jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Ubisoft Loosens Anno DRM Restrictions To Allow GPU Upgrades

We've almost completely given up discussing Ubisoft DRM here at Maximum PC, and with good reason. Just about every PC release seems to ship with some draconian and insanely punishing copy protection mechanism designed to drive paying customers insane. Anno 2070 was no different, releasing with an activation system that limited you to a total of 3 lifetime activations, ohh and upgrading your video card, as discovered by Guru3D, counts against this total.

After briefly toying with the idea of completely excluding all future Ubisoft titles from graphics card benchmarks, Guru3D did the right thing, and decided only by reporting on the issues would any action ever be taken to improve the situation. Thanks in no small part of their efforts, Ubisoft has lightened up a bit on its restrictions, now allowing users to upgrade graphics cards without triggering an additional activation.�...

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