iPhone 5 design


Twitter rumoured to be buying TweetDeck for 50m

Ian Dodsworth, the British founder of TweetDeck, is reportedly in advanced talks to sell his firm to Twitter for $50m


Andreessen Horowitz Leads 175M Round In Freebie Marketplace Listia

Listia, a marketplace for free stuff, has raised $1.75 million in funding from an impressive roster of investors and angels.

The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from SV Angel, Founder Collective, High Line Venture Partners, Max Levchin, Naval Ravikant, Alex Zubillaga, James Hong and others. Listia previously raised $400K in angel funding.


Googles Angels Others Back IO Turbine

The angels who wrote the first check to Google, also were the first backers of startup IO Turbine, which comes out of stealth mode today with details about its fundraising, its founders and its planned product for speeding up I/O bottlenecks on virtualized servers.


New Holiday Alert Skynet Becomes SelfAware Day Today

Happy Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Day!


Supreme Court Case of i4i vs Microsoft set to Begin Tomorrow

Microsoft has spent plenty of time defending itself in the court room over the years, but arguably the case of Microsoft vs. i4i is as important a battle for the software giant as its antitrust trial was more than a decade ago.

The case itself began over a claim of infringement by i4i over a recently removed feature in Microsoft Word, but more broadly the case will have a long term impact on how patents will be enforced going forward.Microsoft and it's rather a-typical posse are seeking to change the way patent accusations are handled in general. A ruling in their favor could severely damage the ability of nonpracticing entities� , from going after other companies with weak patents. The implications are obviously much broader than this, but ultimately that is what Microsoft is looking to accomplish here.�...


Skype Acknowledges Android Security Issue Working on a Fix

Skype might have been caught off guard by the news that their Android app was subject to a data stealing exploit, but the company has made an announcement to calm our nerves.

Skype has acknowledged the issue, and is working on a fix. In the meantime, they suggest users be cautious about what apps they install.�The Skype app for Android stores user profile data on the SD card in a standard folder. None of the sqlite3 databases are encrypted, so it is a relatively simple process to extract the data. The information that is accessible to this hack includes contacts, IM logs, and profile data.�...


Zillow files for a smallish IPO

Online real estate company Zillow will join the wave of consumer Web companies filing for initial public offerings.


martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Matchcom will screen users against sex offender database

Several days after an L.A. woman filed suit against Match.com claiming she was attacked by a man she met on the dating site, company officials announced Sunday they would begin crossing-checking users against sex offender databases.


Risk Management in Cloud Computing

The rewards of cloud computing can be tremendous if the risks are well managed.


How to fix any computer The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal's guide to fixing Windows, Mac, or Linux computers


White iPhone 4 pops up in Verizon stock systems

White iPhone 4 pops up in Verizon stock systems

Hints of the white iPhone 4 getting close reached a new high on Friday after the models were spotted in Verizon's inventory system. Two unnamed but distinctly Apple-patterened SKUs have shown up, MC677LL/A and MC679LL/A, that have 16GB and 32GB respectively of storage. Based on 9to5's sources for the sighting and the recognizable names for every other Apple device in the system, they should only be the new iPhone 4 versions since each is one SKU digit above its black equivalent.......


Again Winklevoss Twins Appeal in Legal Feud With Facebook

Despite the forceful ruling handed down by one of the country's top courts last Monday, the Winklevoss twins have asked a federal appeals court to reconsider its order (yet again) that they accept a settlement over the creation of Facebook, the world's most popular social network.


lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Why every company needs a Twitter Tsar

As the Government begins its hunt for a digital chief, Emma Barnett explains why every company should have one.


Apple iPad 2 20 essential apps for your new iPad

If you've got a new iPad 2, or you're getting one today, you'll be needing
some apps to put on it.

Here are some suggestions.


From Hacktivists to Cyber Terrorists The Many Faces of Hacking

There are many reasons why people get into hacking.

Some want to change the world, to fight for the little guy, to make corporations and governments pay for


A review of Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes

Our man Trader Aaron knows his server admin. Today he'll be looking at Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes. But is it an amazing piece of software development or a buggy bit of code?...
How You Can Cash-in From The 18,403,191 Websites Running WordPress ...
Even more info here:http://respectedadmins.com/reviews/build-your-own-wicked-wordpress-themes-review/

The Best SSDs and HDDs For Your Money April 2011

The Best SSDs and HDDs For Your Money April 2011

Looking for a SSD or HDD, but don't have time to read reviews or just can't bother?No problem, let me come to your help with this guide on The Best SSDs and HDDs For Your Money!...


