miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011

Copyright Holders Seek To Block Pirate Bay In UK

Copyright Holders Seek To Block Pirate Bay In UK

BT, the UK's leading telecom was recently ordered by the High Court to block access to the Usenet site Newzbin2, and it appears that copyright holders are trying to capitalize on that victory. BT was recently approached by a group consisting of music labels and movie studios and asked to voluntarily block The Pirate Bay, the torrent site that just won't die. Should they refuse, BT was promised a court battle not unlike the one they just wnet through.

At this point, BT is refusing to block the site on the industry's say so. The customary court order will be obtained, but it will likely be contested in court. That's when things can get drawn-out and messy, though. The Pirate Bay is no more than a huge scam on the global creative sector. It defrauds musicians and other creators of their wages, and it destroys UK jobs,� BPI chief Geoff Taylor said.


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