sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Path is Officially SuperSorry No Hard Feelings

Path is Officially SuperSorry No Hard Feelings

Okay everyone, Path is really sorry that they did something really creepy and didn't think tot ell anyone first. The mobile start up is attempting to talk its way out of the outrage stepping from a discovery recently that user address books were being uploaded to the Path servers without any notification. CEO Dave Morin has posted a lengthy apology on the Path blog explaining what the company has done to smooth things over.

According to Morin, Path was using the address books to help improve the functionality of the Add Friends� feature. Path would also use the stored data to notify users when a contact in their address book joined Path. The company feels these are useful features, but recognizes that users should have more control. Path has pushed out an Android and iOS update that gives users the option of uploading their contacts. All previously saved contacts ahve been deleted from the servers.�...


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