Valves Portal 2 Early Release Promotion Innovative or Crass

Game maker Valve kicked off a promotion today that allows fans to force the early release of Portal 2 if they buy a bundle of 13 independent games through its online store.

It's an innovative idea, though the execution makes the effort feel a little crass.


Adobe throws in towel adopts HTTP Live Streaming for iOS

An upcoming version of Flash Media Server will use HTTP Live Streaming to send video to iOS devices as well as compatible HTML5 browsers lacking a Flash plug-in.


Small But Powerful 30 Useful Apps Under 2MB

When it comes to computing, our general philosophy at Maximum PC is that bigger is better.

More, speed, more memory, more power--as far as hardware goes, there's no such things as excess. Software, though... Software's a little different. Big, feature-packed utilities and applications are great, but we prefer apps that show a little restraint.Core i3/5/7 chips are great at handling thermal and power loads. Instead of simply crashing or locking up your box, most Core iX chips just throttle the clock speeds down until the heat is manageable.


domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Google Videos uploaded video content no longer available soon

Google Videos' uploaded video content no longer available soon.


How can social networks make money

With social networks now big business, what can the companies do to turn free services into hard cash?


eBooks overtake US paperbacks

Electronic books have become the bestselling category in the US for the first time, new data shows


Google Music Talks Reportedly Break Down

If you've been waiting with bated breath for Google to launch their iTunes competitor, take a breath.

No, it's not happening, we just don't want you to pass out during the wait. A report from All Things D indicates that Google's talks with the recording industry have broken down. The situation is so bad apparently, that Google is reconsidering their entire approach to Google Music.All the indications leading up to this were positive, with sources indicating their confidence in a deal being reached. It is possible that talks have been complicated by the launch of Amazon's Cloud Player. Google may have realized they needed different arrangements, but the labels put their collective foot down.�...


TMobile kills 60 unlimited datatalktext plan

Contrary to information that surfaced in recent leaks, T-Mobile has reportedly dropped plans to offer a new 'Even More Plus' plan, which would have provided unlimited data, talk and text service for just $60/month. An internal document posted on TmoNews notifies employees that the plan will be removed from the company's systems overnight.......

TMobile kills 60 unlimited datatalktext plan


Managing your media library on the Mac

Get the most out of your Mac as media server


Byte The App Must See Apps

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do.


sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Would You Buy an Apple Brand HDTV

You've heard of Apple TV, the $99 set-top box that allows you to rent movies and TV shows, watch Netflix titles, and stream photos and music from your home network to your living room television set.

But what would you think about an Internet-connected HDTV built and branded by Apple? According to online chatter, this is exactly what Apple...


Best Buy iPad 2 promo leaks reveals low stock for April 17

Best Buy's decision to hold iPad 2 stock for a special promo was explained in full on Friday after a store memo gave away its plans.

The event in question is just a typical promotion for its April 17 flyer and will see stores carrying at least three iPads this coming Sunday. The version of the memo Engadget obtained had the offline reserve system turned on so shoppers could commit to an iPad outside of the usual schedule, although staff purchases were turned on and could see some of the supply already spoken for before the store...


Putting a fuel cell in your pocket

Technology using catalysts which make hydrogen from formic acid could eventually replace lithium batteries and power a host of mobile devices.


Truste sneaking tracking back into IE9

Truste is taking flack for posing a privacy protection service, when in reality it creates a whitelist of sites that are "approved" to track IE9 users as they use the Web.

The EEF says, "The main consequence of subscribing to that list in IE9 is to ensure that web users are tracked, not that they are protected from tracking."


RCA ships pocket TVs with digital TVMobile DTV tuners

RCA ships pocket TVs with digital TVMobile DTV tuners

RCA has announced that it is ready to ship several portable TVs that can be used to watch digital TV broadcasts or Mobile DTV feeds. The offerings include three standalone models with 3.5- or seven-inch displays, along with a tuner for car infotainment systems. The larger DMT270R centers around a seven-inch LCD with 800x480 resolution, with a built-in battery claimed to extend past four hours of viewing.......


