jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

HTC Pushes Surprise Honeycomb Update to HTC Flyer

In the land of Android, it's hard to know what device is going to see an update next. This time, it appears that the inexplicable answer is the HTC Flyer. This device was an early 2010 7-inch tablet with mid-range specs and a focus on pen input. HTC has confirmed that some variants of the device are getting Android 3.2 Honeycomb today, complete with HTC's Sense UX interface.

Users of the pricey 3G + Wi-Fi variant with 32GB of storage are first up on the upgrade list. Although, this only applies to GSM versions of the tablet. Those with the 16GB Wi-Fi only, or CDMA version are going to have to wait. HTC says those tablets will get Honeycomb soon. No word on future updates, but the single-core processor in the Flyer might require too much optimization to make future updates with the time.�...

Via: http://www.maximumpc.com

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