miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

ECS X79RAX Black Extreme and Deluxe Photo Gallery

ECS X79RAX Black Extreme and Deluxe Photo Gallery

We've seen a whole lot of teaser shots of soon-to-be-released motherboards built around Intel's X79 platform this week, culminating earlier today in EVGA's dual-socket Super Record 3 mainboard. How do you follow something like that? You don't, really -- it's kind of like that scene in Great Balls of Fire! where Jerry Lee Lewis finished his crowd pleasing set by lighting his piano on fire and quipping to Chuck Berry, "Follow that, killer!" But just as Chuck Berry is a legend in his own right, ECS wants

ECS shared a handful of photos of its upcoming X79-AX Black Extreme and Deluxe motherboards, and while these aren't dual-socket boards, ECS figured it would hire a model to get people's attention instead .


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