White iPhone Rumored to Start Shipping from End of April

After a ten months delay and a bunch of rumors, were now hearing that the white iPhone 4 is gearing for the gala release at the end of April.


Google lets you customize your Gmail experience

The search giant has just revealed a new way to personalize your gigantic e-mail inbox.


viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Cheat Sheet 10 Quick and Easy Photoshop Tips

In the world of photography, Photoshop is the industry standard in post production work--capapble of doing nearly anything to any given photo. Though the rabbit hole is extremely deep, there are a few simple steps you can take to spruce up your images quickly and efficiently.�

If you plan to upload oodles of high resolution vacation pictures to Facebook, you should probably downsize them first. Open a photo and then click on Windows > Action. Now click on the down arrow, select New Action, and name it Batch Resize. Press the record button and then proceed to resize your pic, save the image, close it, and press the stop button. To use your new macro, go to File > Automate > Batch.
Cheat Sheet 10 Quick and Easy Photoshop Tips


Samsung Galaxy S II Debuts in UK on May 1st

The slimmest and lightest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S II will be available in shops across the UK shops starting May 1st.


Windows 8 Milestone 1 leaks out on the web

Screenshots of Windows 8 Milestone 1 have surfaced on the web.

The very early build of the new OS, build 7850, does not hint at any departure from the current interface design seen in Windows 7.


Nintendo may slash Wii price to 150 on May 15

Nintendo might cut the Wii's price to $150 as its swan song if a rumor Tuesday night is accurate.

A "trusted source" has the price drop coming on May 15, just a few weeks before the E3 gaming expo in June. The Engadget source didn't get the motivations or whether that might include any changes to the Wii hardware bundle.......


Eight Games That Set New Graphical Benchmarks

No matter how much anyone tries to argue otherwise, graphics matter a lot.

I'm not saying that they matter more than the gameplay here, no. That's a topic for another, more controversial argument altogether. I'm just saying that the importance of a game's graphics cannot be understated. After all, all our interaction with the game's world and characters is facilitated by its graphics, and a good artstyle can make or break a game's immersion, espe


Zuckerberg emails leak appear genuine

Ceglia Facebook ownership case gains support


AI Project Funded By Google Wants to Teach Computers Regret

Computer researchers at Tel Aviv University are working on a project funded by Google that aims to teach computers how to minimize "regret" or, in other words, to learn from their decisions and make better ones next time.


jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Google Page Rank PIC

PageRank is Googles system of counting link votes and determining which pages are most important based on them.

These scores are then used along with many other things to determine if a page will rank well in a search.


Viacom Tells Cablevision to Stop Streaming TV Too

Viacom isn't done ruining everyone's good time.

Nope, not by a long shot. The content giant has notified Cablevision that their iPad app, which allows streaming live TV to the device, is not acceptable. The app only works in the customer's home, but Viacom still considers this sort of use to be outside the realm of existing content deals.�Both companies are talking big, with Viacom claiming that Cablevision has "seized distribution rights that Viacom has not granted." Cablevision disagrees, asserting that the method of delivery does not matter, so long as it is delivered to one home. Adding, "Programmers are paid based on how many homes we securely connect to their content, not how many televisions display it." What do you think?...


Why the Flip Failed

Cisco's Flip euthanasia is only shocking if you haven't been paying attention.


EyeTracking Trick Brings GlassesFree 3D to iPad 2

This clever demo simulates a 3D effect on your iPad 2 without forcing you to wear glasses.


Why Social Media Reinvigorates the Market for Quality Journalism

Social media has created a human filter for quality content and threatened the reach of keyword stuffers and content farms when it comes to news.


The Real Story of How Twitter Was Founded

History is written by the winners.


miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

How Valuable is Facebooks Energy Efficient Open Data Center Design

Last week, Facebook opened to the world the details of its energy efficient data center in Prineville, Ore., complete with custom-built servers, power delivery and backup, and cooling system.

Whats the mix-and-match potential?


Studentdeveloped eyetracking tablet to help people with disabilities

(PhysOrg.com) -- It's often said the eye is the window to the soul. But in this case, the eye is the window to Windows. At least, that was the goal when EyeTech Digital Systems enlisted the help of some BYU engineering students in creating an all-in-one eye-tracking system.


