lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

DSLR Complete With Flash Card Survives 1 Year Soak in the Pacific Ocean Google Reunites Camera With Owner

Life has taught me that death and taxes are constants, and it's also reinforced the concept that dropping my camera in the ocean is pretty much game over when it comes to my vacation photos. Fast forward to 2011 however, and Google + has made the impossible, possible. Deep sea diver Markus Tompson was scuba diving in Deep Bay Vancouver Canada, when he swam past a rather odd looking object. It turns out the item that caught his eye was a corroding Canon Rebel DSLR, complete with neck strap , and flash card. �Apparently the flash card

The camera itself as you can see from the picture won't be much use anymore, but the fact that the flash card not only survived, but still worked after all that time submerged under salt water is amazing to say the least. Tompson has since been in touch with the owner, and the vacation photos are going to be reunited with the owner. �...


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