sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Apple Posts Record Earnings Sells 37 Million iPhones in Last Quarter

We always expect Apple to post big quarterly numbers, but the sheer volume of cash Apple made last quarter almost defies description. The Cupertino-based maker of iDevices has announced that it pulled in $46.3 billion in revenue for Fiscal Q1 2012, the period that ended December 31. That is nearly double the 2011 value.

When all the costs were figured in, Apple made a record $13.06 billion in profit, which works out to $13.87 per-share. Much of this windfall came from the launch of the iPhone 4S early in the quarter; in all 37.04 million of the devices were sold. The company's other products didn't fare poorly either. The iPad moved over 15 million units, and the Mac sold 5.2 million. iPods are still charting over 15 million units as well.

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