Social Commerce Network Lockerz Raises 30 Million

Social commerce network Lockerz has raised $30 million in new funding, according to a new SEC filing.

We've confirmed the raise with a representative for the company. Lockerz previously raised $30 million from Kleiner Perkins' newly launched sFund.

As we've written in the past, Lockerz revolves around the idea that influencers within a social network can become brand and content advocates and affect the behavior of their friends. The network, wh


Verizon confirms scrapping oneyear contracts on April 17

Verizon validated concerns that it was dropping one-year contracts as options with an official statement.

It planned to drop the choice as of April 17, leaving just the two-year contract or a month-to-month option. The company argued that the "greater majority" of subscribers go for the full two years to get the complete subsidy.......


TMobile Announces New Unlimited Plans Starting at 5999

T-Mobile has officially announced two new unlimited packages for their subscribers to launch tomorrow, April 13th.

The $79.99 Even More plan and $59.99 Even More Plus plan include unlimited talk, text, and data. That data is technically capped at 2GB, though going over wont get you hit with overage charges. Instead, TMo will throttle back on your data speeds until the next months billing cycle takes over.


Not anonymous attack reveals BitTorrent users on Tor network

An ingenious attack by French researchers has found a way to identify BitTorrent users even when they attempt to obscure their connections by using the Tor onion-routing network�and the researchers have already deployed it against 10,000 users.


Nokia E6 X7 show early in official promo videos

Nokia's plans for an April 12 Symbian revival grew clearer on Sunday after British carrier 3 and Nokia itself posted briefly available videos of the E6 and X7. The second device, spotted earlier by Nokia Blog, promises not just the known four-inch ClearBlack display and eight-megapixel camera but a newly revamped version of Symbian. The browser should be three times faster than it is in Symbian^3 devices like the N8, a 3 UK spokesman said in one clip, and it should also finally have a portrait ratio on-screen keyboard instead of r...


Via: http://www.electronista.com

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

iSteve Steve Jobs biography coming in 2012 VentureBeat

Dean is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat.

He covers video games, security, chips and a variety of other subjects. ...


Addonics creates CF SSD in 525inch form factor

Addonics Technologies is now marketing the CF/CFast Drive, a standard 5.25-inch drive form that takes up to six Compact Flash or CFast media cards. The cards can act as independent storage units or be combined into a RAID group, creating a high-capacity Solid-State Drive . The individual trays can be positioned to face outwards for easy access or inwards to create an internal flash drive slot.......

Addonics creates CF SSD in 525inch form factor


AMD set to launch new Radeon HD 6000 cards on April 19

AMD is allegedly preparing to introduce several new graphics cards that will fit into the Radeon HD 6000 series, unnamed sources have told DigiTimes.

The series is said to be expanding with three new model numbers: 6670, 6570 and 6450. As the numbering suggests, the cards will serve to bolster the entry-level and midrange side of the series.......


Kiip Is An Entirely New Mobile Ad Model Real Life Rewards For InGame Achievements

Kiip, the seven month-old mobile startup, is finally coming out of stealth today and revealing an entirely new model for mobile in-game advertising, one that�offers users value instead of fighting for their attention.

Going beyond the banner and text ads used by industry leaders iAd and AdMob, the team behind Kiip has thought long and hard about the way people actually play games and has come to�conclusion that the moments when players experie


Facebook Exposes Its Green Hardware for All to See

While Facebook has recently faced plenty of criticism from Greenpeace for continuing to run data centers powered by coal-fired powerplants, the company is endeavoring to take the high road, opening its data center hardware and design secrets for friends and competitors to borrow as they like.


These Are the First Three Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad

Rejoice, Photoshop junkies of the world, because Adobe is jumping into the tablet world for real.

And while this is not Photoshop for iPad (yet), my most precious body appendage is tingling with pleasant turgidity anyway.


lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Worlds Information Consumption Pegged At One Million Million Gigabytes

Worlds Information Consumption Pegged At One Million Million Gigabytes

When Moore first predicted back in 1965 that computing power would double every 18 months, it's hard to imagine even he could have predicted that by 2008, computers would be crunching a whopping 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data per year. To put it in more modern terms that 9.57 zettabytes, or a million million gigabytes in total. The good news behind these numbers is that the vast majority of this data is a byproduct of CPU's crunching numbers, and is not actual human readable information. Even despite these caveats however, 9.57 zettabytes is still a staggering number to wrap our minds

If you assume an average sized book is about 4.7 centimeters thick, and contains about 2.5 megabytes of information, 9.57 zettabytes would create a stack 5.6 billion miles high -- enough to stretch all the way to Neptune and back again twenty times. Since these numbers are based on data from 2008, it's safe to say we can probably add a few more laps based on today's modern CPU's, but when your dealing with numbers this high why split hairs over details. ...


