domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Google Testing Wireless Music Streaming System

A new report from the Wall Street Journal is shedding some light on recent rumors that Googlers have been testing a mysterious entertainment device in their homes. According to WSJ, we can expect a system that can wireless stream music throughout the home, and will be marketed under the Google name. This would be a completely consumer-oriented device built in-house, a first for Mountain View.�

The system does not have a name anyone is willing to mention yet, but there are hints that Google will be using Android as the base of the system. Past devices like the Google TV and Nexus phones have been built with partners, but this new streaming device will be all Google. Sources say that the system will be controlled via smartphones and tablets, and that leads many to suspect an Android@Home tie in. Android@Home was a home automaton service demoed at Google I/O 2011.


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