Geek Genius How To Get The Latest Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank

Tired of spending big bucks every time Apple (AAPL) releases a new version of your go-to gadget? Then stop.

It's easy to save on everything, from cell phones to laptops, if you know where to look. Here are six ways to find discounts on all the gadgets you want.


Cool Site of the Week Battlestar Galactica Online

Feel like fragging a fraking toaster? Of course you do.

You could wait for the inevitable Cylon uprising , or you can suit up grab a Viper and get you some with Battlestar Galactica Online, our Cool Site of the Week.Currently in open beta, Battlestar Galactica Online is a browser-based 3D tactical space shooter with content pulled from everyone's favorite space opera of the past few years. Players can take on the role of either a Colonial or Cylon fighter pilot. At the time we tried this bad boy out, the game's developers--Bigpoint--were rewarding players who rolled a Cylon with 50% additional experience for ten days. Now there's some social commentary for you: Even in a world as messed up as this one is, overwhelming numbers of fighter jockeys still want to fly for the good guys. After selecting a...


Google Acquires Popular Entertainment Platform PushLife

Internet search giant Google has acquired Toronto-based entertainment startup PushLife for a rumored sum of $25 million, not sure whether Canadian or US dollars.


Apple investigating Verizon iPad 2 3G issue

A bug that has some owners of the Verizon flavor of iPad 2 needing to reboot the device to re-enable the 3G after turning it off is being investigated by Apple.


Will 3D Printing End Mass Manufacturing [PICS]

3D printing is still mostly a curiosity, but as the technology keeps improving, it opens up new possibilities.


Apple iPhone 4 Driving Verizon Market Gains [wvid]

A study has found that Verizons sales during the past four weeks have rode high mainly due to the presence of the iPhone 4 on their network.


domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

StumbleUpon Hits 1 Billion Stumbles Per Month

StumbleUpon is hot.

The discovery and recommendation engine that makes web browsing a lot like channel surfing just announced it's now handling 1 billion stumbles per month.


TMobile G2x Will Be Available Online from April 15th [wVid]

The first dual-core smartphone on T-Mobile, the G2x from LG will be available in the webstore, from April 15th.

After its release in stores on April 20th, the phone will undoubtedly, attract more gaming enthusiasts to Magentas network.


US Border Agents Allowed to Seize and Conduct Offsite Searches of Computers

Fair warning for anyone who plans to travel outside the country.

Upon re-entry into the U.S., border agents have full authority to seize your laptop, netbook, tablet PC, and other electronic components without a warrant, but that's not all. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that border agents also have the power to send your confiscated electronics to an offsite location for forensic inspection.As you might imagine, none of this sits well with privacy advocates. The American Civil Liberties Union says that according to government documents, U.S. customs officials searched electronic devices belonging to some 6,600 travelers between October 2008 and June 2010, and confiscated more than 220 devices between October 2008 and June 2009.


Fujifilm to Debut Brand New Products at NAB Show 2011

The upcoming NAB Show will see Fujifilm unleash a slew of products, including new optical lenses, storage solutions, motion picture products as well as digital cameras


Justice Approves Googles ITA Deal With Conditions

The U.S.

Justice Department on Friday cleared Google Inc.'s (GOOG) planned $700 million purchase of flight-data company ITA Software Inc. but required several concessions from the search company to alleviate the agency's concerns that the deal would hurt competition.


YouTube Launches Live Streaming Page

Concerts, sporting events and interviews will be featured in real-time.


sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

US terrorist attack warnings to be made on Twitter and Facebook Technology guardiancouk

Alert system implemented after 9/11 to be scrapped with warnings now having two levels � elevated and imminent.

By Josh Halliday


Jean Bartik Pioneer Computer Programmer Passes Away

Bartik worked on the UNIVAC, an early commercial computer, throughout the rest of the decade, leaving the industry in 1951 and returning to work as a programmer from 1967 into the mid-80s, when she was laid off. She worked as a real estate agent for the next 25 years, unable to find work in programming, though in recent years she and her team have rightfully been recognized as pioneers by the computer science community. The ENIAC represented an unparalleled jump computational power---one that no breakthrough has matched since. Jean Bartik and the rest of the ENIAC women were instrumental in...
Jean Bartik Pioneer Computer Programmer Passes Away


The most EPIC flash drive PIC

This flash drive is just awesome.


Google Cuts Bureaucratic Tape Streamlines Decisions By Departments

Taking a page out of Steve Jobs playbook, new Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has restructured upper management at Google to streamline the decision making process and make the individual departments more autonomous.


Streaming rental startup Zediva hit with MPAA lawsuit

The Motion PIcture Association of America has filed a lawsuit accusing video rental startup Zediva of copyright infringement.

The conflict centers around the technical nature of Zediva's services, which are based on physical DVDs that never reach customers. Instead, the startup enables customers to view video streams from the company's in-house DVD players that can be remotely controlled from a computer.......


IR heat sensor detects when you leave your chair autolocks PC

LockIfNotHot: program uses IR heat sensor to detect a drop in temperature when you leave your chair and then auto-locks your Windows workstation.

Program written by Didier Stevens.


Logitech Teams With ZAGG For KeyboardEquipped iPad 2 Case

Logitech has a long history of pumping out peripherals on their own, but for whatever reason they've decided to team up with yet another accessory maker for their newest device.

The Logitech Keyboard Case is actually designed in cooperation with ZAGG, yet another peripheral maker, and it's actually one of the more unique options. It's an iPad...


viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Will Facebook Ever Be an ECommerce Powerhouse

A big part of what Facebook sees as its future � and a big justification for the $75-billion market value the company is theoretically being given � is the idea that the giant social network will become an e-commerce powerhouse, producing billions in revenue from retailers and major brands.


3 UK hints Galaxy S getting Android 23 in two weeks

3 UK hints Galaxy S getting Android 23 in two weeks

A representative from 3 UK said Tuesday that the Samsung Galaxy S was close to getting an Android 2.3 upgrade. The British carrier expected it in the "next couple of weeks" but "cannot confirm a date." Samsung had previously hinted 2.3 was coming, but it has never given out a date of its own.......


Latest Unreal Engine 3 Video Gets UpCloseAndPersonal with NextGen Tech

Remember that mind-blowing next-gen tech demo Epic debuted at GDC? You know, the one that was basically Deus Ex, but so gorgeous that your next PC is going to run on a drool-powered cooling system? Well, Epic's released an official video detailing all the tech that's doing the heavy lifting, and, well, we want it in our lives right this very moment.

But alas, Epic's only using it to test the waters right now. Check it out after the break , and then help us figure out time trave-- oops, nevermind.�...


Gartner Android to Dominate Smartphone Market by 2015

10 New Smartphones for Business Research firm Gartner predicts that worldwide smartphone sales will reach 468 million units in 2011, a 58 percent increase from 2010


The coolest companies from Dave McClures 500 Startups VentureBeat

Anthony is a senior editor at VentureBeat, as well as its reporter on media, advertising, and social networks.

Before joining ...


Motorola Xoom sales disappoint with only 100000 units sold thus far

Launched on February 24, the Xoom entered the marketplace with a lot of hype and advertising muscle behind it.

But marketing will only take you so far. A new report from Deutsche Bank claims that Motorola has only sold 100,000 Xoom tablets thus far.


jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

The next Napster Copyright questions as 3D printing comes of age

The digital revolution made it simple to digitize and share media; the 3D printing revolution will make it simple to digitize and share things.

And that's going to mean plenty of court battles. Here's a primer on the legal landscape.


Symantec Targeted Cyber Attacks to Rise in 2011

Symantec Predicts that targeted Cyber attacks will pose a growing threat to companies around the world in 2011, reports Reuters .


Twitter Revamps As It Hunts for Money and Identity

Twitter is a company in search of a business plan and to a lesser extent an identity.

But the company is quickly making strides on both fronts with new changes including a revamped home page, better search tools and new potential brand pages for companies.


Intel says its 29 new server chips are as rock solid as bank vaults VentureBeat

Intel is making another monster move to juice server sales


Googles Rubin denies attempts to force antifragmentation

Google VP of Engineering and Android lead Andy Rubin in a post late Wednesday vocally denied claims that his company was cracking down on fragmentation in the mobile OS.

He insisted Google didn't "believe in a 'one size fits all' solution" and that phone or tablet designers were still free to customize much of the OS. Hardware partners thought of quality and consistency as "top priorities" and, supposedly, anti-fragmentation policies had been in place since the Open Handset Alliance and Android were kicked off in 2007.......


President Obama to Host a Live Town Hall Meeting on Facebook

The event, which was organized by the White House Facebook Page, will include a discussion about economic recovery and funding for innovation.

Obama will also answer questions that people submit.


miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Richard Branson takes on the deepsea with Virgin Oceanic

Richard Branson, one of our favorite entrepreneurs has conquered the skies with Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic, and is heading to space upon Virgin Galactic, the worlds first privately funded space mission.

Today, the billionaire announced his latest endeavor today: Virgin Oceanic to explore the deep-sea.


Commodore Creates C64 for the 21st Century

Commodore USA has released a modern version of the popular retro computer, the Commodore 64.


Uninstall Security Shield 2010

Security Shield 2010 is a fake program distributed via deceptive websites.

Follow this video tutorial about how to uninstall Security Shield 2010


Heat battery problems persist for iPhone 4s on iOS 431

The iOS 4.3.1 update has done nothing to fix battery and overheating problems on the iPhone 4, and may even be triggering new


Nikon makes D5100 official with ISO 102400 night video

Nikon tonight brought out its long planned D5100.

The camera has a brand new, 180 degree variable swiveling LCD with a sharp 921,000-pixel output and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Video is the same 1080p30 as on the D3100 and D7000, but a sensor tweak gives it a new Night Vision mode for very low light: it can record in ISO 102,400 to get the moment when seeing the shot is more important than the amount of noise.......


Intel Micron To Double SSD Density

The companies will begin producing 20 nanometer flash memory.

How big is that? Well, a human hair is more than 5,000 times thicker.


3DxWare 10 drives 3D mice into everyday applications

Previously used mostly by CAD and 3D digital artists along with gamers, 3Dconnexion's new 3DxWare 10 driver extends the usage of 3D mice to everyday applications, from web browsers to office software -- expanding on the "gestures" concept that trackpads have made popular. Beta versions of the driver for Mac and Windows are available now....


Via: http://www.electronista.com

martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Android Malware Threat Highlights Risks to All Smartphones

The very freedom that makes Android-based devices so attractive also makes them a malware threat.


Milk Kevin Roses New Company Aims to Solve Big Problems on the Mobile Web

Well by Silicon Valley standards, that certainly wasn't a long


It039s About Time New Max Payne 3 Details Finally Dive Out

When last we saw Max Payne, well, we honestly weren't sure we'd ever see him again.

The man who pioneered the perma-scowl's been out of action for quite some time, after all, and publisher 2K seemed content to pretend it'd simply put the chronically depressed detective out of his misery. Thankfully, we've finally got solid proof that Max is back. As for whether or not he's better than ever, well, see for yourself.

A preview in the latest issue of Edge Magazine finally freed the cat from its 25-to-life bag sentence and put an emphasis on strict linearity, big setpieces, a story that makes frequent jumps in time, and robust implementation of the Euphoria physics engine, and online multiplayer. Also, series creator Remedy has left Max Payne high-and-dry for the equally punny Alan Wake, so Rockstar Vancouver's taking over as the lead developer, with London, Toronto, and New England contributing as well.


Millions warned over substantial email data theft

Millions of customers of major brands are being warned they can expect to be bombarded with spam email after hackers stole a large database of their details.


IE9 nabs 36 Windows web share Microsoft still down

Internet Explorer 9's launch was enough to see it carve out a significant piece of the Windows web in its first two weeks.

New data from NetApplications for March showed IE9 getting 3.56 percent of Microsoft's web traffic. While small, it was enough to outpace Firefox 4's 2.8 percent.......


Bionic eye closer with the invention of an implantable microchip

UNSW researchers have unveiled the microchip which is expected to power Australias first bionic eye.


Insiders blame Microsoft mobile failure on Windows cartel

Microsoft mobile failure pinned on Windows pride


lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Google Launches 1 Social Sharing Tool

It's only taken about a year for Facebook Like buttons to infest every nook and cranny of the web.

Now Google is rolling out its answer to the Like button, the +1 button. This will be a way to share links you like with your social network. It is currently experimental and only for use in search results, but it will be available as an embeddable button for sites in the future.It should be noted that if you use your Google account to '+1' something, it will be publically visible. This isn't a personal bookmarking service or anything like that. This is still another part of Google's social layer on the web.


Apples New iPad 2 Ad Stresses Ease of Use Not Specs

When it comes to tablets, 'it just works' is everything, Apple asserts.

And they may be right.


Current State of Technology PIC

Current State of Technology (PIC)


Shame on You Pirated Android App Really Shameware

This pirated version of an Android app is actually a Trojan that "shames" someone who installs it by sending an SMS message to all his/her contacts telling them of his piracy. Oh the irony...


Field of dreams Ballparks unveil tech upgrades

Professional sports teams are attempting at a furious rate to lure fans away from the comfort of their couches to live games.

And sweet technological upgrades to......


Microsoft Nokia a Challenge for Apple

Microsofts deal with Nokia is likely to vault the Windows Phone platform into second place globally, behind Android but ahead of Apples iOS.


domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

How to Defeat Lizamoon SQL Injection Attack in One Easy Step

A new bit of Web-based malware is running rampant on the Internet, but here's how you can protect yourself from it in one easy step: Don't install unfamiliar files.


Scientists develop nanogenerators that could power iPods

A team of scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have developed chips that can use normal body movements to generate sufficient power to run LCD displays and diodes or transmit a radio signal, according to a report in the UK's Telegraph newspaper. Their goal is to create a method by which the body's own movement could power implantable medical devices, or the portable electronics people carry with them, such as iPods.......

Scientists develop nanogenerators that could power iPods


Did you back up PIC

Did you back up? (PIC)


Police face 750k bill for false Operation Ore charges

Police face a legal bill of 750,000 for falsely accusing a man of possessing
child pornography.


5 Gadgets You Shouldnt Waste Money On

If you recently bought a GPS or car charger, we hope you kept the receipt.

They're two of the gadgets you no longer need to waste money on.


Accessing Hosted Gmail Accounts in an Email Client

The flexibility of Google Mail means that you can access it anywhere and whenever you can grab a few minutes in front of a computer.

However there are some Google Mail accounts that you cannot access in the same way: Gmail hosted email accounts. Heres how you can do it.


Microsoft Giving OEMs a Look at Windows 8

According to Win Rumors, Microsoft has begun distributing an early version of Windows 8 to key OEM partners.

The company is using the Connect external testing system to avoid any unwanted leaks. The program is being called the Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program, leaving little doubt of its identity.Windows 8 is expected to use a fully 3D interface that will adapt dynamically to usage patterns. There is also rumored to be a fast hibernation system that can put the computer to sleep in a few seconds while automatically saving all open application states. The most recent leaks also point to a new system reset function to help users undo serious damage to the system.


sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

35 years of Apple Fools Day fun

Apple was founded on April Fools Day 1976.

Here's a look at April Fools' Day through Apple-colored glasses.


7 Terrifying Pieces of Large Machinery

If you never dreamed of driving a huge tank fitted with a giant chainsaw while growing up, then congratulations on having been a well-adjusted kid.

As for the rest of us? Well, people like us grew up and built these machines for real.


Apple to absorb cost changes for iPad 2 components

Apple has allegedly agreed to absorb any inflation in component costs due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, suppliers have told DigiTimes.

The company is pushing a strategy that may give it supply priority over other companies that cannot accommodate the potential cost increases, as suppliers will not have to shrink margins for components used in Apple products.......


Earphones new items from AudioTechnica Brainwavz

Two different companies have announced new high-end earbud-style headphones that offer excellent sound at reasonable prices. Audio-Technica are now shipping their in-ear ATH-ANC23 active noise-cancelling headphones that claim to offer 90% noise-cancelling performance while preserving 20-20,000 Hz performance, while Brainwavz have brought out dual-balanced armature earphones they call their highest-end yet, the Brainwavz B2 which will be shipping in late April.......

Earphones new items from AudioTechnica Brainwavz


How to Create and Remember SuperSecure Passwords

Passwords are your front line of defense, so youd better have some good ones